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Our silky-smooth body powder helps prevent moisture to keep you cool and dry where you need it most, especially on hot days.
Just purchased this product in the Island splash, great smell, not overbearing, and it works well keeping you dry and smelling fresh..This is definitely a great buy! Summer’s Eve Body Powder is designed to help absorb moisture, which is often the cause of itching, odor and irritation. Learn more about other great products, like Deodorant Spray in scents like Island Splash®. I never thought id be able to freshen my car by just quefing my brains out but evidently summer breeze has figured out the way to make the dream i never even knew i had come true. Summer’s Eve Deodorant Spray has been clinically tested for use on the external vaginal area, but you may also spray your panties, undergarments or feminine pads for extra freshness. I think it works well I never had a ordor before but washing with regular soaps really irritates me it makes my vagina feel very uncomfortable Soo the sensitive summer's eve makes it feel very clean and non irritated at all im 24 years old and love it .???? Why isn’t there a tamper-resistant seal on my Summer’s Eve Cleansing Wash bottle? Designer Lisa Perry has partnered with Roy Lichtenstein’s estate and the result is a limited edition, capsule collection of dresses inspired by POP ART.

Apply silky-smooth Summer’s Eve Body Powder daily to the vaginal area and your other lovely lady parts. Im so happy.Also im sure my countless lovers are very appreciative that my flesh temple no longer smells like a dumpster.
Simply wet the area, pour a small amount of cleansing wash onto your hand or washcloth, apply and rinse. Summer’s Eve does not use harsh soaps, alcohols or other ingredients that can cause irritation. We have taken significant internal procedural steps to produce and check our products to ensure the highest quality standards.
Lisa has taken three of the Lichtenstein’s iconic prints: “No Thank You”, “On” and “Spray”   as well as the most famous photographs of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, and turned them into 99 amazing cotton twill dresses. Spray some on in the morning for a fresh feeling, or carry a can with you for a little PM pick-me-up. Just think about it, the skin on your elbow is different from the skin around your vagina, and if you had the option of using a wash that caters to your most sensitive areas, you probably would. The retail price of the dresses is $ 2000, and they can be bought online at Perry’s shop, but they are also available at Madison Avenue boutique.

WE RECENTLY WENT ON OUR USUAL "STUFF US GALS NEED" SHOPPING DAY--AND NO SUMMER'S EVE FEMININE POWDER?!?! You can also use it before, during and after your period when you need a little help staying fresh. For those of you who can’t afford to buy the dresses, Perry has also designed a collection of POP ART inspired T-shirts, available for only $75. All are gentle, hypoallergenic, gynecologist-tested and specifically formulated for your vaginal area. A LOT OF PPL WANT TO KNOW "WHAT'S UP??" IT'S A GREAT PRODUCT!!DOES IT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH "ANOTHER POWDER CO." TAKING THEIR POWDER OFF THE MARKET DUE TO THE FACT THAT IT'S BEEN FOUND THAT 'TALC' ((I BELIEVE IT WAS)) WAS FOUND TO CAUSE OVARIAN CANCER AFTER CONTINUED USE???

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