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Barrier methods and spermicides Nonoxynol-9 No evidence that condoms lubricated with N-9 are more effective in preventing a pregnancy than … silicone.
COC and Cervical cancer “a causal link between the pill and cervical cancer was likely…increasing risk of cervical cancer and increasing duration of use of OCs”.
Long term DMPAuse and effect on bone mass Long term DMPA use and effect on bone mass - Review by Olav Meirik IPPF Medical Bulletin 5 Oct 2000 women in the ‘middle years’women in the ‘middle years’ of reproductive life - effects small and transient.

COCs containing cyproterone acetate (Dianette) have 3.9 times increased relative risk of VTE than on an LNG pill (Microgynon) (Vasilaakis-Scaramozza C, Jick H. Possible increase in failure especially in younger women More effective in older women (>40 effective as COC), breastfeeding women and meticulous pill takers. Third generation COCs and oestrogen dominant COCs are particularly helpful POP and progestogen dominant pills should be avoided Dianette is useful but remains a second choice for long term treatment ?

Unlicensed use but consider in women who bleed “regularly” or with nuisance bleeding Use in women with PCO?

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