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As crazy as it may seem, the bacteria in your gut can make or break your ability to burn body fat and lose weight. Having been a personal trainer and nutrition advisor for over a decade, I’ve seen my fair share of people who wanted to lose weight. One of the most interesting factors in weight management is the gut, especially when people gain weight or struggle to lose it, despite doing all the right things in terms of diet and exercise. The friendly bacteria in your gut assist with food digestion, protection against “bad bugs” and inflammation, vitamin synthesis and immune support.
Certain types of bacteria, known as “Firmicutes” (pronounced “firm-i-cue-tees”) extract MORE calories from the food you eat. Other types, known as “Bacteroides” (pronounced “Bact-er-oi-dees) don’t extract so many calories. Research shows that when the balance of Firmicutes to Bacteroides goes higher than 80% to 20%, people are more likely to gain body fat and put on weight. Research also shows that overweight and obese people generally have higher amounts of Firmicutes than people who are at their ideal, or acceptable weight. It’s possible to check this bacterial balance using our comprehensive stool test, which does MUCH more than just find bad bugs. The acid also acts as a furnace to burn and kill bad bugs that enter on the food and water you consume. When this happens, food is not digested properly, leading to further nutrient deficiencies. In a case like this, the body simply can’t derive nutrients from food effectively, and will become inefficient.
Comprehensive stool testing can provide information on whether you’re digesting protein and fat properly.

If you’re not, it’s a very strong indicator that your stomach acid level, digestive enzyme levels are too low. If you are struggling to lose weight, or if you’re gaining weight – especially if you have digestive symptoms – it’s prudent to consider getting a stool test done. The long-term consequences of not having the right balance of friendly bacteria in your gut, as well as being unable to digest food properly are profound. Fatigue, depression or anxiety, sleep issues, reproductive problems, skin disorders, aches and pain, and many other symptoms can develop due to faulty digestion. Start Here: Grab my PDF on natural ways to fight H pylori, plus a treasure trove of recipes, lifestyle tips and webinars for a healthy gut.
The information contained herein is for educational and informational purposes only and should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of a health care provider.
Kim Smuga-Otto on May 7, 2015 Helicobacter pylori bacteria have been giving us ulcers since prehistoric times. When we change our focus this way, we can discover, as did Stanford microbiologist Manuel Amieva, MD, PhD, that the microbe isn’t just adapting to us, it’s adapting us to them. Amieva showed a protein injected by the bacteria sent the stem cells into overdrive, resulting in extra-long, inflamed glands.
Obviously these insights may lead new understanding of how to detect and fight stomach cancer. But Amieva is also interested in the techniques that H.
Kim Smuga-Otto is a student in UC Santa Cruz’s science communication program and a writing intern in the medical school’s Office of Communication and Public Affairs.
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It can be caused by some medicines (such as aspirin or other anti-inflammatory medicines), overuse of alcohol, stomach acid, or bacterial infection.An infection with the bacteria Helicobacter pylori (H. This long-term relationship is so tight that researchers have been able to track human migration by looking at what strains of H. A recent paper of Amieva’s in Gastroenterology shows that the bacteria may be actively modifying stem cells in our stomachs, changing these critical cells’ behavior to suit H.
That sort of uncontrolled cell division leads to mutations that over time can turn a stem cell cancerous. If you are pregnant nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using any of the products offered herein. These constantly dividing stem cells are what replenish the epithelial cells that line the stomach. Cancer is thought to develop slowly as the cell acquires mutations in the DNA that override cellular controls and increase cell proliferation.
Although it’s usually a benign relationship, in a small number of cases it can cause ulcers or even increase the risk for stomach cancer. They are motile, possessing extensions, called flagella, that they use to propel themselves. The doctor uses a thin, flexible, lighted viewing instrument (endoscope) to look down your throat and into your stomach.
Looking through the endoscope, your doctor may also see irritation or inflammation in the lining of your stomach.

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