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Immunologist Veena Taneja, PhD, and colleagues at the Mayo Clinic and University of Illinois, published a paper in the April 2012 edition of PloS One offering an explanation for what causes Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).
Rheumatoid arthritis can cause painful and swollen joints, lead to degeneration of the spine and subsequent instability and neck pain, as well as causing symptoms such as fever, malaise, and fatigue.
The research by Taneja, et al, used transgenic mice with human leukocyte antigen (HLA) mutations that made them either more susceptible to Rheumatoid Arthritis or resistant to arthritis. The mice that were more susceptible to RA has altered gut permeability, suggesting that larger molecules could more easily enter systemic circulation unchecked where they trigger an immune system response. Food and environmental factors do affect the bacteria in the gut, however, and it may be that better bacteria in the gut can reduce RA symptoms or even partially protect against it developing in susceptible individuals. Gut microbiota have long been thought to contribute to inflammatory diseases, and multiple reports in animal models and humans suggest that antibiotic treatment alters autoimmune disease manifestations. Unique filamentous bacteria in the small intestines causes rheumatoid-like arthritis in mice.
Insights attained may elucidate how the T cell network responds to microbial interactions with host intestinal components and provide a rationale for the development of new therapeutic approaches for RA. This project is funded by the National Institute of Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) and the NIH Office of the Director through the RC2-GO (Grand Opportunity) grant mechanism and is part of the Recovery Act of 2009 stimulus package. Almost two decades ago, bought a book in a European airport bookshop to read during a flight. Since the first moment, got literally hypnotized from the content of this unique and precious printed work.
Several colleagues, friends, and students have asked me recently what I thought makes someone a successful therapist and how they themselves could become more successful as a therapist. I had left Poland as a child and undergone all of my education, healing and spiritual explorations overseas, always feeling a big longing to share those new ways of being and healing with friends and family back home, but never quite knowing how to go about it.
In my work with groups and individuals over the past 20 years, I see the power of BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release in action. Like many people I came to meditation by experimenting on my own with various techniques that were available back then on cassette tapes and not so readily available yoga classes.Some things worked and some did not. The doctor takes a short history of the man’s pain and probably recommends bed rest and a few days off work. The term “unwind” is generally used with a meaning to relax, become less tense, or take an ease. Research combining experimental work and detailed molecular simulations has revealed,the complex role that water plays in collagen—a protein that is a component of tendons, bone, skin and other structural tissues in the body. When you have chronic muscle spasm in your back, the affected area will tend to suffer from an increasingly painful condition, because when muscles are in strong spasm neves our pinched and blood blocked from reaching and leaving their own cells. One of the important foundations of working with the MER method was Osho’s insight that body and consciousness should not be seen as two separate things; that the body is the visible dimension of consciousness, and consciousness is the invisible dimension of the body. For many years I felt that the importance of Verbal Skills for bodyworkers has been under-utilized and under-explored. Scientists don't know what causes rheumatoid arthritis, but many suspect that the microbiome—the bacteria that live in our gastrointestinal tracts—may be to blame. Doctors aren’t entirely sure what triggers rheumatoid arthritis, a disease in which the body turns on itself to attack the joints, but an emerging body of research is focusing on a potential culprit: the bacteria that live in our intestines.
In our isolation and self-protection, we have lost contact with one of our most essential needs, the need for touch. All over the world people are touch-hungry and love-hungry; we are longing for the basic need of human contact, closeness and warmth. Candida normally resides in the mucous membranes of the intestinal tract, mouth, throat and genitals.   When overgrowth occurs, Candida has the ability to burrow holes in the intestinal tract and enter the blood stream (1, 2). Once it gets into the blood stream it is able to make its way into any organ or region of the body. There are 70 different toxins released by Candida when it is alive and often even more are released as massive colonies are dying off. Too much acetaldehyde is the equivalent of alcohol poisoning—an accumulation of acetaldehyde is associated with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (10). Several studies have found that gliotoxin is high in patients with MS (multiple sclerosis), an autoimmune disease that effects the nervous system and brain (15, 16, 17).
These toxins help Candida protect itself against the host immune system which allows it to thrive. Your holistic practitioner will have conclusive means of testing for candida, and I personally use a comprehensive stool analysis here as it is the most accurate way to diagnose for Candida overgrowth. If you want a quick, cheap test on your own, I would begin by doing a simple home spit test as follows. If you have allergies or have recently eaten some dairy products, you will likely test ‘positive’ on the spittle test.

The first step in overcoming Candida is to starve it to death.  This is done by eliminating all sugars and anything that turns into sugars.
The anti-Candida diet consists mainly of phytonutrient rich vegetables, healthy fats, and clean proteins.
They can do this by putting 2 tbsps in a protein shake, adding a tbsp to organic coffee or tea, cooking meat and vegetables with 2 tbsps of coconut oil and adding melting extra coconut oil over finished steamed or sauteed vegetables.
I have found that many individuals with a Candida overgrowth are unable to tolerate fermented foods right away. Consuming fermented foods can cause more inflammation and further Candida progression for many individuals struggling with Candida. After the initial period, adding in organic forms of sauerkraut, kimchii, coconut kefir and fermented grass-fed dairy can be great. I only recommend a soil-based probiotic as lactobacillus strains are often not well tolerated by individuals with Candiasis.
Both humic and fulvic acids are major organic constituents of soil, coal, streams, lakes and ocean water. Candida infections drain the body of trace minerals, alkaline salts, & anti-oxidant reserves. A lifestyle that supports liver detoxification includes reducing toxic exposure while simultaneously enhancing immunity, rebuilding glutathione levels, sulfur compounds and methylation. We use the phrase, “Bitter is good for the liver,” to help us remember that bitter herbs are especially good for the liver and the bodies detoxification process.
The nutrition plan starts the process but adding in extra bone broth, aloe vera, slippery elm tea and L-glutamine are all vital strategies to rebuilding the gut lining. This is an advanced supplement protocol to help someone break through and kick out the Candida.   This goes along with a nutrient dense, leaky gut nutrition plan and healthy lifestyle habits.
We need to utilize clinically proven anti-microbials to reduce the yeast load while we support the liver and microbiome so we can effectively eliminate the toxic debris that will be released.
Mukherjee PK, Mohamed S, Chandra J, Kuhn D, Liu S, Antar OS, Munyon R, Mitchell AP, Andes D, Chance MR, Rouabhia M, Ghannoum MA. Menard A, Amouri R, Dobransky T, Charriaut-Marlangue C, Pierig R, Cifuentes-Diaz C, Ghandour S, Belliveau J, Gascan H, Hentati F, Lyon-Caen O, Perron H, Rieger F.
New research suggests a link between Rheumatoid Arthritis and bacteria in the digestive tract.
Their paper provides the first real demonstration that genes controlling the immune system and bacteria in the gut interact to affect a person’s likelihood of developing RA.
There is no current biomarker for the disease which can lead to patients being incorrectly diagnosed; thus allowing joint degeneration to go unchecked and suffering to continue.
They then tested to gut flora of these mice to see if they could predict subsequent arthritis development. Mice resistant to RA had dynamically different gut flora influenced by the sex and age of the mice whereas these factors made seemingly no difference in the arthritis-susceptible mice. Taneja, et al, do say as much in their paper but acknowledge that more research would need doing to investigate such a hypothesis.
Carefully selected outcomes should permit us to correlate the presence of a specific microorganism or microbiome pattern with changes in cellular immune response, other specific biomarkers, and clinical activity.
It is also consistent with the goals of the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), a major NIH Roadmap initiative, and has the potential to be truly transformative by filling a fundamental knowledge gap regarding the cause of inflammatory arthritis. The answer came to me few weeks ago while out for a morning jog on a sunny beach in Goa, India.
It's time when I slow down, I lean over what has happened in my life, what I accomplished, and on what I want to work on in the future.
Most probably, the first stop on this ailing man’s journey is the office of his local physician, or MD. It goes on and on, and the experience becomes continuously deeper and deeper, and higher and higher.
Touch is a way of becoming intimate with others, it allows us to give and receive love, and it’s essential for our emotional, psychological and physical health. Acetaldehyde:  In Candida, acetaldehyde is a metabolic byproduct—similar to the carbon dioxide that you exhale after inhaling oxygen (4, 5, 6).
Dehydration can also lead to a positive reading, which means that you are far more likely to test positive after you wake in the morning. To beat Candida, one needs to consume substantial amounts of powerful anti-oxidant rich, anti-inflammatory herbs such as cinnamon, turmeric, green tea, & ginger. Alcohol dehydrogenase restricts the ability of the pathogen Candida albicans to form a biofilm on catheter surfaces through an ethanol-based mechanism.

Assessment of association between mitochondrial aldehyde dehydrogenase polymorphism and Alzheimer’s disease in an older Korean population. Candida albicans and its metabolite gliotoxin inhibit platelet function via interaction with thiols. Detection of a gliotoxic activity in the cerebrospinal fluid from multiple sclerosis patients. Environmental Sensing and Signal Transduction Pathways Regulating Morphopathogenic Determinants of Candida albicans. Could gut flora be an environmental trigger for patients with a genetic predisposition for the autoimmune joint disease? Such findings could lead to a test of gut flora as a useful tool in studies for RA, acting as an early warning sign in effect for patients deemed high risk for developing the painful joint disease. This latest study adds to evidence that the gut plays a major role in immune system regulation with dysfunction of this system triggering RA and other autoimmune diseases seemingly unconnected to the gastrointestinal system. The *401 mice (susceptible to arthritis) had a high level of Clostridium-like bacteria in the gut whereas the *0402 (arthritis-resistant) mice had more beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacteria and Porphyromonadaceae species. This study does not suggest that swallowing large volumes of so-called ‘friendly bacteria’ can stave off Rheumatoid arthritis. Patients with suspected RA may find themselves, in the future, having a test of gut bacteria biomarkers and maybe even being given a prescription for probiotics rather than anti-inflammatories or steroids as treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Littman’s lab) that specific microbes induce the differentiation of Th17 cells in the intestinal lamina propria. The results could transform our understanding of the relationships between microbes and humans, and lead to innovative diagnostic tests and future treatments. The concept of tissue memory is fundamental to our understanding of the connection between bodywork and emotional trauma release.
I met Nisarga (also from Poland and a body worker) whilst doing a Panchakarma retreat in India. Past traumas and self imposed restrictions are lifted so that the space of physical and emotional freedom can surface again.Since the moment we are born, and sometimes even in the womb, we are exposed to conditionings and belief systems.
The techniques I found that worked consistently to bring clarity and silence to the mind were conscious deep breathing exercises and relaxation techniques that use breath. When you learn deeply, ninety percent of the work is done by love, ten percent by the technique.
This is a subtle but active form of conditioning that can be seen in our speech and attitudes. Instead, the research demonstrates that the bacterial populations in the gut are likely influenced by the genetic environment provided by the host. Commentators have questioned the data presented in this study, largely due to the nature of the statistical methods used and their presentation. Try These Five Foods That Can Help You SleepNatural Neck Pain Relief Within 30 Minutes – How Effective is Celadrin Cream for Arthritis and Myofascial Neck Pain Syndrome? Releasing emotions in sessions has a lot to do with the bodyworker’s intention as well as the character of the client. As a result, I have outlined the following eleven steps that helped me be successful on my path. Instantly I was interested and excited to hear that there was a place that offered body-oriented healing arts, in my country! This time I also had a chance to participate in a wonderful workshop, that has made a big impact both mentally and professionally, and the time of summarizing was enriched with another important aspect. It is unlikely, therefore, that many doctors will recommend friendly bacteria for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients or suggest dietary changes for RA and neck pain on the basis of this study alone. We are now studying the role of gut (intestinal and oral) microbiota (bacterial communities) in RA and other inflammatory arthritides. As bodyworkers who work hands-on with clients, we regularly see cases were trapped emotions are the underlying cause of many pain syndromes.
We locate these emotions when we encounter areas of the body that are tight and where energy is blocked and fluid flow is restricted. When the doctor and the unfortunate patent run out of treatment possibilitys within the doctors totally limited vision of chronic pain. I call this a ‘general’ guideline because we all are unique individuals, and someone may have more or different steps to add.

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