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Figs in combination with olive oil are a powerful ally in the fight against stomach bacteria.
After that period of time, take one fig (eat a whole fig or a few quarters if you decide to cut figs in smaller pieces) and a teaspoon of olive oil every morning before you eat anything. Figs will not be that powerful on their own, meaning you should also carefully choose the food you eat. Stomach acid is naturally produced by the body in order to break down the wide variety of foods that we consume. In most cases, excess stomach acid is caused by our lifestyle and diet and because of this, is quite simple to treat – if you understand why it is happening. Smoking: Smoking raises acid levels in the stomach and can cause heartburn amongst other things. Spicy and oily foods: These types of foods also contribute to an increased production of acid.
Excess of foods containing fiber: Foods rich in fiber, when eaten in large quantities cause an increase in stomach acid as they take longer to pass through the stomach. Insufficient sleep: For some people, a lack of sleep can also cause increased acid in the stomach.
Despite this extensive list of causes, the number one cause of increased stomach acid production is diet. If you find that you are suffering from the above ailments on a consistent basis, the chances are you are suffering from excess stomach acid. Water: To ward off any symptoms, make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to neutralize stomach acid. Avoid large meals: Put simply, more food equals more acid and an increased chance of this acid splashing into your esophagus.
There are ways of quickly reducing stomach acid if you find you are suffering and in discomfort.
Chew some gum: As saliva is an excellent neutralizer of acid stimulating its production through chewing gum can quickly help to neutralize excess stomach acid. Baking soda and water: Add a teaspoon of baking soda to a glass of water and once dissolved, drink it. Spearmint and liquorice tea: Known for their acid neutralizing properties, spearmint and liquorice herbal teas can quickly relieve any symptoms brought on by excess gastric acid. Cranberries contain certain natural ingredients that can be very effective in preventing helicobacter pylori growth in your body. Though there are cranberry extract supplements available, an easier, cheaper and more effective alternative is to drink cranberry juice or eat cranberries directly as part of your regular diet plan. Using fresh cloves of garlic in your dishes does not just add better flavor but also helps in faster healing of stomach ulcers. The powerful antioxidants and flavonoids that garlic contains stimulate healing of the sores.
It has been found in various studies that the chances of developing a stomach ulcer are very low in people who eat apples regularly. In addition to that, these probiotics are also very helpful in minimizing the side effects of taking antibiotics. All these ingredients have the natural ability to work against H-pylori bacteria that cause the formation of stomach ulcers. For proper and faster treatment of stomach ulcers, it is very important for you to avoid certain foods because they can make the healing process slow or can even make the condition worse. To start with, you must avoid eating pickles, highly spiced foods, strongly flavored condiments and seasonings (black pepper, horseradish, chili powder, chili pepper, barbecue sauce etc.), alcoholic beverages and the beverages that contain caffeine (orange soda, colas, tea and coffee).
You must also avoid creamy candy, chocolate, coconut, doughnuts, pastries, pies, cookies, cakes and high-fat snacks like buttered popcorn, fried potatoes and chips.
In milk and dairy products, you should avoid strong flavored cheeses, cream, buttermilk, chocolate milk and whole milk.
In terms of vegetables, you should avoid tomatoes, vegetables prepared with added fat, turnips, rutabagas, green peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, onions, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and corn. In addition to the above food products, stomach ulcer patients must also avoid wild rice, bran cereals, bread products with dried fruits or nuts and cereals and breads that contain high-fat ingredients, such as granola-type cereals, biscuits and croissants.
Various medical studies have confirmed that high intake of salts may aggravate the condition of stomach ulcers.
I also see some conflicting stuff here, but I do know oranges and cayenne pepper are bad for your stomach.

Plantain banana contains a flavonoid called leucocyanidin that protects the stomach lining from the corrosive activities of the gastric acids.
Stomach virus is a very painful condition which can lead to nausea, vomiting, stomach ache and cramps in lower abdomen. It is recommended to consume electrolyte drinks as they will help in compensating the mineral loss from the body. During stomach infections, it is recommended to re-hydrate your body frequently.You can prepare a re-hydration solution at home by adding eight spoons of sugar in four cups of distilled water.
Peaches contain a good sugar content, which helps in providing relief during stomach infections. It is recommended giving rice water to the patient as it will re-hydrate the body and is also good for the health. Boil a cup of rice in three cups of water until rice becomes soft. From some theories, it is believed that the bacteria have a useful effect on human body, but the common consensus is that it must be eliminated from the body upon analysis. Bromelain is known as a sulfur-containing enzyme, commonly found in bromeliad plants such as the pineapple. Helicobacter pylori is a special kind of bacteria, which sustains its life in the HCL acid formed by your stomach.
Raspberries are highly concentrated with ellagic acid, which is very powerful in disease fighting.
Fresh ginger is an effective medicine for bacterial dysentery, bites from poisonous snakes, etc. Treating bacteria can be a long and exhausting process, and doctors will usually prescribe you strong antibiotics. Put 40 dried figs in a glass bottle or a bigger jar and cover the figs with 1l cold-pressed olive oil. Try to eat steam-cooked meals without adding any spices, sour or oily food and dried meat products.
The acid, which is also known as gastric acid, not only breaks down food but also deals with dangerous bacteria that may be present.
In this case, monitoring your eating habits and taking note of when you suffer most, will help you to identify which foods are causing the problem. Luckily though, there are a number of great and simple home remedies that can quickly halt this problem. You then become bloated and this leads to belching which might force stomach acid into your esophagus.
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While canned, processed, oily and spicy foods with excess salt content aids in bloating, certain natural and non-processed foods surely help to reduce bloating. They are rich in antioxidant that eliminates toxins and free radicals from the body which may otherwise cause harmful effect in the body. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Where fiber-rich foods accelerate the process of recovery from ulcers, flavonoids restrict the further growth of those bacteria in your body that cause stomach ulcers.
Yogurt contains high amount of probiotics, which are live bacteria that work powerfully against those bacteria (helicobacter pylori) in your body that cause ulcers. Since antibiotics are a major part of the medications for stomach ulcers, it gives all the more reason to treat yogurt as a power food for the patients suffering from this disease. The examples include fatty meat, fried fish, fried poultry, fried meats, highly-seasoned fish (like anchovies and sardines), highly-seasoned poultry and highly seasoned meats like luncheon meat and corned beef. Your fruits-to-avoid list must include figs, tangerines, pineapples, oranges, grapefruits and lemons.
Therefore, while you are taking medications to treat stomach ulcers, you should also cut down your intake of sodium. So, plan your diet carefully and focus on eating only those foods that help in the faster healing of ulcers. The milk proteins in yogurt neutralize the stomach acid and the Lactobacillus bacteria in yogurt inhibit colonization of the H.
Eat a cup of yogurt in a day will provide relief from stomach inflammation and will soothe you. If you are suffering from h pylori infection, then you are suggested to have some antibiotic treatment.

This bacteria lives in hydrochloric acid and if you dilute your abdomen, it won’t be able to stay alive.
You should consume a daily glass of cranberry juice which is very useful in many disorders. Olive oil in combinations with figs can help in treating not only stomach bacteria, but also hemorroides, intestinal diseases, constipation, bronchitis, asthma, infertility. However, if this stomach acid is present in too great an amount, a number of health problems can arise – many of them painful and debilitating. This painful and irritating problem occurs when excess acid makes it up into the esophagus, causing a burning sensation to occur near the location of the heart. Regular intake of banana not only helps to build strength but also keep the digestive system in shape.
And it is necessary for ladies who notice stomach bloating before or during mensuration.Most of the women who have calcium deficiency suffer from bloating just before or during their period.
While parsley enhances the flavor of a dish, it also improves the medicinal and nutritious quality of the dish.Besides being rich in vitamins and minerals, parley also acts as a diuretic and helps to flush out toxin and excessive fluid from the body.
Though there are anti-inflammatory and other specific medications available to treat this condition, following a proper diet is equally important. If you cannot get fresh garlic, even packed jars of chopped garlic can also be used as an alternative.
Foods that are high in salt should strictly be avoided, such as cornflakes, blue cheese, bacon and other salted meats, salted nuts, corn and potato chips, tortilla chips, canned soup and others. The anti-ulcerogenic activity of plantain makes it the ideal food for people vulnerable to stomach ulcers.
You can add a spoon of honey in it or you can add a pinch of salt and black pepper, depending on your taste. There are many herbal remedies, which can be consumed for reducing, preventing, and killing H. This has been used as a remedy for various types of gastro- intestinal disorders in Greece for very long years.
If you are suffering from h pylori infection, and if you consume cranberry juice regularly, within a few months it will kill the bacteria causing h pylori infection. It keeps bloating at bay by controlling constipation and gas formation in the stomach.Moreover, banana is rich in magnesium that maintains fluid balance in the body which further helps to control belly bloating. Herbal teas also help to digest heavy meals.So, make a habit of drinking herbal tea after every meal to stay away from belly bloating. Prolonged use of pain relief drugs, bisphosphonates used for treating osteoporosis or potassium supplements may also damage the mucous membrane that protects the stomach against the corrosive activities of the stomach acid, leading to stomach ulcers. To avoid the side effects of glycyrrhiza, an active ingredient in licorice, use the deglycyrrhizinated variety for treating stomach ulcers. This phytochemical includes the properties of antiviral, anticarcinogenic, antibacterial, and antimutagen. Due to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial nature of licorice, it can be used for the cure of ulcers and gastritis. But be cautious, it may also signal the onset of chronic disease like constipation, irritable bowel syndrome and gastroenteritis. Though almost all herbal teas are effective to cure bloating, drinking fennel, ginger and peppermint tea are especially helpful. Home remedies are often effective in providing relief from the stomach ulcer pain and accelerating the healing process.
Traditional antibiotic medications such as turmeric, cumin, ginger, borage, oregano, and licorice are proven to be the best natural cure for H. You may also pick a probiotic enriched yogurt from supermarket which is especially manufactured for this purpose.
Green tea also controls bloating by helping in digestion and eliminating toxins from the body. Turmeric is known to give protection for internal organs like the stomach and intestines, blood vessels and liver.
A daily consumption of turmeric powder with a cup or glass of water can help in eliminating the problems related to H.

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