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Here is another example of how I use correspondences and Doctrine of Signatures in my work. Just the way things smell, their colors, or their common names, is often enough information.
Il se trouve aussi sur la compilation "Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo" dont nous reparlerons sans doute. Elle viennent d'un bootleg vinyl contenant des studios outtakes de 1979 à Akron (Ohio). Some activities are favored by the New Moon, some by the Full Moon, others by the Dark Moon. It governs the selection of ingredients, and even the direction I face while making the product.
I have an Anacacho Orchid tree (Anacacho bauhinia) in my yard, which has sweetly smelling white flowers.
Chamomile essential oil is blue, as is yarrow, making them excellent choices for a water element formulation.

Natural Magick takes cues directly from Nature and diligently researches literature and lore.
Protection is a function of the Fire element, so I choose fiery ingredients for this oil, and face the South as I blend it. Unfortunately, magical texts are fraught with the use of common names rather than scientific Latin names. Cedar wood smells like a coffin, which is why I combine it with Blood Orange in the Vampyre oil. I was frustrated by this, and so I have for over a dozen years looked at references and compared the ingredients.
Although called by different names, the essential properties and powers of the planets have been understood to be the same all this time. Natural magicians have used this system since ancient times for everything from planting of crops to business decisions to creation of magic incenses, oils and brews. The colors of the rainbow are used to make art; Venus rules the arts, therefore Iris is made on Fridays.

I try my best to find these correspondences and use them for the most potent Natural Magick. Although all of them can be used to season boiled crawfish, they all have different magical properties! This tree's flowers are only fragrant in the daylight hours; therefore it must not be ruled by the Moon but by Venus, the Morning and Evening star. Blessing is a function of the Moon, Venus, or the Sun, and it is a quality of freshness and newness, so Blessing incense is made on Monday, Friday, or Sunday on or just after the New Moon.

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