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Everyone gets bad body odor at some point, whether it's because you are genetically predisposed (sorry) or because you just finished running two miles for gym class.
The smell is caused primarily by our sweat as we perspire, because our perspiration gives off an odor. It is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but it is caused by an imbalance in the vagina.
Causes of bacterial vaginosisThere is no known actual cause of bacterial vaginosis but there are several conditions that may result in the characteristic fishy feminine odor.

If you sweat and the perspiration cannot evaporate freely, it is possible for bacteria to grow in the moisture. Antibiotics – These are supposed to cure bacterial infections but may end up causing problems.
Antibiotics kill both the bad bacteria and also the good ones that are needed for a healthy vagina. The good bacteria, particularly lactobacillus, produce hydrogen perocide which releases oxygen into the vagina.

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