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Hives or urticaria, is an allergic condition, which is caused by the action of insect bites, chemicals, medications, over exposure to sun and even stress.  This condition is usually characterized by the formation of red and swollen welts on the skin surface.
Even though not a serious health problem, hives can be quite uncomfortable as they can bring about burning and itching sensations. Baking soda is found to be a very effective agent in treating the condition of hives.  To perform the treatment, you will have to make a bath soak by adding half a cup of baking soda to a tub of warm water. For increasing the healing action and for bringing about a pleasant smell, do add to the bath soak 2 tablespoons of lavender oil.
Aloe vera is a herb which is found to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help to combat the condition of hives. To get rid of the skin inflammation and to reduce the irritating symptoms associated with hives, one can make use of  an oatmeal – cornstarch paste.
After a few hours of this treatment, you will notice that the inflammation has reduced and the hives have become dehydrated. Using a cold compress is an effective method to get relief from the itching and burning sensation that accompanies the condition of hives. To obtain instant relief from the irritating symptoms of hives, you can make use of milk of magnesia. The alkaline nature of this solution will help in controlling the itching sensation associated with hives.  But, if you are searching for a long term cure for hives, then using milk of magnesia is not a recommended method. If the above said methods fail to provide you with relief from the condition of hives, then it is recommended that you visit your doctor immediately, to prevent the condition from getting worse. If you have just noticed the formation on your hand then you can try a few home remedies to take care of it. If the formation is relatively new, then simply using a good moisturizer after the soak will suffice. Prevention is better than cure and hence wearing protective gloves when you are doing laborious work that may cause friction on your hands is advisable.
Strep throat is an irritating condition, as it causes much pain and discomfort while taking food.
Some people avoid pharmaceutical medicines as they cause a little laziness, drowsiness and prefer natural home herbal remedies for strep throat which are simple and very effective relievers. Among herbs used for the treatments for a strep throat, marshmallow root is an herbal remedy. It is quite known that a throat spray made out of the herb sage can instantly reduce strep throat.
An old and effective home or herbal remedy for strep throat is an herbal tea made with herbs like lemon, cayenne, apple cider vinegar, and honey. Steamers are an old fashioned, very common remedy that decongests blocked nose and ease strepness and pain of the throat. This magical antibiotic drink is a great soother when it comes to respiratory and throat diseases, colds and coughs. Apart from these herbs here are some home herbal tips too with easily accessible items or herbs found in homes which cure strep throat.
When we get sick, many of us tend to turn to prescription or over-the-counter drugs for a quick fix.
This bacterial infection can cause an itchy, irritated sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Subscribe to O, The Oprah Magazine for up to 72% OFF what others pay on the newsstand — that's like getting 19 FREE issues! A fresh cup of watermelon seed tea helps in flushing out the toxins and is considered a great remedy in treating an enlarged prostate.
Pumpkin seeds help in treating the difficulty in urination associated with an enlarged prostate. Raw apple cider vinegar is known to have astringent properties and help in shrinking the swollen prostate. Mix at least 1-2tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar and 1tbsp of honey in a cup filled with warm water. Indian gooseberries and turmeric have compounds that help in improving the health of the prostate gland. Drink a glass of cranberry juice daily to ease the symptoms associated with this condition.
In order to get relief from these irritating symptoms, one can follow many natural methods of hives treatment. Soaking yourself in this warm water bath for half an hour daily, will help in the quick healing of the hives.

To avail the medical benefits of Aloe vera, you can apply the gel obtained from the plant directly onto the regions of skin inflammations. This paste which is made by mixing together 2 cups of oatmeal, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch and a few drops of water, should be applied directly on the hives and should be then rinsed off after 30 minutes. Performing this treatment continuously for a week will help in the effective cure of hives.
For this purpose, you can dab a washcloth soaked in cold water over the hives or rub ice cubes directly over the affected areas. For this purpose, you can soak a clean cotton ball in a solution of milk of magnesia, and wipe it over the affected areas. They are normal and a natural formation and you need not worry about it, nonetheless you must take care to avoid them and to get rid of the existing ones as they make your hands look unhealthy and unappealing. When you use your palms too often and there is friction between your palms and another surface, calluses are formed.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. This condition also trouble children, disrupt their daily routine and activities, cause laziness and for adults too it curbs productivity and working capacities largely. Strep throat, is caused by bacterial infection in the inside of the throat and is a common condition among children aged 5 to 15, and is also generally complimented by sore throats. An herbal remedy for strep throat is very easy to use and provides instant relief and has no side effects at all.
It is a very useful one as related to a number of other medical conditions like stomach ulcers and hepatitis B.
This herb also contains mucilage which soothes and relieves the mucous membrane and reduces the cough and strep conditions. Take a tablespoon of dried root and steep it for half an hour or more in hot water and drink it as herbal tea.
It is s Chinese remedy so basically found in Chinese Stores, it can be used as an herbal tea, steeped well for ten minutes with a cup of water. A controlled trial showed the effect of a 15% sage throat spray as compared to a placebo on a patient with strep throat. Sit with your face over a bowl filled with steaming hot water keep your head covered with a towel to keep the steam from escaping. Mix 1 tsp turmeric powder or turmeric paste and 1 tsp ground black pepper with a glass of warm milk. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there are plenty of all-natural ways to help ease the irritation that accompanies different infections. To help alleviate the pain that comes with strep, gargle with a sage, salt and lemon concoction.
Also, pumpkin seeds have diuretic compounds and a good dose of zinc that is essential in building and repairing the immune system. A drink made from the corn silk is considered effective in treating this condition effectively. Including it in your diet regime can help in putting off weight and prevent other complications such as UTIs.
It is due to the presence of lycopene in tomatoes which help in reducing the prostate-specific antigen or PSA that is associated with BPH and prostate inflammation.
Few studies have mentioned that cranberry juice helps in reducing the PSA levels and enhances the urinary conditions associated with the enlarged prostate.
The hot bath can help in soothing the pelvic muscles, promote healing, and reduce swelling. You can also treat the area with a cotton ball dipped in Aloe vera juice, or else can also use a topical medicated cream containing Aloe vera. The action of the cold compress will bring about the shrinking of the blood vessels, thereby reducing the intensity of the allergic reactions. Use a mild soap and an anti septic lotion in the water, this step will help you to soften the area and the skin around it. One can cure strep throat in many ways, homeopathy, natural remedies, pharmaceutical drugs and herbal remedy for strep throat and strep throat even recovers to normal by itself in a week or more. One must consult a doctor before using marshmallow root if suffering from diabetes as this herb can stoop down the sugar levels in combination with the diabetes medication. This has become a favorite natural remedy which gives great relief from strep throat and that too quickly. The Watch OWN app is free and available to you as part of your OWN subscription through a participating TV provider.
It occurs when the prostate gland in the male reproductive system gets enlarged and this happens when the cells of the prostate gland multiply due to aging.

Few symptoms one would experience are frequent urge to urinate, pain during urination, presence of blood in the urine, incontinence etc. To prepare this decoction, you need to crush at least a handful of pumpkin seeds and put it in a pint jar.
Alternatively, you can enjoy sitz bath by adding a cup of raw unfiltered ACV in the bathtub containing warm water.
Including tomatoes in your diet is a great way to reduce the pressure on the bladder which can further help shrink an enlarged prostate. SHIP HOUSE DATING Popular Articles Foods High in Iron (Rich Source of Iron) How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally? This will help to ease the pain and you will notice the layers of skin peeling off After you have completed this step, use a healthy amount of Aloe Vera gel on your hands and wear gloves for the next few hours to lock in the moisture. Have 3-4 cups and you will soon get rid of the troubled throat, an effective strep throat remedy as it is. Adding 1 to 2 drops eucalyptus oil can be soothing or even peppermint is an herb recommended for the purpose. Peel a fresh clove, slit it in half, and now suck on the garlic like you suck on a cough drop. The sage slows the growth of bacteria while the salt and lemon reduces the irritation and soothes your throat. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the symptoms and pain of urinary tract infections. If left untreated, this condition can further lead to kidney damage, bladder stones, UTI etc. Also keep crushing the garlic with your teeth, just grinding it from the sides, to release allicin, the antibiotic. The antiviral, antibacterial and expectorant properties of ginger can help you get rid of a cough naturally. It clears the irritation you feel in your throat, in turn, you breathe easily and skips coughing.
5) Hot Liquids to Treat a Cough Reflex Hot liquids like herbal tea, ginger tea, chicken soup, tomato soup, etc. These warm liquids moisten the nasal passage and respiratory tract and consequently it terminates the cough reflex. Its anti bacterial property will help in fighting off the bacteria causing irritation in your throat.
Furthermore, you can add one-half teaspoon of turmeric to a glass of warm water and drink it.
7) Peppermint to Get Rid of a Cough Peppermint is used widely for soothing and calming a dry cough.
Peppermint oil is also available in pharmacies which you can add in boiling water and can inhale its steam.
Put a pinch of black pepper in a tablespoon of honey and have this mixture two times a day. It can be a great ingredient for relaxing the tracheal muscles and opening the airways to nullify a cough reflex. You just require two tablespoons of thyme, one glass of boiling water and two teaspoon of honey or lemon juice. 10) Lemon to Get Rid of a Cough Lemon is a superb ingredient for curing throat and nasal infections. Just add two teaspoons of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey to a glass of warm water. Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Other Popular Posts Foods High in Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid (With Benefits) How to Kiss a Boy for the First Time in School How to Get Rid of Bad Luck? ONSHIP HOUSE DATING Popular Articles Foods High in Iron (Rich Source of Iron) How to Get Rid of Eczema Naturally? Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Other Popular Posts How to Get Rid of Pigeons?

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