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Every morning I throw a treat to the chickens of each coop as I let  them out for the day.
If you choose to keep using feed after you find bugs in it, put it in a garbage bag and close tightly. To prevent bugs: Use feed in a timely manner or don't buy more then you will need in a few months. You can dust a little Diatomaceous Earth inside the feed bin the help kill off any weevils that may be present. While finding bugs in your chickens feed can be quite unpleasant, it's definitely not the end of the world.
It was getting cold so I grabbed a handful of scratch before going outside to let the Millies out. Normally I head straight to the coop to open the door, but this morning I stopped to fill a water bucket.

As I'm kneeling there with the hose in one hand and scratch in the other I start to feel something tickling my fingers.
Actually I had, but this one jar always sat on the back porch and since we don't feed much scratch in the summer it sat there for several months. Then I decided I needed a picture, so I grabbed the phone and more scratch and waited for it to start crawling again. Now the weird parts: nothing appeared to be crawling when I looked into the container of scratch and it was a closed watertight plastic jar.

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