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With the fast transit of food in the bowel, the food would arrive at the rectum in a liquid state. Dogs are by nature, scavengers and usually end up eating things that they shouldn’t be eating like garbage, paper, wood, dead animals and other foreign materials. As soon as you notice that your dog has diarrhea, put him on a bland diet.  Your dog should stay on a bland diet until your dog’s stool gets back to normal.
When it comes to cats and dogs, there is a distinct difference between a ratty, scruffy coat and one that is plagued by mange.
An infestation of parasites on the skin of Fido or Fifi is to blame for the condition of mange. Mange comes in different forms with Demodectic mange (red mange) the most common condition seen in dogs and Notoedric mange most often attacking cats.
With excessive scratching, weight loss, dehydration, and a decreased desire to eat, animals also show the symptoms of mange on their face, ears, head, and neck. It’s important to know that most healthy dogs already have a small community of Demodex mites residing in their coat. One of the best home remedies for treating mange in dogs is to create a 1% hydrogen peroxide solution with water and Borax. Treat a mangy coat by brushing out the fur on a regular basis, which helps remove scaly skin and scabs. Choose a plain yogurt that contains acidophilus to heal the inside of ears that has been plagued with mange.
Add one tablespoon of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar to your pet’s meal to treat mange symptoms. Apply a couple drops of cooking oil directly to mangy skin patches to combat the irritation caused by mites. Apply a couple of drops of warm water with soap to eliminate mites found on the skin of your dog. If your pet is under attack by mange mites, it is important to thoroughly wash his or her bedding, and treat other places where they sleep. I tried, without success, oinments and shampoos with Neem, tea tree, propolis, lemon grass, etc.). I have heard that you can use acne cream (like Clearasil) to treat mange, only when the first signs of the condition are seen. I’m sorry to report that even the detergent and apple cidar vinegar rinse failed after a time. My 50-lb lab cross, Chip, has been suffering with skin lesions and ear infections since we got him, about 4 years ago. Hi!, My baby kitten (4) have been diagnosis from sarcoptic mange, bu their mother and father haven’t any sign of it!. Oh yea, I forgot to say that we couldn’t find 1% peroxide so we just used 3% and cut the amount back by 30%. I went to the vet about my dachshunds bumpy, crusty, hairless nose and they gave me some dog polysporn and told me it was an allergic reaction to some sort of spider or bug. Nancy, I don’t know about a tip for mange, but I do know how to keep them from licking off medicine. I had read all the posts from various sites including this one,and I can tell you from experience that some just may work. Mange is the irritation cause by mites that have followed the dogs hair folicles to its oily base where it feeds on the dogs natural ability to produce body oils .It dries the skin out and causes severe itching and will drive your dog to insanity. Cut the tube open and get an old empty jar … like for peanut butter or something similar ).
With a pair of latex gloves liberally apply the greasy mixture to your pet and massage it into the skin .
With a clean disposable throw away bed sheet on her bedding, lock your dog into its kennel for a few hours … ofcourse letting her out to go to the bathroom ,but then back in the kennel.
In one weeks time , youll be astonished that hair is growing back and the color of the skin is looking wonderful!
Pay particular attention to scabbed areas and massage more into those areas and bust open those scabs and get that balm in there! I have a 5 month old english bulldog one day i woke to find a group of scabs on the top of his head i didnt think much of it.
A dog’s cough is quite common and there are several reasons on why they have it and some can be quite serious. Just like sneezing, the coughing in dogs is a method of their body to get rid of foreign bodies as well as infectious bacterias from their resporatory system.
And there you have it, the list of home remedies for dog cough and I hope that this would help you save money. Step 4Treat your dog’s dry skin with natural products such as yogurt, lemon water and honey.

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Most of these are irritating to the stomach, thus making them vomit or have watery stools in order to eliminate it in the system. Try consulting your vet if you can give your dog OTC (over the counter) pepto bismol or loperamide. Cooking oil can also soften the waxy deposits that appear on the surface of your dog’s skin, which have been left behind by mites.
Now, I use dish detergent (I like BioKleen because it is unscented, preservative free and the label actually says it is ok for pet shampoo). I have used ivormec injectable for cattle, pour a teaspoon on the kibble eachday and its reasonably cheap. He is a Hurricane Katrina survivor and we know that he was exposed to some nasty stuff after the storm. I tried the peroxide and borax method , only to find it dried my dogs skin out and made it worse . There are times that saliva would be produces in order to bind with the foreign body and prevent it from moving any deeper into their respiratory tract. It is highly recommended for you to use a humidifier at home and make sure that there shouldn’t be any tobacco smoke and instead of using a collar, use a chest harness.
If you pekingese needs a quick relief bring him inside the bathroom and run the hot shower with the door closed. For safe cough medications, experts show that human cough syrups like Beneylin Expectorant and Robitussin-DM are safe for them. Give them 1 tsp. This herb would strengthen his respiratory system as well as act as a suppressant for coughs especially those that are somewhere located at the upper respiratory areas.
Dogs actually have weak immune systems and they are very prone in getting respiratory issues and these herbs would help strengthen his immune system. As a dog owner you should be aware that generally dogs have a weak immune system and it is up to you to boost it. The oil will kill any remaining mites and condition the dog’s dry skin caused by the mange infection. You can also give him unflavored pedialyte to replace his lost electrolytes or incorporate 50% gatorade unto his water. Animals with mange need immediate attention because the condition is life threatening when left untreated.
A flea resides on the outer surface of your pet’s skin, where they bite and drink the blood of their victims.
In some cases, an allergic reaction can be found in only one part of the body, or the response gradually spreads across the rest of his or her coat.
Once a week, wash your dog in a solution comprised of 1 to 2 tablespoons of borax for every 500 cc of 1% hydrogen peroxide. I wet the rabbit thoroughly with warm water from a hand-held sprayer, apply the detergent full-strength to the back of the neck, the back and the tail, then add more water and massage the diluted detergent through the rest of the fur. The 5% Benzoyl peroxide contained in gel selections of acne medication products may help your pets. For bathing, just any gentle, non-perfumey shampoo and and diluted non-perfumey conditioner as a rinse is as good as anything else.
Since then, so many trips to the vet and medications…steroid creams, antibiotics…poor guy! I’m a very organic, healthy person and would love to try a guaranteed natural remedy rather than waste money on vets that will keep you coming back and not fix the problem.
I appreciate your post so much and is the only one I have read that seems like it would kill those nasty parasites! Believe it or not someone told me to put some Burnt Oil or as other people call it Used Car Oil on my cat. However it is still important that you will have him checked once your interventions won’t do any good.
Demodectic mites live naturally on dogs and only become a problem if the dog’s immune system is compromised and the mites gain the upper hand. Consider adding Epsom salts or baking soda to the water for extra relief for your dog’s itchy skin. For adult dogs, 24-hour fast is necessary while puppies should not be fasted for more than 12 hours. If you go for chicken, make it skinless as for burger, be sure that the fat is drained out. If it would take several seconds or worse, it won’t go back then bring him to the vet immediately. If your pet’s coat is looking uncharacteristically shabby, you may want to become familiar with the symptoms and home remedies for mange.

Mange mites actually dig into the skin and live beneath the surface, where they drink blood and in the process – cause nasty allergic reactions.
I leave it on for a few minutes then rinse well, followed by a diluted apple-cidar vinegar rinse and then more warm water. We finally switched to a totally raw diet about a month ago, hoping to address his skin issues. We are going to continue to use this solution for a month as long as it continues to work and will repost with the results. Bring your dog inside the room, once it fills with steam, and allow him to sit for a short period of time.
Sarcoptic mange, also called scabies, is a contagious skin disease spread by direct host-to-host contact. He loves the new food (salmon and turkey) but I did not see an appreciable improvement in his skin. I don’t know how big your animal is, but the larger the animal, the larger the first circle. The hair on the neck is growing back, but the face doesn’t seem to be getting better as fast. The animal’s coat often shows the signs of severe hair loss, often with small patches of baldness. Oh, I also use a small rubber hair pick to separate out the fur to make it easier for the rabbit to continue removing moisture. And I’m going to try fresh lemon grass rubbed onto a stiffish brush and brushed though the fur. There are a number of remedies to treat mange at home if you are uncomfortable giving your dog a pesticide. The first time I did this, I noticed the next day that the red, hairless areas were white again, and after a few days hair was growing in again.
There are reports that lemon grass has been used to successfully control mites in bee hives, but I don’t know if that is the same mite as bothers dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Time and time again I was asked if he was biten by something and I was never aware of any kind of bite on him and still my Peppy is scratching chewing and completely uncomfortable, If ANY ONE HAS ANY THING TO ATLEAST GIVE ME, A NAME OR DIAGNOSIS OF WHAT THIS MAY BE I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT FOR NO VET HAS BEEN ABLE TO PROVIDE THIS ALLERGY OR ANY ANSWER TO HIS IRRATATION OR IRRITATED SKIN! I drop Braggs olive oil in the ears from time to time now, and clean with witch hazel on a cotton swab alternately. I fell helpless and am not financially able to provide any more money for a over priced veternarian… Thank You Signed, Desperate Pet Owner!!! I wouldn’t say that my affected rabbits enjoy the process, but they do enjoy the results.
I would say to apply the Burnt Oil every other day, just enough to saturate the affected areas. Although so far I haven't had to but they are still the priority.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful? I think a little soapy water applied to bad spots (when bathing the whole rabbit isn’t possible) also helps. On days you Don’t apply the Oil, to help prevent infection gently wipe a small amount of Peroxide to the affected areas. It is always best to not bathe a rabbit, but if there is a problem, this simple soap, water and vinegar routine seems to be enough. If done properly, it should look like your pet has an old lamp shade or cardboard coffee filter around their head. I kept putting ointment on them, when all they really needed was a good soapy bath, vinegar rinse and a good ear cleaning from time to time. The cardboard is strong enough to make sure that the animal doesn’t scratch the affected area. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be toxic to dogs, causing gastric irritation and kidney damage.
If you feel you know best and don't need to take this precaution, please consider the weight of your dog compared to the milligrams of the medicine. A 200 pound human would typically take 400 mgs, therefore, you would not want to give a 20 lb dog more than about 40 mgs without your veterinarian's approval.
She even doesn't realize she is get something to help her she just sits up and begs for her little treats every morning!

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