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Diaper rash is a type of dermatitis affecting infants and toddlers and occurs due to unhygienic practice. Statis dermatitis is another type of dermatitis affecting lower legs causing inflammation on the veins.
Psoriasis is a type of skin rash that cause lesions or bumps oozing out pus like fluid which attacks scalp and elbows.
The doctor will examine the skin surface and look for the prominent presence of lesions, fluid filled bumps or scaly patches. Normally the fungal and bacterial infections are restricted to some parts of the skin surface.
If you have itchy feeling on the hands or feet you can wash the area with soapy water quickly.
An allergic reaction may occur as a result of the immune system’s negative response to harmless substances. You can pour a few drops of salt water in both the nostrils to obtain relief from upper respiratory allergies. Stinging nettle comes from the nettle plant and is frequently prescribed by doctors for allergy. Butterbur is also referred to as “Petasites Hybridus” and can be used for relieving allergy symptoms. You should consume vitamin C rich food items such as citrus fruits, strawberries and green leafy vegetables to block histamine release and reduce allergy symptoms.Lack of sun exposure can result in vitamin D deficiency which can result in food allergies.
Lime can be used as an effective natural remedy because of its antitoxic and antiallergic properties.
List Of Home Remedies For Allergic Rhinitis Steam Inhaling steam regularly will clear up your nasal passages and help get rid of the excess mucus along with any other irritants.
Saline Water The first step in treating allergic rhinitis is expelling mucus from your stuffy nose using saline nasal wash.
Oil Pulling This is a wonderful Ayurvedic treatment technique that is used for drawing out rhinitis causing irritants from inside the body along with all harmful toxins. Turmeric Turmeric is a great remedy for preventing all kinds of allergies as it a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant along with providing immune boosting benefits. Ginger Ginger works effectively to treat the symptoms allergic rhinitis by working as a natural antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine agent. Probiotics A number of studies have proved the fact that probiotic Lactobacillus Acidophilus is extremely effective in reducing the severity and frequency of allergic rhinitis attack and its symptoms. Apple Cider Vinegar Another great remedy for the treatment for rhinitis is apple cider vinegar. These types of rashes do not require any special treatment and it is enough if you treat them with hydrocortisone ointment. There are many different kinds of dermatitis like seborrheic dermatitis (marked by red lesions and is formed on the forehead, scalp and cheeks), atopic dermatitis (marked by red colored itchy rash which is formed on the elbows, knees, cheeks and neck area) and contact dermatitis (allergic rash caused by chemical allergens and plants like poison ivy oak).
Scaly red patches found on the legs and arms can be of fungal infection like eczema or ringworm. Over the counter ointments like Lotrimin that contains clotrimazole or Laisil can be effective.
Often, viral rashes do not require any treatment and the symptoms will fade away within a week or two.

Some of the most effective natural remedies to treat different forms of allergies are discussed below.
You can obtain relief from different types of problems such as clogged-up nose and irritated mucous membrane (caused by allergy) with the use of this natural remedy. It may help in dealing with the problem of inflammation resulting from different types of allergies. Therefore, intake of vitamin D rich food items such as dairy products, fish and oysters is essential. This condition is characterized by an allergic reaction that occurs due to inhalation of an allergen due to which the body releases chemicals and causes allergic symptoms.
This treatment will help treat most symptoms of allergic rhinitis including runny nose, sore throat and sneezing. For this treatment, simply mix a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water along with a pinch of baking soda. To use this treatment option, put a tablespoon of either coconut oil or sesame oil inside your mouth and swish it around for at least 15-20 minutes. It is useful for preventing allergic rhinitis symptoms such as cough, congestion, sneezing and dry mouths.
It also boosts our immune system and helps to treat symptoms such as runny nose, headache, cough and nasal congestion. Get high quality probiotics containing a minimum of 1-4 billion probiotic organisms either in the form of capsule or probiotic yogurt and consume on a daily basis. It is effective in reducing symptoms like nasal congestion, headache and sneezing due to its antihistamine and antibiotic properties. Stinging NettleStinging nettle has been used as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory agent in alternative medicine for treating seasonal allergies, including allergic rhinitis. Next he will look for the area in which the rashes are distributed in the body to confirm his analysis. It can be yeast infection if the skin folds are affected developing into armpit rash or Jock itch. If the itching is severe you can apply cream that contains hydrocortisone for managing itchy feeling. You need to mix salt (1 teaspoon) and baking soda in warm water to create this natural solution. You should not take stinging nettle if you are pregnant or have diabetes or are suffering from hypertension. Some of the most common allergens that can cause rhinitis include grass and tree pollen, dust mites, pet dander and mold spores in air.
Boil water in a large pot and add a few drop of your favorite essential oil such as peppermint, tea tree, rosemary or eucalyptus.
To use this remedy, mix 5-6 tablespoons each of raw honey and turmeric powder and store in a tight lidded container.
Prepare ginger tea by adding a tablespoon of ginger (grated) in a cup of water along with a small stick of cinnamon and few cloves. For this treatment, add 2 teaspoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar to a glass of water and drink thrice daily after adding lemon juice and honey for improving taste. It can provide quick relief from symptoms like nasal congestion, coughing, sneezing and itching.Add 1 tablespoon of dried stinging nettle leaf to a cup of hot water.

Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments. Common problem caused by skin rash is moderate to severe itching which can be resolved by over the counter antihistamines. Symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, rashes, hives, itching and so on may be experienced by an individual.
You should use this remedy 2 to 3 times in day for obtaining best results within a short span of time. Further, you should obtain prior permission from your doctor if you are taking blood thinners, diuretics or blood pressure drugs before using this remedy. Butterbur should be taken only for a limited period of time and as per the dosage prescribed by your doctor. These vitamins should be consumed in accordance with the instructions of your health consultant. Some people are more at risk of suffering from allergies due to a variety of factors such as weakened immune system, exposure to cigarette smoke and gender. Now place a large towel over your head, cover the pot with it and inhale the steam carefully for 10 minutes. Let the solution drain back through your mouth or other nostril and then blow your nose gently to expel the solution and excess mucus.
Consume a teaspoon of this solution twice each day during allergy season to treat the condition.
For treating skin rashes caused by bacterial infection, antibiotics are given either in the form of oral pills or cream. Apply moisturizing lotion liberally on the affected area of the skin to get soothing effect. Common symptoms of the condition include sneezing, itchy and runny nose, swollen and watery eyes and nasal congestion. Repeat with the other nostril and continue the treatment every few hours till the condition improves. You can also mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of warm milk and drink everyday to boost your immunity and prevent allergic rhinitis. Drinking this tea 2-3 times daily during allergy season will help prevent rhinitis attacks as well. Do not hesitate to call your doctor if the skin rash does not respond to any kind of home remedies or if you have fever accompanied with rash. Heat rashes are common in hot weather and it occurs as pimples or red blisters in the groin and under the breasts or in the places where the skin is folded.
But the good news is that some simple home remedies can treat the condition effectively without the need to spend money on medicines.
Oil PullingOil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that can help draw out irritants from within your body that cause allergic rhinitis. Plus, it helps get rid of harmful toxins, which is essential to remain healthy throughout the year.

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