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I have been an artist as long as I can remember and have worked as an artist for many years working on custom automotive paint field as well as bikes, helmets, custom wood and metal works, also paper and canvas, I also love photography. Nothing has brought me more joy than being a tattoo artist, I get to work around the most amazing people in an industry that has given me a new life.
Shaun and his work have been featured in such magazines as Tattoo, Tattoo Savage, think, Tattoos for Women, Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Tabu, and Skin Art. Shaun Kama was born in Heidelberg, Germany to two parents that served during the Vietnam War.
Throughout his career, Shaun’s love for music has continued, with Shaun serving as the frontman for “Living End”? “Damnation”, and his current project “Shaun Kama and the Kings of the Wild Frontier”.
As a regular in the tattoo convention circuit, Shaun has dedicated himself to bringing his art around the country. While calling Vintage Tattoo of Los Angeles, CA his home studio, Shaun also delivers his world class tattoo skills through a network of shops around California and Nevada.
Born in East Los Angeles and raised in Pomona, California, Abey has a family of three kids (Trinity, Lil Abey, and Jayla), and a beautiful girlfriend (Jenna). Clinic Director John Williams is registered as a HPC (state registered) Physiotherapist as well as a GOsC Osteopath and has many years experience treating and lecturing on the subject of Sports Injuries. John, as a cranial osteopath, has cranial osteopathy skills which he puts to use when treating young babies with a variety of symptoms. Previously working as first team Physiotherapist to Tamworth Football Club and looking after golfers and the golf professionals at the Belfry Golf Club, John has an extensive and loyal client base and is well respected in the sport and fitness arena. As a keen sportsman, John has competed full and half marathons, taught karate, played football and has a Padi Open Water Diving qualification. Cherry Richards is also an experienced female acupuncturist offering a variety of treatments at the Atlas Pain Relief Centre in Tamworth. Cherry spent many years in Hong Kong and now works supporting couples who are trying to have a child.

Anxiety, stress and depression symptoms respond well to acupuncture and Cherry has introduced 15 minute pain relief treatment sessions for people in pain and for those wishing to try acupuncture for the first time. Peter now heads up the Atlas Running Injury Clinic and  provides prescription orthotics, video gait analysis and laser foot scanning as well as sports injury treatments and advice to marathon runners .
Peter is a qualified Sports Therapist and provides Sports Massage  Previously he worked at the Birmingham City FC academy treating the likes of England International Andy Johnson. Working with elderly patients and elite athletes, Peter is comfortable with any age group who need his assistance. Cherry is a Neil Asher Technique (NAT) frozen shoulder practitioner and  has received training in treating the sacroiliac joint using the Atlas SIJ protocol. James' early work has been published in Disney, Esquire Magazine, Art Forum, and Juxtapose. Exposed as a youth to tattooing by his Uncle Danny DeRosa of Smoking Gun Tattoo in Long Island, NY.
James received a BFA in Illustration from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA, and an MFA in painting from the The School of Art Institute of Chicago. During his Masters tenure in Chicago, he opened the Fifty50 Gallery in Chicago’s West loop.
Utilizing his years of traditional artistic training to create phenomenal black & grey, and color work. Tattooer, gentleman, scholar, and traveling heartbreaker known from coast to coast, Dominic is originally from Denver, Colorado. I got my first taste when I was very young and got my first tattoo when I was 15 and have loved it since then.
Making custom one off pieces is my favorite thing to do, although tattooing has been the most liberating for me as I feel that I can take my art further through tattoo than in other mediums. They are the love of his life and his motivation.Abey grew up working in a barber shop since the age of 5 sweeping, cleaning windows, and shining shoes.

His celly, Beto, from East Los Angeles, introduced him to tattooing, and man does time fly.
Acupuncture is being used as a supporting role for fertility treatments and Cherry is having great success with her couples in Tamworth. James considers himself lucky to have memories of tattooing well before it became center stage in our culture. Receiving high praises from the New York Times and Artforum Magazine, Fifty50 Gallery displayed such painters as Niagara, Jeremy Tinder and Alex Gross. In a short period of time Rogue Parlour Tattoo has become one of Tucson’s premier tattoo studios and has received invitations major tattoo conventions on both coasts and across the country. James made name for himself as his tattoos continue to impress respected tattoo artists and collectors around the country and the world. I had a few friends that tattooed when I was growing up and one of them was my good friend Todd Townsend who was like a big brother to me. Watching his Uncle Danny work left an impression on him, hypnotized by the practice James turned out his first Tattoos on his close friends in the mid 90s.
It was during that period of time that James decided to focus less on the academic art world and dive into an early passion. I always admired what a great artist he was as I was an artist myself and appreciated good work in any medium. He can also be found tattooing at Big City Tattoo in San Diego, CA, Mom’s in San Francisco, CA, and Electric Soul in Lancaster, CA. He describes himself as a ‘Jack of All Trades with personalization to the tastes of his clients’.

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