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Bacterial meningitis is an infection where bacteria enters the bloodstream and infects the spinal cord. Meningitis is commonly spread through respiratory secretions, like coughing and sneezing, from those who are ill.
Viral meningitis can be caused by any number of viruses spread by human to human contact or from insect bites, particularly from mosquitoes. Because the symptoms can resemble other less serious illnesses, many unnecessary deaths occur each year. Meningitis is a contagious illness, but fortunately it is not as contagious as the flu or the common cold. Try this effective homemade remedy for sore throat instead of taking antibiotics and pills. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic. Combination of lemon juice, rose water, olive oil, and egg yolk can be mixed together to make a paste and apply either as a face pack to avoid peeling skin on the face or in any part of the body. The oil is found to be effective moisturizer which helps to reconstruct the skin with healthy cells. It helps to balance moisture in the skin and hence will help people with dry skin to have normal skin. Making a paste of almond leaf and applying it on the skin will reduce the pain and inflammation. Lemon works as an easy moisturizer and hence and can be used to remove the dead cells and keep skin in healthy condition. Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away, even when used as an apple paste and used it to apply on the skin, it helps get good results. They are easy to use and using it to place it on eye will also help in moisturizing the eyes.
Papaya is found to be having rich antioxidants which helps to heal and repair the skin problems which is why it is used for peeling skin as well. It is a good antioxidant which helps to kill unwanted microbial action which might be causing peeling skin problem. It is the combination of nectar from many flowers and hence is a combination of different medication.
Aloe Vera is also found to be healing people in enhancing the beauty as well as in enhancing the health.
Aloe Vera pulp will enhance the moisture in the skin and will also help in easing blood flow.
This site is for information and support only and NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. March 22, 2011 6 Comments Have you ever given a thought that you can reduce your wrinkles, pimples, tanning and other skin problems with the help of some pretty good home remedies for skin care?

In fact there are many side effects of using the skin care products available in the market. All those powders, foundations, primers and concealers that slick smoothly into your skin, quietly hampers it. Recently a test performed by the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong proved that Fairness creams contain mercury. Even the Ayurvedic and herbal fairness creams also contain some of the above mentioned chemicals. Use of Turmeric to fight pigmentation: Mix little amount of turmeric with cucumber juice or lemon. Milk exfoliates and soothes your skin: Milk is very effective in bleaching your freckles and pigmented spots.
Anti Wrinkle treatment for perfect skin: Whisk the tomato juice with an equal amount of milk.
The banana-honey face pack: Whisk together two tablespoons of honey, two teaspoons of glycerin, one egg white and one mashed banana to form a smooth consistency. To keep your face neat and clean:  Routine application of mixture of Rose water , Glycerin and lemon juice before going to bed adds shines to your face which stays longer. Reducing dark circles: Apply mixture of 1 teaspoon each of lime juice and tomato juice twice a day.
Soften cuticles with honey: Whisk together three tablespoons of almond oil, 3 tablespoons of raw linseed oil and 3 tablespoons of honey. How to make your own deodorant cream: Whisk together three tablespoon each of baking soda, petroleum jelly and cornstarch.
Some well known but often forgettable skin care natural remedies and tips for healthy skin. So before emptying your wallet in those costly products, take a look in your kitchen, there are several home remedies for skin care.
It involves an infection and inflammation of the meninges, which are the fluidic membranes that surround and protect both the spinal cord and the brain. They tend to come on very quickly and include severe headache, stiff neck, fever, rash, delirium or a vacant state, nausea, vomiting and sometimes seizures. This is especially true for adolescents and adults who decide to see if their symptoms clear up without seeking medical care. It affects approximately 25,000 people in the United States annually, which amounts to .01% of the population. The honey is found to be having much medical importance and it is used even in case of peeling skin problems. Turmeric powder, besan, malai, milk, curd, tomatoes, cucumber, can do wonders for the ones who are plagued with pigmentation and other skin problems. The fairness cream can further damage your skin. The most harmful chemical which is present in fairness creams is hydroquinone.

Long term use of these products not only disfigures our skin but also cause many other diseases such as skin cancer and kidney problem. It erodes the upper layer of your skin while lemon will not do so and also lightens the complexion.
These skin care home remedies comprising face packs are made up of fresh ingredients and are devoid of artificial chemicals that hamper your skin.
It keeps your face neat and clean from inside and serves as one of the most effective home remedies for Skin Care natural treatment. A culture is then preformed by placing the fluid in a special machine that accelerates the growth of the bacteria, which, if present, can be seen and identified under a microscope. It is spread through prolonged contact with respiratory secretions such as coughing or sneezing, or with saliva when kissing or sharing drinks. The widespread use of vaccines in developed countries makes this disease much less prevalent than countries that do not have access to these vaccines.
Then grate the ginger into the jar, and over this mixture slowly pour the honey to settle between all the lemon pieces. Apart from being a good, nourishing food, curd is also found to be helping in healing peeling skin problems.
Experts consider our skin a third kidney because we excrete toxins through the pores just as we do through our kidney.
In particular, children under the age of two may only appear to be sleepy, vomit and refuse to eat. Severe cases affecting those with compromised immune systems, the very young and the very old must receive medical supervision and care while the virus runs its course.
It is important for a person to seek medical care if one knows or suspects that one has come in contact with an infected person, regardless of the length of exposure. Choosing the medication which is available in the market might not be choice for these things as they can be easily treated at home. Turmeric is an antiseptic and anti-oxidant that helps cure skin problems. Thus it is a good home remedy for skin care.
Any sign of any illness in an infant under three months of age should be considered a potential emergency. Travelers should always take precautions before entering into developing countries that have outbreaks of meningitis and other illnesses that are rare in countries that employ vaccinations.

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