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As someone with severe allergies and a couple of auto-immune disorders, I’m very picky about such things and I have to be.
In addition to their standard Aroma-Controlled Vinegar, I also tried out their Citrus & Mint Vinegar. Read on for my experience with both.What is Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar?Four Monks Cleaning Vinegar was developed by Mizkan Americas, a company ordinarily known for its condiments.
Not surprisingly, their cleaning vinegar is non-toxic food grade which means it’s safe for families, pets, and the environment, too. I sprayed extra down the drain and let it sit for a few minutes before following with hot water to get rid of drain smells, too.2. When I woke up to it on Monday I grabbed a bottle of Four Monks Aroma-Controlled and, after scooping up the mess, sprayed the area and wiped it clean. My gray-and-white laminate counter near the coffee maker is the bane of my morning routine.

Nearly every day I wind up sloshing my coffee on it, and nearly every day I find myself scrubbing the stain away.
The higher acidity in Four Monks Citrus & Mint Cleaning Vinegar got that mess up in one swipe. Having seen its effectiveness on the laminate countertop, I sprayed some on my favorite vintage apron which is covered in food splatters that just won’t come out.

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