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Feline Eye Easy for Cat Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye) - $ 27.95Effective herbal treatment for pink eye in cats. Treatment for bacterial infections is administering antibiotics which is effective in for individual cats. New born kittens can contract feline conjunctivitis before their eyes open after 10-12 days.
This entry was posted in Cat Health, Infection, Uncategorized and tagged cat health diagnosis, cat health problems, cat health symptoms, feline conjunctivitis, genetic disorders by Michael Broad. The painful point that I am coming to is that in this instance there is no substitute to taking your to the vet. Maybe someone can help, I have 2yr old domestic longhair male, he has one of his eyes which runs sometimes and when he stares he kind of squints with his left eye the same one that’s running, do anyone have any suggestions on what the problem might be. I think my formerly feral cat, Colby, has conjunctivitis in her left eye which has been dead, and not a problem, for over 12 years.
The only thing I’ve been able to do for her is try to bolster her immune system by adding colostrum and a whole food form of vitamin C to her food. She dislikes me even gently wiping the goo from her eye with a warm moist gauze pad, so eye rinses are probably out. L-Lysine is a food supplement which reduces herpes virus replication but it takes 6 weeks for real benefits and I think your cat’s problem is urgent. I want to offer some encouragement to your readers to try more home remedy type treatments in difficult cases where vet treatment is not working or is inaccessible or unaffordable. It sickens me to know that despite my ability to pay and my willingness to jump through all the hoops to access care, I still cannot even get something as common as tetracycline to try to help my cat, and that she must be left to suffer and then die without medical help. Lastly, I noticed on another thread that you have had some difficult times with your cat Charlie. For years I used the calcium ascorbate crystals for the vit C because that form is less acidic than ascorbic acid and thus, supposedly safer for cats. I would also encourage you to look into feeding Charlie some raw high quality organic beef that you grind at home. Finally, I encourage you to research vacinosis as a possible underlying cause for what is ailing Charlie. Her eye condition sounds, possibly, staph to me and very treatable if you can get her in to the vet to get meds. Cats, similarly to humans, may develop eye infections caused by different infective agents including bacteria, viruses and fungi. Treatment for cat eye infections depends on the microorganisms blamed for the infection as well the severity of inflammation. Bacteria are easily eradicated with antibiotics applied in a form of eye drops or eye ointments. Antiviral medications are essential for treatment of viral infections and fungi are treated with antifungal drugs.
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Neonatal conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva that occurs only in newborn babies, hence the name. Feline Herpesvirus-1 relies on horizontal transmission from acutely infected animals or carriers to susceptible individuals via bodily secretions. After infection, approximately 80% of animals become carriers, of which 45% spontaneously reactivate and shed the virus. FHV infection leads to neutrophilic infiltration and fibrin exudate in multifocal areas of epithelial necrosis. Cats flu is unfortunately a rather common disease in cats that can become life-threatening in some cases.
Immunosupressed cats include cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) or feline Leukemia virus (FeLV), cats receiving treatments using certain medications, such as corticosteroids or anti-cancer drugs, or those cats with other severe illnesses. How Can My Cat Come Down With Cats Flu?Cats flu is most often caused by infections from one or both of the common cat flu viruses - herpesvirus (also known as feline rhinotrachetis virus) or from the feline calicivirus. Will My Cat Transmit Cats Flu to Other Cats?Just about every cat that recovers from cats flu will become a carrier of the disease.

The conjunctiva is a clear mucous membrane consisting of cells and underlying basement membrane that covers the sclera (white part of the eye) and lines the inside of the eyelids1. The eye(s) should be cleaned with a dilute solution of boric acid for ophthalmic use or a sterile ophthalmic irrigating solution for people (buy over the counter). A similar wash that can be used topically on the eye calls for only 2 teaspoons of the unpasteurized ACV in 1 Cup of purified water. Please post about how Charlie is doing, or if you learn of anything else that might help my Colby cat. If you can’t and you are in the USA, I can give you some sites that will provide antibiotics without a prescription. Each and every case of feline eye infection requires prompt examination and adequate treatment. The infection is associated with recent eye injuries or trauma or occurs alone without any previous loss of eye's integrity. In case bacterial infection is complex and affects deeper tissues of the eye, the cat will have to take oral antibiotics along with topical antibiotic treatment of the eye. Left untreated, feline eye infections may cause corneal ulcerations and even more severe complications which all can lead to loss of vision.
Naturally, it gets them worried but most people do nothing and wait for the swelling to go down on its own.
There is no reservoir host and the virus does not survive long in the external environment (5). Kittens are susceptible before being vaccinated if the maternally-derived antibodies from colostrum are not sufficient to prevent infection (5). Early in infection intranuclear inclusion bodies can be identified on histological staining (9). And although having your cat vaccinated can definitely lessen the risk of contracting cats flu, the disease is still found in vaccinated cats as well.
Most cats will make a full recovery from feline herpesvirus, sometimes taking several weeks to heal. Cats that carry the cats flu virus usually do not show any signs of the disease in themselves, but will spread the virus through their tears, saliva, and nasal and feline eye discharge that will be a souce of infection in other cats.
Other non-infectious agents that can cause inflammation are: tumors, dermoids (cysts of mature skin and hair and other tissue), trauma, foreign bodies, allergic disease, fungal infection (rare) and pre-corneal tear film abnormalities.
FHV can also affect a new born kitten by being transmitted through the mother's milk or at birth. If I recall, he discusses how to deal with vaccine related illnesses as well as natural approaches to achieving and maintaining health in cats and dogs. Inflammation of the conjunctive develops as consequence of exposure to certain allergens or can be bacterial or viral in origin.
The virus persistently infects the trigeminal ganglion and is shed in nasal, oral and conjunctival secretions as early as 24 hours and up to 1-3 weeks after acute infection (9). Maternally deverived antibody protection lasts between 2 and 10 weeks but does not always protect cats from subclinical infections (6). In more severe instances, the cat not eating may be hospitalized to insert a feeding tube through the nose and into their stomachs. FHV carriers will spread the virus through discharge intermittently, during times of stress, such as when they have to say in a kennel.
When one eye is first inflamed and then a second this indicates a bacterial infection (Chlamydia or Mycoplasma). I am not sure if this is relevant but if your cat has a gastrointestinal illness (presumed from haws) and an eye infection (observed by you), this may point to an underlying illness. Cats are, for instance, more susceptible to chlamydia and this infective agent is frequently isolated after taking swabs of the eye discharge. Cats in these categories are more likely to develop severe forms of the disease and are more at risk from fatality from their cats flu. I know that cats and dogs make their own vitamin C, but I’ve learned that when they are sick or seriously injured this process seems to get impaired. Squinting, excessive tearing, sneezing and nasal congestion are several more characteristics of the disease.

One a naive animal is exposed to the infective virus, viral replication occurs in the nasal turbinates, nasopharynx and conjunctiva. Cats  ulcers in the mouth are often the only indication of cats flu infection when caused by the FCV form of cats flu. So, I’m on my own trying to figure out what is wrong with her eye and what to do about it.
And in the last few days pus started coming out of the eye, although that may be getting somewhat better if the reduced odor and volume is any indication. I love this cat deeply and would pay any fee without protest if I could just get her to the vet. When I feed this I serve it in repeated small amounts (approx a tablespoon full at a time) at one feeding until they will take no more. Discharge is blamed for eyelids sticking together while itching drives the animals to rub their eyes frequently. Necrosis of the infected epithelial cells and secondary bacterial infections often accompany an FHV-1 infection (1). Cats ulcers in the mouth can often be found on the tongue, roof of the mouth or even on the cat's nose.Though milder and less serious, feline calicivirus can cause lameness and feline fever in young kittens. If the eye is painful to touch the condition might be: keratitis (the eye's cornea, the front part of the eye, becomes inflamed1), uveitis (inflammation of the middle layer of the eye1) or glaucoma (a disease in which the optic nerve is damaged, leading to progressive, irreversible loss of vision1).
I suspect she also suffers from hyperthyroidism and renal issues, but she was enjoying life until this eye problem started. I do this to keep the meat moist, and thus the enzymes intact, as it tends to dry out quickly if the cat doesn’t eat it right away. The incubation period of FHV is 2 - 6 days but may be longer if a lower level of infection is established (9). Haemmorrhagic inflammatory lesions are visible in the apical pulmonary lobe (8).Primary infection of the conjuctival mucosa results in conjunctivitis.
Most cats affected by FCV will recover within a few days, though they may require pain killers during this time. It appears to me that the dead eyeball is still intact behind that burgeoning tissue in the inner corner of her eye. No, she will NOT go into a live trap — remembers it from when I trapped her in the woods. There have been some cases of more robust strains of FCV in recent times within the USA and UK. Any thoughts or suggestions you have for healing her or even just keeping her comfortable would be most welcome. She needed to be seen by a vet a few years ago and I let her go hungry for 4 days, her only food source in that trap, and she still would not go in. I use only small amounts of this powder too, although the vit C content is much lower than with the ascorbate powder.
In these strains, symptoms can include severe swelling of the face and paws, cats ulcers in the skin in the areas of the head and limbs, and feline jaundice (yellowing of the gums and skin).
These new strains of cats flu can be devastating, with mortality of up to 67% in some areas. There are efforts currently underway to determine the cause of these strains and the best way to halt the progress and progression of these forms of FCV.How is Cats Flu Best Diagnosed and Treated?Your Vet is in the best position to determine symptoms of cats flu and to perform laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis. Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (a drying of the conjunctiva accompanying keratitis) may occur with infection. Testing for cats flu will involve taking a eye or mouth swab which is sent of a lab where the virus can be examined and clearly identified.At this time, there are no drugs that can kill these viruses so the main aim of treatment will be to help support the cat during the illness and manage the symptoms.
The inflammation extends into the deeper stroma of the left eye of this cat as evidenced by the opacity and vascularization of the cornea (1).Keratoconjunctivitis sicca in a 2-year-old cat with chronic feline herpesvirus conjunctivitis. The axial, darkly pigmented plaque is in the superficial one-third of the corneal stroma (1).

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