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Gas can also be present in our stomachs and upper intestines, usually as a result of swallowing too much air when we eat. There are a few over-the-counter medications to try if the above remedies aren’t working for you. Alpha galactosidase: Alpha galactosidase, the primary ingredient in Beano, is another enzyme that aids in breaking down complex carbohydrates. Activated charcoal: A standard addition to the home first aid kit as a treatment for poisonings, some sources recommend activated charcoal capsules to treat gas, especially smelly gas.
Being aware of what you eat and how you eat it is the most effective and least expensive way to deal with that unwanted gas and bloating. I've been a nurse for over 30 years, and I want to help people understand how the health care system works so they can be informed, stay healthy and save money. DisclaimerThis blog is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for medical advice from a licensed health care provider in your state. Gas and stomach bloating are not topics most people are anxious to discuss, but they are problems many people regularly face. Here at the Healthtipswatch blog we look for interesting articles covering health, fitness and diet tips from around the world. Bloating is a condition in which the abdominal area becomes swollen and increases in diameter. A person with the nervous habit of swallowing air, a condition called aerophagia, may also experience bloating. Since there are so many possible causes for bloating, treating it usually requires addressing the underlying cause. If gas is the cause of bloating, a person may find it helpful to take one to two tablets of betaine hydrochloric acid. Activated charcoal pills can also help relieve gas and reduce bloating, though they should not be taken by anyone on birth control pills or other medication.
I have and most of the woman in my family have a family history of bloating and discomfort in the epigastric region.
To reduce episodes of bloat, eat less, drink clean water (no chlorine), and walk at least 30 minutes several times a week, and remember apple cider vinegar in your water helps keep candida to manageable levels.
Are there any remedies for bloating during menstruation? This is the only time I get bloating and it's very uncomfortable.
The best way to prevent bloating has to be avoiding foods that cause flatulence like beans, cabbage and cauliflower. Apples can cause bloating in some people, but in others, they can actually provide bloating relief.
Past a festive season or a wedding or a weekend party with friends and family, most people experience one common thing – bloating. Abdominal bloating, also known as meteorism, is a common condition tin which the abdomen feels full and tight.
The most common symptom of bloating is the feeling of fullness and tightness in the stomach that usually takes place after eating.
Other common symptoms of bloating are burping, flatulence, noises in the stomach, decreased appetite and constipation.
Bloat can be much more serious in some than others and, depending on the seriousness and affect it has on daily life, medical attention should be sought to treat it. Often times, bloating will result in acid reflux after food consumption and further add to the uncomfortable feeling caused by bloating. Bloating is a condition that occurs as a result of the bodies inability to break down food properly during digestion. Once all of the energy and nutrients are derived from the food that has been consumed, the additional waste turns into gas.
Both burping and flatulence, although embarrassing, are a normal part of the digestion process and work to relieve the possibility of stomach bloat.
While bloating is common and much of the population experiences it often, it can be adjusting your diet, minimizing the intake of foods or beverages that seem to increase bloat and limiting sodium intake. Soft drinks, including soda and other carbonated beverages, increase bloating because of the carbon dioxide in the bubbles that slow down food breakdown.
In addition to dietary reasons, bloating is also caused by common some medications, conditions and diseases. While soft drinks, packaged foods, dairy products, sugar-free foods and certain vegetables may increase bloating, many of these products also provide certain health benefits so they should not be entirely eliminated from a diet. Packaged foods often contain high amounts of sodium, however, they are a good option for lunch or dinner on the run when compared to some of the high fat fast food options available.

Milk and milk products are also common culprits of bloat but, at the same time, contain nutrients that the body needs. With the high rate of obesity in the United States and increased risk of diabetes, sugar free foods have become a more common ingredient in foods. When these sugars are broken down in the body by the large intestine, it results in gas causing excess bloating.
General prevention tips for bloat also include changing not only the foods you eat but the way you eat. In addition to adjusting diet and nutritional needs, seeing a doctor to help with other medical conditions may also help prevent bloat. IBS is a problem in the colon consisting of irregularities in the digestive process and, most commonly, associated with constipation. Colon cancer and other problems in the colon cause serious bloating problems as well because the colon is the major part of the digestive system.
If it is suspected that symptoms may indeed be the cause of something more serious and possibly not from excess gas or bloating, they should not be ignored and an individual should seek medical attention immediately. Foods that are easily broken down by the large intestine and help minimize bloat are lean beef, fish and white meat poultry.
Taking it before or after a meal will reduce swelling caused by food allergies and neutralize the odor of gas.
Although exercise can be uncomfortable when bloated, it can improve digestion and stress levels.
In addition to natural remedies, there are also several options in bloating medicine and gas medication. For those that are resistant to changing their diets, this may be the only option to reduce bloating. Gas-x, Beano, Flatulex and other remedies containing polyethylene glycol and simethicone are all options that provide bloating relief. All of these options are low in cost and available over the counter without a prescription. My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years.
Most gas is formed in our lower intestines where bacteria are busy breaking down any undigested food. That’s because high-fiber foods and complex carbohydrates are more difficult to digest. You have to find the reason first before you figure out how to fix it. I have chronic bloating because I swallow air while talking. These foods cause a lot of gas in the digestive system because they contain sugars that our body can't digest. It is a condition that originates in your stomach and seems to travel throughout your body. As the body breaks down food, it is broken down into components that then turn into energy and nutrients. When these gases are not able to escape the body, they result in the sometimes painful problem known as bloating.
Packaged foods, cured meats and soups often times have a high sodium content resulting in the body’s inability to release water, therefore aggravating the release of fluids and causing bloat.
The contraceptive pill, Crohn’s disease, Colon cancer and IBS are all common causes of bloating as well.
When there isn’t enough time to prepare a fresh, healthy lunch or dinner, a packaged meal such as a Lean Cuisine or canned soup, would be a much healthier option than typical fast food options available. An individual looking to decrease bloating could substitute some or all dairy products consumed with soy milk and other lactose-free options. Sorbitol, Xylitol, Maltitol and Erythritol are all common ingredients used in sugar-free foods and diabetic diet staples. Foods containing these ingredients should be consumed at a minimum, if at all possible, since they cause excessive gas and, at times, diarrhea.
Eating more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day can help in avoiding the feeling of fullness that’s associated with bloat. Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Colon cancer are two common causes of bloating and should not be left untreated.
Getting a colonoscopy can provide early detection of colon cancer and can give a patient insight as to what may be some of the factors contributing to the bloating. Dietary and lifestyle changes can make significant changes in the way the body digests foods.

In general, those that suffer from bloating often should minimize their intake of foods high in carbohydrates and soluble fiber. In addition, consuming vegetables that are considered to be good sources of insoluble fiber such as spinach, romaine lettuce, green beans, kale and other leafy greens will also help. This method can help identify foods that trigger bloat as well as identify foods that relieve it.
Bloating is the feeling of abdominal fullness we sometimes get after a meal, as our intestines get to work digesting whatever we just ate. If you’ve recently decided to embrace a more healthy diet, perhaps to lose weight or lower your cholesterol, you might be having more problems with gas and bloating.
I wonder if this is also the reason that chai is drank after meals. Indian chai is made with various spices like cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.
I take a bath with Epsom salt in it in the first couple of days of my period and my bloating is not as bad. It will cause intestinal bloating in everyone regardless of their overall health. I do eat these foods but not very often.
Bloating may be caused by excessive carbohydrate intake, constipation, excess fat in tummy, celiac disease or acid reflux. Virtually everyone has had to endure the uncomfortable feeling of bloating at one point or another since it occurs as a result of your body attempting to break down food for fuel.
Bloating occurs when large pockets of sulphur-bearing gases stretch the stomach and intestinal walls. There are also dairy options containing smaller amounts of lactose such as frozen yogurt and aged cheeses. These sweeteners are naturally-occurring sugars that are added to food and beverages to make them sweeter without the added calories of sugar. Avoiding coffee, cigarettes and spicy foods could also decrease the symptoms of IBS, therefore, improving bloating. One of the potential risk factors that could be associated to bloating is confusing symptoms of bloating with those of more serious conditions, such as a heart attach or stroke. Reducing the intake of refined carbohydrates in conjunction with increasing the consumption of protein and vegetables will have a significant effect in reducing bloating. Eliminating foods one by one that lead to bloat can help narrow down the list of dietary changes that need to be made.
A heating pad or a hot bath may also ease the discomfort of bloating and stress at the same time. I have soda every day and it works really well for me. I have my soda at home obviously because I can't belch in public.
Caffeine actually gets rid of water in the body but that means that you have to drink more water to replace what you lost and that leads to more bloating.
I also make sure to soak beans overnight before eating them and I always cook cabbage and cauliflower thoroughly. The feeling of fullness that bloating causes in the stomach is not only uncomfortable but can also be embarrassing as it sometimes results in gas and burping. Drinking more water will alleviate bloating and water retention because it will help the body flush out the excess sodium. The active bacteria in yogurt and probiotics produce lactase and can supplement the body’s on levels of this enzyme.
They are not easily digested and, the amounts not completely digested cause gas in the large intestine.
But you could be sensitive to a particular food type, so take notice of what might be triggering your gas attacks. My aunt went for endoscopies but they couldn't find the problem -- just gall stones which were removed. A number of over-the-counter medications are available for bloating but herbal remedies are highly sought after since they have no or less side effects. Women also tend to regularly complain of bloat in the days or week prior to their menstrual cycle because of the body’s tendency to retain fluid during this time. Pepto-Bismol or any other generic option to it containing Bismuth will also relieve bloating.

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