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The most common symptoms of this infection are foul smelling vaginal discharge, itching, redness and tenderness in the vagina. Ajwain has superb antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which combat the bacteria and destroy it most successfully. Apple cider vinegar is widely used in traditional medicine for healing and curing a vast number of diseases and ailments. It has powerful antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties which deal with the bacteria quickly and effectively. Bacterial Vaginosis is one of the common vaginal infections that affect women in the childbearing age. An infection occurs when the presence of good bacteria is less leading to an uncontrolled growth of bad bacteria.
Getting a BV in pregnancy may result in premature birth, low-birth-weight baby and an infection in the uterine after a delivery. Alternatively, dip a tampon (it’s a tube made of cotton wool) into the oil and gently insert it into your vagina.
Drink pure cranberry juice at least two cups a day.  Fresh cranberries possess antibiotic properties that fight off the infection.
Vaginitis or inflammation of the vagina may occur owing to an infection or irritation caused by exposure to allergens or chemicals. A vaginal discharge that has an abnormal color or odor may indicate presence of infectious vaginitis. If you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, you might not notice any symptom of the infection. Kasai (in Konkani) or Kashaya (in Kannada) are medicinal concoctions usually prepared by tossing a few handy kitchen ingredients and herbs together to prepare a strong brew that can kick the butt of some common ailments ranging from colds to aches and pains.
My friend Jenifer had suggested this recipe long ago when I was battling with an incessant cold. Please note that this is a very strong decoction, you may reduce the amount of pepper used if you want to sip on it without milk.
This decoction is quite spicy so if you wish to have it without milk you may reduce the amount of peppercorns and make it mild. SomaJanuary 20, 2014 at 8:21 AMI do a very similar thing but add fresh ginger, cloves, bay leaves and cinnamon to it too. This infection is mostly prevalent in women who are sexually very active and have multiple sex partners.
Ajwain also has great purifying and cleansing properties which purify the blood and keep it free from toxins.
Its potent antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties kill the infection at its root and bring quick relief.

Mix equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water and douche with this solution three times till the infection is completely cured. The infection is caused by an imbalance of bad and good bacteria present in the vaginal area. Certain types of yoghurt contain healthy bacteria that prevent uncontrolled growth of bad bacteria in the vagina. Scientific studies have revealed that yoghurt, if used this way, effectively treats bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. Normally, the amount and consistency of the vaginal discharge vary throughout the menstrual cycle. Light bleeding is more likely to occur in women suffering from Chlamydia, a type of sexually transmitted infectious vagina. Although in some cases, foul odor of the vaginal discharge aids diagnosis of the disease, in most cases, the infectious vaginitis is detected during a routine gynecologic examination. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
However, one must not ignore problems that persist beyond 3-4 days as things could aggravate. I had quickly jotted down the ingredients and forgotten the chit of paper somewhere in my file. But if you go according to the below recipe then you need to drink it in very small quantities with a little milk added for flavour. I am still new to home remedies but love to try those that look uncomplicated and with minimum use of handy kitchen ingredients.
But if the bad bacteria out do the good ones then the balance between the good and the bad bacteria is overset and infection sets in. Women, who smoke, douche, have indiscriminate sex, and are exposed to sexually transmitted infection are also liable to get this infection.
Put some ajwain seeds on the burning coals and squat over the fumes so that they go directly into the vagina. In addition to this, you must swallow three to four cloves of garlic with some water every morning. The presence of good bacteria is more in number and keeps a check on the growth of bad bacteria. Before starting a natural treatment of BV, it is recommended to get a diagnosis to make sure that you have only BV and not any other infection. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties that help to kill the bacteria responsible for BV as well as the smell associated with it. Apple cider vinegar contains both antifungal and antibacterial properties that help to eliminate the fishy odor and combat BV effectively in pregnancy.

Yoghurt can be used in two ways – you can eat yoghurt (8 ounces or 2 cups) of any flavor regularly, or secondly you can dip a tampon in the yoghurt and then gently insert it into the vagina directly. Also, wash your undergarments in hot water to make it bacteria free and prevent the BV infection from spreading.
Vaginal itching might also occur in women suffering from vaginitis due to trichomoniasis, a type of sexually transmitted parasitic infection. However, vaginal itching is not solely linked to infectious vaginitis.
It is clear and stretchy during ovulation. At the beginning and the end of the menstrual cycle, the vaginal discharge is thicker and whiter. Occasionally, watery odorless vaginal discharge might indicate yeast infection. Grayish-white colored vaginal discharge with foul or fishy odor is a sign of bacterial infection in the vagina. Everyone around me is under the spell of the season - cough, cold, fever, sore throat and what have you. Home remedies are essentially prepared to tackle ailments in their initial stages and they are usually harmless, without any side effects (unless you are using unconventional ingredients). The discharge will clear up swiftly and the infection will vanish completely in a few days’ time. This remedy helps to soothe itching that may result from bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy. You might find blood in the urine when the vaginal tissue is injured during urination. Painful urination may occur from irritation or inflammation of the vagina following exposure to chemical irritants in bubble bath, sprays and perfumes. Your vaginal discharge can also be watery and clean at different points of the menstrual cycle. Would hope that anyone reading this would take the time to actually research this further before trying and inserting ANY foreign substance into their vagina while pregnant, even douching to treat Bacterial Vaginosis is considered to be unsafe during pregnancy. Exposure to chemical irritants present in soaps, detergents, douches, creams, fabric softeners and contraceptive foams may induce itching and irritation in the vagina. In women sensitive to stress, excess stress may trigger vaginal itching. Atrophic vaginitis that occurs in menopausal women due to changes in the vaginal tissues also causes pain during urination. In vaginitis caused by trichomoniasis, the vaginal discharge is frothy and greenish yellow in color. By weakening the immune system, stress can increase the risk of recurrent vaginal yeast infection. My daughter now suffers from extreme cough and cold after having returned from her trip to Mumbai.

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