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Overview If you have bacterial gastroenteritis, bacteria have caused an infection in your gut.
Arthritis is a condition of the joints which refers to their inflammation and as a consequence of which they become swollen, red and painful. A type of arthritis known as reactive arthritis occurs as a result of infection in other parts of the body. This is known as cross-reactivity. The joints to be affected in the case of reactive arthritis are mostly the joints of the knees and the sacroiliac joints. This inflammatory disease is an uncommon condition which occurs when the normal functioning of the immune system is affected. Reactive arthritis is characterized by the symptoms such as swelling and pain in joints due to inflammation, swelling and pain in the tendons as well which surround the affected joint, sausage-like swelling in fingers and toes which is termed as dactylitis (sausage digit). It is not yet determined that why does cross reactivity develop in the case of reactive arthritis. As already mentioned in the article, the exact cause of this cross reactivity is yet to be known. Infection of the genital tract usually that caused by the chlamydia and the gonorrhea infections, are generally associated with reactive arthritis.
The campylobacter and salmonella are famous for causing food poisoning and are known to be associated with reactive arthritis. The inflammation of joints in reactive arthritis can also be in response to an infection in the throat which may be caused by streptococci bacteria. The causes of reactive arthritis may also include urethral infection which may be a consequence of the sexually transmitted infections. Treatment of reactive arthritis can be carried out using the NSAID drugs such as aspirin, indomethacin, piroxicam and some other such medicines.
This usually results in your stomach and intestines becoming inflamed, and youll probably experience unpleasant symptoms such as vomiting, severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea.
This is a kind of auto immune disease which, like many other arthritis conditions, resolves itself with the passage of time or goes into chronic conditions.
Reactive arthritis occurs when the body’s immune system starts malfunctioning and therefore, infections develop throughout out the body.
The clinical representation of reactive arthritis begins with problems in urination such as burning sensation or pain while passing urine.

However, it is assumed that the inflammatory cells and the released chemicals may enter the blood stream and reach to other places.
It is found that those individuals who have a specific type of gene, HLA-B27, are likely to develop the risk of having arthritis. However, certain theories are developed regarding the association of this disease with a preceding infection in the body. Any bacterial infection of the gut may become the reason behind the occurrence of reactive arthritis in a person. Such as genital herpes, chicken pox, hepatitis A, B and C; cytomegalovirus, the Epstein bar virus and HIV infections, may be followed by reactive arthritis.
According to an estimate, about 1 in 100 cases of urethral infection may develop reactive arthritis.
For reducing inflammation in the affected joints, certain corticosteroids such as prednisone may be useful.
Not only the joints are affected in reactive arthritis, but, the immune cells also affect the eyes and the urethra causing conjunctivitis and urethritis respectively.
Infection in reproductive structures can also occur such as prostatitis, cervicititis, vulvovaginitis, etc. In this way, infection other than the diseased part can occur. Some of the causes of reactive arthritis are mentioned as under.
However, it seems as those individuals who have this certain kind of genetic predisposition, require specific environmental factors to trigger the onset of the disease.
The most common cause of this cross reactivity is considered to be the venereal infections.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, several different types of this condition can occur.
However, it is associated with the presence of certain genes in a person who may later on develop this inflammatory condition of the joints. The common types of infections that are likely to trigger the onset of reactive arthritis are mentioned as follows. To control the aggressive form of inflammation, immune suppressing drugs may be prescribed. The inflammatory conditions generally disappear after a time period of 3 to 6 months and may also cause no problems in future.

But in case, if the cause of reactive arthritis is a HIV infection, then immune suppressing drugs are avoided. Those who are elderly or very young are more vulnerable to the effects of gastroenteritis and may occasionally experience serious complications. Outbreaks of bacterial gastroenteritis tend to occur in association with restaurants or at social events where the same food is served to many people.
Though healthy people may become infected, you are most at risk if you suffer from a chronic lung disease or if your immune system is compromised. You are also at greater risk of infection if: you are using long-term steroid medication you have bone marrow or organ transplants you suffer from cancer you have HIV or AIDS What Are the Symptoms of Nocardia infection? If food is undercooked, stored at room temperature for too long, or insufficiently reheated, bacteria in it will survive and may even multiply more quickly. And these toxins carry on after the reheating process even when the bacteria themselves do not. Symptoms of Nocardia lung infection may include: sporadic fever fatigue night sweats The Skin This is the second most commonly affected area. Likewise, if a baby of less than three months experiences either diarrhea or vomiting, you should call your doctor. The treatment period can extend from six months to a year, or sometimes longer depending on the part of the body affected.
The risk of death is significant if more than one area of your body becomes infected at the same time.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 10 percent of Nocardia infections involving uncomplicated pneumonia are fatal. In general, 60 percent of Nocardia infections are in people with compromised immune systems. The health and stability of your immune system will also play a role in how easily your symptoms can be treated (CDC).

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