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Seborrheic Dermatitis is a chronic skin disease associated with over activity of the sebaceous glands. If Cradle crap is not acute, the flakes arising due to this condition can be gently combed out after bathing. Over-the-counter dandruff shampoos can reduce the dryness and formation of flakes and fight Cradle Cap in older children.
If there is Cradle Cap on face or around the eyelids, use diluted baby shampoo to cleanse the area. If there is redness or inflammation in the affected area, you may use cortisone creams for Cradle Cap cure. If you suspect your baby to be suffering from Cradle Cap, take him or her to a pediatrician. Apart from an antifungal shampoo or cream, individuals affected by this disorder may also be recommended to use a mild steroid scalp lotion. If you have doubts about the scales in the scalp of your infant cradle cap photos are here to help you out.
Apple cider vinegar has many properties that make it an effective method for treating and preventing dandruff. The acetic and mallic acids and powerful enzymes in apple cider vinegar kill fungus and bacteria as well as bottle bacillus and other germs that cause dandruff. Listed below are the most effective methods for using apple cider vinegar to treat and prevent dandruff. Note: you can also pour solution on hair and scalp, leave it for 15-20 minutes, then rinse.
Note: you can also apply the warm ACV directly to your scalp with a cotton ball and leave it on 10-15 minutes. In a bowl, whisk together 1 cup ACV, 1 tablespoon rosemary oil, and a few drops witch hazel.

Mix 1 cup distilled water, A? cup ACV, 5 drops tea tree oil, A? teaspoon olive oil, and the juice of half a lemon. It may not be dandruff as you are probably thinking but cradle cap that may actually be at work. The disease normally occurs sometime within the first three months after the birth of a baby.
Factors like poor hygiene or lack of proper baby care have not been established as valid reasons. It causes bad dandruff and in some cases, a rash, usually on the upper body and the face of sufferers.
If the skin becomes too scratched or swollen, it may possibly lead to a secondary bacterial infection. This is because the condition looks very abnormal even though it does not cause pain or any physical discomfort to the babies. Applying these may help loosen the scales and make them wear away easily after a night or so.
However, steroids can be harmful for health and due to this reason such lotions should not be used for a long time. Dandruff can also be caused by bad hygiene, dry skin, oily skin, yeast, fungus, and sensitivity to hair care products.
This happens because the sebaceous glands in the baby begin to function normally as it grows older.
However, this should be done very gently so as not to worsen the condition and result in temporary loss of hair. In some cases, the doctor advises some physical tests to be carried out to rule out other disorders.
So if you suspect the condition in your baby, treat it immediately at home or get expert medical help.

However, many researchers believe that is a hereditary disease, as the condition is seen to run in families. It is only rarely that the disorder turns severe; when it does, red rashes may arise on the neck, scalp, chest, face, groins and armpit.
When the symptoms are seen in other areas as well, he condition is known as Seborrheic Dermatitis and not Cradle cap. The disorder is also supposed to affect babies who have a hyperactive sebaceous gland or oil-producing gland. Do not use shampoos as certain substances inside them may act as irritants and cause damage to the skin.
Mix half cup water with a teaspoonful of baking soda and scrub the affected region with the solution. Hairs, be it curly or Swati Sharma Beauty & Skin, Hair Care 1 Comment Read more Neem Leaves can Remove Dandruff Neem is a tree considered native to India and is used in making Ayurvedic medicines and is regarded as a ‘pharmacy tree’.
If the mother has an overactive oily gland, it may also be present in the baby for a period of time.
Getting expert medical treatment would be the best idea if these Cradle Cap treatments fail to work, or if the scales are visible in other areas. It has several medicinal properties associated with it such as anti fungal and antibacterial which are considered as best Swati Sharma Ayurveda, Beauty & Skin, Hair Care No Comments Read more 5 Home Remedies That Combats Dandruff Do you have friends who keep on scratching their scalp every now and then, due to dandruff problem?
And this scenario Ashmita Sinha Beauty & Skin, Hair Care No Comments Read more Home Remedies to fix Dry Frizzy and Unmanageable Hair Every woman around the world loves to possess soft, shiny and beautiful hair. But due to unorganized lifestyle, improper hair care, lack of essential nutrients in diet and many other factors results into dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair.

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