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Use excimer laser treatments which focus on generating more melanin production in the skin. Yes, pop pimples - , Confession: ’ beauty editor hyperpigmentation acne scarring, ’ resist popping pimples. What pop pimple – webmd, When you're staring in the mirror and a pimple is staring right back at you, you're going to get the urge. These marks are usually pink, purple or red in color and appear in a variety of locations, such as the chest, thighs, abdomen and arms.

The treatment works quickly by minimizing the appearance of dark and light streaks on the skin. Over-the-counter options, such as cocoa butter or vitamin E aren't harmful, but aren't proven to reduce stretch marks quickly, according to the Mayo Clinic. The fastest way to get rid of stretch marks depends on a variety of factors, including stretch mark age, desired results and your budget.
Older stretch marks will also benefit from this treatment, but results aren't as good as newer marks.

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