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Applying pressure on both sides of the nose is a non-invasive and well-known remedy to stop nose bleeds.
Medical research has revealed the fact that people who consume plenty of vitamin C rich drinks like orange juice are less likely to suffer from nose bleeds. Lemon juice is yet another highly effective natural remedy to control bleeding from the nose. This is the most popular home remedy to stop bleeding from the nose.  Placing an ice pack on the bridge of the nose for a couple of minutes can help to shrink the delicate blood capillaries inside the nasal cavity. Doctors often recommend eating foods rich in vitamin K, like spinach, to control frequent nose bleeds. To prepare this home remedy dissolve half a teaspoon of organic cayenne pepper in a tall glass of lime juice. Coating the inner surface of the nostrils with organic apple cider vinegar is an amazingly safe and effective natural remedy to stop bleeding from the nose. People who bleed frequently from the nose due to low humidity levels can benefit immensely from steam inhalation. Extreme dryness of the nasal membranes can cause blood capillaries inside the nose to rupture. People the world over employ this particular natural remedy to curtail bleeding from the nose.

Vitamin K is also known as the coagulation vitamin.  A prolonged deficiency of vitamin K can lead to severe nose bleeds.
To prepare this particular home remedy, you need to soak a cotton ball in a bowl containing approximately two to three tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar.
Use a large, thick Turkish towel to form a tent like structure which will cover your head and the bowl containing the hot water. Furthermore, the high vitamin C content of lemon juice can strengthen the delicate blood capillaries inside the nasal cavity. To reverse nose bleeds due to vitamin K deficiency include green leafy vegetables like spinach.
Cayenne pepper can curtail nose bleeds which are either triggered by excessive dry weather condition or even blunt trauma to the nose.
However, medical attention must be rendered if there is severe or prolonged bleeding from the nose, to prevent further complications.  There are innumerable, time honored natural remedies which can help to stop nose bleeds. Once the cotton ball has soaked up most of the vinegar, place the cotton ball just inside the nostril for five to seven minutes. Next use your thumb and index finger to pinch the soft part of the nose just below the bony bridge. For this particular home remedy, use a sterilized ink filler to draw out to two to three drops of freshly extracted lemon juice.

Eating a salad prepared from raw spinach leaves or consuming a nutrient packed spinach juice is a wonderful natural way to stop recurrent nose   bleeds. People who suffer from recurrent nose bleeds are advised to have this spicy drink once a day for a couple of weeks to stop the incidence of embarrassing nose bleeds. Ideally, you should drink eight to ten glasses of water every day to prevent dehydration and also to reduce the incidence of nose bleeds. Continue to apply pressure on either side of the nose for a couple of minutes or till such time as the nose bleed stops completely. People who suffer from recurrent nose bleeds are advised to drink one to two glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice twice every day for several months.
Allow the cold from the ice bag to permeate the blood vessels inside the nasal cavity for five to ten minutes. Additionally, cayenne pepper is a bio-flavonoid which helps to maintain vitamin C levels  in the body for a longer duration of time.

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