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Orange, pineapples, papayas, kiwi, and strawberries are high in vitamin C content and also are safe to be used. Bathing the child with cool water, aids in bringing down the body temperature, to near normal levels.
Along with lowering the thermometer reading, chamomile induces a soothing effect on the skin, by decreasing the irritation caused by the rash. A mixture of eucalyptus and olive oil can be used to massage the baby’s chest to break the mucus layers and further quicken the healing process. Wet sheet pack is a form of hydrotherapy and undoubtedly helps in curing the high grade fever. After squeezing the extra amount of water, wrap this sheet around the baby, followed by spreading a layer of blanket over the wet pack. Carom Seeds is another powerful spice from the kitchen that quickly resolves the chest congestion and running nose symptoms, often encountered in roseola.

These quick remedies can quickly help in throwing out the virus from the body, along with boosting immunity, and that too without any side effects! Also known as roseola infantum is caused by the virus belonging to herpes family, of which, human herpes virus 6 or human herpes virus 7 is the culprit generally. The condition takes its time to heal but one can take the following steps to relieve symptoms. To help boost their immunity, it is important to feed the child with foods rich in vitamin C, which is a natural immune booster.
You can also sponge the baby with chamomile mixed water three times in a day, if bathing is not possible or discomforts the child. Sprinkle a few drops of eucalyptus oil on a handkerchief and tuck it under the chin of the baby, such that, the child is able to inhale the vapors of this oil, which help in decongestion of the chest. This method work wonders in decreasing the temperature and also help the child in getting a peaceful sleep.

Take a few seeds of Carom seeds and heat them in a pan, and then place them in the center of a handkerchief and tie it.
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Its onset is marked with a high grade fever, followed by appearance of rash as the fever subsides.

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