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Conjunctivitis, or pink eye, is a common eye infection in dogs and occurs due to inflamed mucous membranes and soft tissues surrounding the eye. Natural Dog Health Remedies suggests rinsing an infected eye with homemade eye wash that contains one teaspoon of salt, one cup of distilled or filtered water and 10 drops of one of the following herbal extracts: eyebright, calendula, chamomile, red clover or St. Applying artificial tears to an infected eye can be soothing and may help wash away particles that are causing the irritation. According to the Dog Health Guide, common ingredients in homeopathic eye infection remedies include burdock, rosemary and meadowsweet.
Infection of the eye and in surrounding tissue is common in dogs, and often leads to conjunctivitis.
Below is a list of 8 great remedies all of which are totally natural which you can safely give to dogs when they are feeling unwell or suffering from certain complaints that can make their lives quite miserable.
Dogs too can suffer with dry skin which could become quite sore if they start to scratch at it.
With more people than ever taking their health and fitness a lot more seriously, the chances are you have some electrolyte-replacing drinks in the house. If your dog is on a course of antibiotics one of the side effects is that it can seriously impact the good bacteria in their gut. Chamomile boasts many great healing properties, it is a natural disinfectant that has a wonderfully soothing effect when used on sore and irritated eyes (both doggy and human!). All you have to do is put a warm chamomile tea bag on your dog's sore eyes making sure it is not too hot.
A time honoured remedy for itchy skin is finely ground oatmeal which works a treat on alleviating an irritating condition that often drives dogs mad.
If the swelling is in an awkward place on their body, you can make up a heat pack of the warm solution and then apply this to the area which you may have to do several times for it to have the full effect. Fleas really don't like anything citrus so if you find your pet has picked up a few of these pesky parasites in their coats, make up a solution of lemon juice by pouring boiling water of the fruit and letting it cool down overnight. Some people like to use odourless borax crystals which they sprinkle around on the floor before vacuuming up the excess.
Knowing there are a few natural remedies you can safely use on your dog when they are suffering from certain conditions, means you can make them more comfortable that much quicker. The springs were firstly noticed by people from neighbouring villages in the early 1800s.
The miraculous way of treatment by the fish which are in the thermal waters 36-37°C increases its fame, since this thermal is the last sort of hope for skin diseases which up-to-date science of medicine can not cure today. Those having treatment in the thermal baths for the first time will be surprised when they notice that the brown , grey and beige coluured fish surround them and begin to clear up the spots on the skin.
The water has been reported as being beneficial in rheumatic disease, neurologic disorders (neuralgia, neuritis, paralysis), orthopaedic and traumatological sequelae (fractures, joint trauma, and muscle disease), gynaecological problems (by lavage), skin diseases, urolithiasis (by drinking), and psychosomatic disorders (a report from the Clinic and Institute of Physical Therapy and Hydrology, Faculty of Medicine Ankara University, March 2, 1967. Wide interest in the doctor fish encourages people with neurological and rheumatic diseases to visit the hotspring to immerse themselves in its pools.
This inflammation produces an easily discernible pink-colored irritation in the affected eye.

Soak a clean cloth or cotton ball with lukewarm water, squeeze out the excess water and gently wipe away eye discharge. Soak a cloth in warm water or herbal eye wash and apply it to the infected eye for about five minutes. However, the PetCenter states that Visine should not be used since it only temporarily reduces redness. Knowing you can treat your dog when they are feeling unwell with remedies you may already have in the home means you can make them feel more comfortable that much quicker before getting them along to see the vet.
Before this happens, you can put a little vitamin E oil on the dry areas of skin and gently rub it in. These drinks are great for rehydrating your dog if they have suffered a bout of vomiting or diarrhoea which has left them dehydrated. By giving them acidophilus in tablet form which you can wrap in something tasty, it helps settle their tummies again making life a lot more comfortable for them. You need to make up a paste using the finely ground oatmeal mixed with warm water and then cover the affected area with the paste. One of the best ways to treat a swelling is to soak it in a solution of warm water and Epsom salts.
However,  if the infestation is really bad, you may need to invest in an eco-friendly product to use both on your pet, on their beds and around your house! These crystals kill fleas in their tracks and it's one of the safest products to use instead of a harmful chemical based product.
This is especially useful if their condition is not that serious and you know it would be safe to wait a couple of days before getting them to the vet for a thorough check-up which is always the best thing to do! About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow.
A dog that is constantly scratching and licking at its skin could be suffering from dry, itchy skin.
Skin diseases such as acne, eczema and psoriases are cured by Cyprinion macrostomus (fish) 2-10 cm in length and by Garra rufa.
Conjunctivitis can stem from bacterial or viral infections, allergies, trauma, foreign bodies and insufficient tear production. Rosemary is well known for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antiseptic effects, and meadowsweet has astringent characteristics that heal eye infections.
If you do this several times a day, the dry patches will soon clear up, but if it doesn't, it might be worth discussing the problem with your vet. It is always worth asking your vet about the right amount to give your dog which you can do over the phone. By giving your dog some live plain yoghurt you effectively replace the good flora in their guts which gets things back on track again! If however, the symptoms continue, you should take your dog along to the vet so they can thoroughly examine your pet to find out what's causing the problem. If the symptoms don't get any better, you need to take your dog along to the vet so they can be thoroughly examined and then treated.

This will give the much needed relief your dog needs until you can get them to the vet for a thorough examination! This will help reduce the swelling but if you are at all worried or anxious the swelling may be due to something more serious, you should take your dog to the vet so they can be thoroughly examined.
By change a shepherd who was wounded on his foot sees his wound healed by the water of the spring. While more serious cases warrant a visit to the vet and usually require antibiotic eye drops, minor bouts of pink eye can be treated with home remedies that are safe, soothing and effective.
If applied to both eyes, wash the cloth thoroughly before applying it to the other eye or use a new cloth to avoid prolonging the infection.
The fish actually nibble on the area of skin affected and migth cause little pain at first, but then this feeling subsides. This massage is given particularly by the younger fish, which need many more nutrients for their rapid growth. If, however, a seemingly minor case of pink eye does not subside after a few days of administering home remedies, a dog owner must consult a vet for treatment options since prolonged infection can cause permanent eye damage. Using an over-the-counter pH balanced eye scrub is another alternative to keep the eye area sanitary. For the best results it is reecommended that patients spend a total of 8 hours a day in these pools.
In 1960's very springs were taken over by the local administration of Sivas and several lodging facilities were built.
It is also necessary to drink plenty of thermal spring water on an empty stomach (daily 1,5 lt).
This type of teratment has no side effects and medication should not be taken during treatment.
Trimming the hair will allow air to get to the area, and this helps the hot spot heal faster.
A washcloth should be soaked in the saltwater solution and applied as a compress to the affected area. The hair around the wound needs to be shaved or cut, then the wound should be cleaned using an apple cider vinegar solution made of one part apple cider vinegar to four parts water.
The site recommends using an Elizabethan collar on the dog until the wound heals to prevent the dog from licking or chewing on the spot. The mixture can be applied to hot spots either by direct contact or by spraying the wound several times a day.
The injury will begin to heal in about three days, and hair growth should appear shortly afterward.

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