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Joint diseases like arthritis inflame and stiffen the joints and lead to swelling and pain in the feet. Mix equal parts of eucalyptus oil and olive oil and massage your swollen feet with it two or three times daily.
Noodles are a favorite among many but it is associated with a lot of oil and fat content too! Tangerine essential oil is derived from citrus fruits and gets extracted through cold compression method. Sore gums, swollen gums and red gums are some of the common symptoms of gum conditions people want to get rid of.
To easily get rid of your swollen gums, here are some of the effective home remedies that you should try. In the short-term, while you're dealing with the discomfort and unsightliness of swollen gums, you can turn to nature for relief. Naturally, if your symptoms (pain, discoloration of the gum line and, particularly, the teeth) are worsening, see your dentist. When it comes to cavities, traditional wisdom holds that sweets and snacks are the biggest culprits. Bacteria, saliva, minerals, and foods eaten all play a role in helping or hindering the progress of dental caries.
Of those foods impacting caries, only fermentable carbohydrates can be consumed by the caries-promoting bacteria (Streptococcus mutans or Lactobacillus acidophilus) to produce acid and subsequent decay. In fact, carbohydrates are an integral part of our diet, accounting for 50 percent of daily intake. Studies show that differences in foods’ cariogenicity depends not only on the amount of fermentable carbohydrate they contain, but on their frequency of consumption and how long they remain in the mouth. The effect of consuming a soft drink under different situations demonstrates how food intake can impact dental health. Some research shows that the source of the carbohydrate has no effect on its cariogenicity. Measures such as fluoridation of the water supply, increased professional dental services and treatments like dental sealants have dramatically reduced the incidence of caries among children and young adults. Good oral hygiene practices such as brushing with a fluoride dentifrice, flossing regularly, routine dental visits, and attention to when and what food is consumed will continue to produce enormous improvements in oral health. Your eating habits, irregular brushing and not so nutritional diet are the major causes of dental cavities and it is still a threat to our dental health.
The problem is quite common and may involve the triangular sections of gum between nearby teeth.
It can occur due to a number of reasons and conditions which involve not only the local extremities but also the entire body. Sodium retention, protein deficiency, pregnancy, frostbite, vitamin B and potassium deficiencies, premenstrual syndrome and oral contraceptives can also cause swelling in the feet.
This oil is high in magnesium and other nutrients which provide vital strength to the nerves, tissues and blood vessels. Sometimes there is an obstruction in the blood vessels as a result of which the blood is unable to flow towards the heart. The anti-inflammatory properties of eucalyptus oil will bring instant relief in the swelling and pain. If you notice that you have swollen gums, it is very imperative that you consult your dentist to make sure that your gums are in good health.
To avoid the occurrence of swollen gums, the first thing that you should do is to reduce your stress.
Then next home remedy that you must try is to brush your swollen gums with a little amount of baking soda.

Some natural remedies may include nothing more than a single ingredient like salt, while others may seem like you're preparing a fancy dinner dish. While swelling of the gums is quite common, it can lead to tooth extractions and even tissue and bone grafting if it's not addressed. But research shows that the cavity-causing power, or cariogenicity, of a food depends on multiple factors including composition of the total diet, frequency of consumption of the food, stickiness and how long the food remains in the mouth. Nutrients consumed affect the development and maintenance of oral tissues and the mouth’s natural protective mechanisms.
Cariogenic bacteria are at the heart of the disease, causing progressive destruction of tooth enamel. The amount of saliva available in the mouth and its fluoride, calcium and phosphorus content enable remineralization of affected tooth surfaces.
Acid conditions below pH 5.5 cause dissolution of calcium and phosphate from tooth enamel or the dentin below. This is in line with expert advice as both the Dietary Guidelines and the Food Guide Pyramid recommend carbohydrates as the foundation of a healthful diet. Researchers have found that cooked starches remain longer in the mouth, increasing the amount of time the bacteria can feed on them.
For example, the caries-causing potential of a carbohydrate may be reduced if it is followed by eating food with anti-cariogenic properties.
Soft drinks have a high content of fermentable carbohydrates but can be less detrimental when consumed rapidly than sucking a hard candy for an extended time. Localized injuries such as sprains or strains and infections lead to swelling only on one side of the foot. If you stand for a long period of time or sit inactive for prolonged periods of time then also your feet can swell up. Add one teaspoon of tea tree oil to the water and soak your feet in this solution for twenty minutes. According to medical professionals, stress can lead to weak immune system which hinders your ability to fight the bacteria that causes gum problems. The tea bags are quite easy to prepare and are proven and tested to treat swollen gums in just a short period of time.
Researchers have found the natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties in raw honey is very effective for gum irritation.
It is a fact that baking soda can neutralize the amount of acids that are present in your mouth. Left unchecked, they also have the potential to be more than a small issue, causing decay, pain and even tooth loss and the expenses that go along with major dental care. A thorough hygiene plan for your teeth and gums can help you avoid dealing with irritated and unsightly gums to begin with.
The availability of the ingredients in your home or local stores -- and the intensity of your discomfort -- will dictate what options you're willing to try. In that case, you'll be dealing with more than a minimal irritant -- most likely a physical and financial pain of considerable proportions [source: The Mouth Doctor]. By understanding the role sugars and other fermentable carbohydrates play in oral health, nutritionists and other educators can help lessen the instances of dental caries.
Also, a food’s properties and nutrient composition influence dental plaque and the stimulation of salivary flow. Major components of a preventive dental regimen include nutrition counseling, fluoride therapy, use of sealants, and control of cariogenic bacteria. The decaying action of the bacteria depends on their ability to adhere to tooth surfaces, the degree to which they colonize, and how the food residues influence the amount of acid produced by the bacteria.

Good nutrition is essential to produce sufficient quantities of saliva to neutralize acid produced by the bacteria and return minerals to the teeth, beginning the repair process. Decay occurs when periods of challenge to the tooth (demineralization) exceed periods of recovery (remineralization). It is ironic, however, that fermentable carbohydrates have been identified as the largest food contributor to dental caries. Foods such high in fiber, certain cheeses and some flavorings increase salivary flow, thereby decreasing their time in the mouth and making them unavailable to plaque bacteria. After comparing the effect of whole fruit with that of homogenized juices on acid production and changes in plaque pH using apples, oranges and bananas. Though we all know about dental caries but most of us really neglect the importance of it resulting the suffering.
Causes include gingivitis, malnutrition, ill fitting dentures, pregnancy sensitivity to toothpaste, scurvy and poor dental hygiene. Sometimes diseases which affect the entire body like heart disease, kidney disease and dysfunction, cancer and liver failure cause a buildup of fluid in the legs and feet which causes swelling in the ankles, feet and lower legs. A massage with warm mustard oil will stimulate circulation and will disperse the accumulated blood and fluid. All you have to do is to dissolve a bit of salt in lukewarm water and swish the solution into your mouth for about 30 seconds. But you don't want to rely on some remedy offered over the counter with who-knows-what ingredients.
If the pain is particularly severe and is accompanied by a fever, see your doctor immediately [source: Better Medicine]. Sugars such as sucrose and glucose do play a role, but recent studies show that cooked carbohydrates such as bread, crackers, potato chips or pasta also contribute to decay. Alkaline foods, like most seafoods, buffer the acids produced by the carbohydrates as they ferment, lessening potential damage. This is because oral pH levels drop for an extended period of time, allowing a longer period of for the bacterial acids to demineralize tooth surfaces. They found no significant difference in the acid produced from the different forms of each fruit. Some simple technique like regular brushing, flossing and rinsing can mostly prevent this.
The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of mustard will not only stimulate circulation but will also reduce the swelling and pain. According to researches, the tannic acid that is in tea bags has the potential to relieve gum infection and irritation. Thankfully, there's a host of ways to combat the troublesome issue at home with completely natural solutions. Ironically, the chemicals and alcohol found in popular toothpastes and mouthwashes have the potential to bother your otherwise clean, pink gum line [source: The Mouth Doctor]. Fats also may help by coating the teeth so that acid does not reach the teeth’s plaque.
Drinking a soft drink at a meal lessens risk because other food properties such as fiber, fat and minerals interfere with the drink’s cariogenic potential. If your swollen gums are caused by a reaction to some drug, change the medication after consulting your doctor.

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