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At Aaron Clinic, an Abortion clinic in Houston, where our patient's health, safety & comfort are our highest priority.
Our women's health care centers offer first and second trimester outpatient pregnancy terminations. In the state of Texas, an ultrasound is required by law before getting an abortion— medical or surgical abortion. In Texas, only a licensed physician can perform an abortion procedure but a vast number of physicians have limited experience with providing abortion care. Our Abortion Clinics In Houston, TX is open to schedule your appointment for your convenience.
5bpm Prolonged reduced variablity suggests hypoxia – Accelerations – With movements or contractions are reassuring! Dr C Bravado – Define Risk – Contractions per 10 mins (normal 5bpm Prolonged reduced variablity suggests hypoxia – Accelerations – With movements or contractions are reassuring! We were the first facility in South Texas able to perform late term abortion procedures in Houston, up to 20 weeks in our licensed Ambulatory Surgical Center in Houston. Let us explain to you the requirements of the new law and what it means to you if you are planning to come visit Houston Texas Women's Clinic, an abortion clinic in Houston.
We strongly urge you to remember that an abortion is a surgical procedure and that all facilities that perform these procedures Do not provide the same quality of care. We ensure that patients receive care in a manner that maintains and enhances her self-esteem and self-worth. Our facility is the only accredited Certified Ambulatory Surgery in Houston and Southeast Texas. At our facility we will ensure that you are not only treated by a licensed physician, but also a specialist. 2.Full cervical dilatation to delivery of fetus Passive - full dilatation till head reaches pelvic floor, woman then feels desire to push Active – Mother pushing – Beware epidurals!
If no full dilatation after 12-16hr then C-section – Passive second stage Poor descent – oxytocin infusion – Active second stage If lasts longer than 1hr, spontaneous delivery unlikely due to maternal exhaustion, fetal hypoxia.

No one can undo the dilemmas of the past, but we can ease the pain and help you focus on the future by providing you with excellent healthcare. Carefully choose your provider, and remember that you cannot put a price on quality medical care, safety, and your reproductive integrity.
All facilities keep a portion of your fee even if they are unable to perform your procedure. A Certified Ambulatory Surgery Center is required to provide a higher standard of care and has more stringent regulations for accreditation than an abortion facility. Our Houston and Dallas facilities have been providing excellence in women's health services for 32 years. Too many times, conflicting plans and busy schedules make it difficult to fit-in to a center's preset surgery schedule. He pioneered a technique that enables surgical procedures to be performed as early as four weeks, and is included in a elite group of physicians who is able to perform procedures for patients with unusual medical conditions and fetal anomalies. Multiparous – Unlikely to be problems with powers in first stage, more likely to be problems with fetal head.
We can and do make every attempt to schedule your appointment to fit your individual needs.
We are the ONLY provider able to perform your procedure if you have the misfortune of being more than 15 weeks into your pregnancy, or have an unusual medical condition, or for any reason require deep "pain free" sedation. Our facility is dedicated to providing all our patients with the same quality of care and concern that we would give our own family members.
We support your reproductive decisions and provide you with the most accurate information available.

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