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Strep throat is caused by the streptococcus bacteria and is one of the most frequently occurring bacterial infections of the throat.
In the absence of proper treatment it can lead to a severe infection, rheumatic fever or even complications in the kidneys.
Since the strep throat is likely to give rise to a parched and dry feeling inside the throat, it is better to sit in a humid room. Sip on hot teas like chamomile tea and other homemade  teas which help to reduce the pain and the irritation felt in the throat.
Try having mild curries that have been flavoured with garlic as these are all good for the throat and help to fight bacteria. Nothing works as effectively as a bowl of hot broth or chicken soup to treat a sore throat. Having hot soups instead gives strength and vitality, helps to fight off the infection and also keeps the throat moist.
Using a warm sponge on the body and throat area can help to reduce inflammation and swelling of the lymph nodes if any. In most cases the doctor will administer antibiotics to help arrest the infection in the throat. Try to curb your intake of spicy food and fatty food as these can lead to severe throat irritation and may actually exacerbate your symptoms.
In case of swollen lymph nodes and blocked sinuses it makes a lot of sense to do steam inhalation.
Dissolve a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of luke warm water and gargle with this water. Recognized as the most common bacterial infection in throat caused by Group A Streptococcus, strep throat is marked by inflamed lymph nodes, tonsils, and throat. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, strep throat is seen more in children belonging to the age group of 5 to 15 than in adults. This herb has a long history of usage in Native America for treating a variety of infections. In case of strep throat, the herb is believed to possess the power of inactivating the causal bacteria as well as reversing the inflammation.
According to the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC), the eucalyptus leaves when used in teas can aid in treating a throat infection. Even the nutrition expert Phyllis Balch endorses the use of eucalyptus for obtaining relief from strep throat.
It is recommended to have fresh garlic instead of cooked one because the former has more active antioxidants than the latter. This herb is known for its anti-inflammatory properties due to which it can alleviate the pain and inflammation due to strep throat.
Sore throats are mostly due to bacterial or viral infection passed on through saliva and coughing of infected people.
Honey is one of the best and delightful remedies that can help treat a sore throat in kids.
Gargling is one of the oldest remedies that have been in use for treating sore throat in kids as well as adults. Garlic is an antibacterial agent and call kill the bacteria and virus behind the sore throat. Drinking a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of freshly ground turmeric too will help in healing a sore throat and cough.
For smaller kids, ginger tea can be prepared by adding a piece of crushed ginger to a cup of boiling water. Lemon is replete with vitamin C and antioxidants and is an excellent remedy for removing mucus from the system. The vitamin C in lemon is also excellent for boosting the immunity and reducing the severity of the infection.
Give this to your child for killing the bacterial action in the throat and also for healing the soreness of the throat.
Anything that is taken fairly hot can have a steaming effect on the throat and hence good for healing a sore throat. Kids generally tend to love things that are sweet and when they get a sore throat, it is the perfect excuse for sucking on hard candies.
Sucking on a hard candy will also help in keeping the throat moist and this will ease the symptoms of sore throat naturally.
When you have a sore throat, the throat burns and is hot and the first impulse is to avoid giving anything cold to the kid.
It is a really difficult problem to deal with and medication which are formulated especially for strep throat may even aggrevate the issue. Although yogurt is an acidic food, it does not aggravate the problem by increasing the inflammation unlike other acidic foods because it contains large amounts of water. Throat obstruction is a sensation in which you may feel like something is blocking the throat, and you may find difficulty in swallowing.
Unless you do not find any difficulty in breathing, then it will just be a throat infection and can be cured easily with simple home remedies. Gargling with hot water and salt will reduce the inflammation and blocking caused due to tonsil enlargement. So, when you gargle, the infection can be eased and there will be reduction in tonsil environment too. Turmeric is an anti-infectant, which can be used for both external as well as internal infections.
This will ease off the infection in the throat and give you relief from pain and congestion. When you intake raw honey, it will bring out the phlegm that blocks the throat and breathing passage. Vitamin A is basically a combination of natural compounds that are essential for our body for having clear vision, for growth, repair and development, for healthy bones and skin, for maintenance of immune system and fighting off infection, and for cell division and differentiation. Vitamin A contains antioxidant properties that help to neutralize free radicals in our body that damage our tissues and cells. Prolonged and severe deficiency can result in Xerophthalmia in which the cornea becomes dry, hazy, pigmented and wrinkled.
Further it can result in softening and destruction of the eye balls that leads to blindness (keratomalacia). The early symptoms that affect the eye are burning, itching and inflammation of the eyelids.
Another major symptom of vitamin A deficiency is hardening (keratinisation) and degeneration (atrophy) of epithelium in which the cells become flattened and get collected.This often leads to infection of the eye, middle ear, nasal passages, sinuses, respiratory tract, urinary infection or infection in the lungs. Due to deficiency of vitamin A, susceptibility towards bacterial infection in respiratory and urinary tract increases as the dryness in the linings of nose, throat, bronchi, and urinary tract increases and makes them prone to bacterial infection. Vitamin A deficiency in developed countries can result from inflammatory diseases that damages the digestive tract and avert absorption of vitamin A. Tonsillitis (aka Tonsils) is a painful condition that causes the tonsils in the throat to swell up significantly. If left untreated, tonsils can lead to several other health related issues, with the worst case scenario being kidney failure. Gargling the throat with warm saline water solution can aid in reducing the pain and irritation caused by tonsils to an extent.
A glass of hot milk can do wonders in soothing an irritated throat and bringing down the inflammation caused by tonsils. Drinking vegetable juices can be considered effective when treating tonsils and its symptoms at home. Getting rid of the underlying infection can effectively treat tonsils and reduce its symptoms significantly. The best options would be fresh carrot, cucumber or beetroot juices. It is considered essential to drink plenty of fluids during this period in order to keep the throat moist and hydrated. In fact, it is considered wise to stick to only liquid foods during the first few days of the infection. Turmeric contains potent antibacterial and antiviral properties that can take care of the underlying infection effectively, thereby reducing the symptoms of tonsils in the process. As ironical as it may sound, several individuals suffering from tonsillitis are actually requested to eat plenty of ice creams and popsicles in order to numb the throat area and reduce the pain, irritation and inflammation associated with tonsils. Our feet have to bear the consequences of all the physical activity that we do during the day and ironically they are also the most neglected part of our bodies.

Bleaching agents are known for the drying effect they have on fungi causing the infection and the ultimate aim of treating any infection is to get rid of the infectious agent completely. Always mix the bleaching agent with water before using it to treat fungal infection of the foot. Baking soda is a well known agent for treating various skin infections at home including those of the feet caused by fungi.
Leave the foot in the solution for 15 minutes and keep massaging the infected area with the baking soda solution. To treat foot fungus with Vicks VapoRub apply generous amount of the rub on the infected part of the foot and rub it for 2-3 minutes.
Boric acid is an amazing chemical agent for treating various skin infections including bacterial and fungal. Mix liquid boric acid and water in equal parts and use this as a foot soak for treating the infection. It is a very common infection and is marked by a very high fever, redness of throat, chills and acute pain in the neck and throat region. Take half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of moderately hot water and gargle with this water 5-6 times a day.
This helps to reduce the pain felt from the strep throat and also helps to reduce the feeling of parchedness in the throat. For this, heat some cloves, peppercorns, ginger, honey and cinnamon in a small vessel of water and let the spices brew in the tea for some time. It is an excellent remedy for strep throat and helps to alleviate whatever discomfort one is feeling.
Garlic is a natural anti-bacterial plant that internally helps to strengthen the body’s immunity and fight off the infection.
Since the throat ache and pain can be significant, it may become difficult to swallow and chew on normal food.
Ideally you can even take a warm bath especially if the swelling is acute or you are also suffering from fever. This coupled with rest should help to subside the infection and help you to recover within a few days. Steam inhalation will arrest the sore throat and other cold symptoms if you are suffering from them. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties that help to subside the infection and also soothe the throat in the process.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
The condition is highly contagious because the causal bacteria can be easily transmitted by coughing, sneezing, or direct touch.
This is because echinacea is rich in various potent compounds, such as antioxidants and polysaccharides. According to the experts, chamomile is rich in analgesic properties that can trigger quick relief from pain in throat and headaches. He says that this herb has the power to trigger mild antiseptic action for treating coughs, infections, and respiratory disorders. According to UMMC, consuming garlic aids in boosting immunity as well as in healing sore throats because the herb is rich in antioxidants.
You can either add a bit of it to warm water for gargling or can consume it through foods you eat.
However, you should always take these herbs only after asking your doctor about the possible side effects, if any. When kids get sore throat, it can be a painstaking experience to manage them, as they can get increasingly cranky and difficult to deal with. Though not a serious condition, if left untreated, it can also lead to serious respiratory illnesses. Salt is an antibacterial and healing agent and helps in treating the sore throat naturally.
It could be difficult to make them do the inhaling part and also to make them sit still in the hot steam for even ten minutes. Garlic can also be added to a freshly prepared vegetable juice like a tomato or carrot juice or any other juice of your kid’s choice. Turmeric can be added to a glass of warm milk before bedtime to ease your kids sore throat and heal it by morning.
For older kids, a piece of ginger can be given for chewing and swallowing the juice slowly to initiate the healing process. For making an infusion with pepper and coriander, grind some pepper berries and coriander seeds and add a small piece of crushed ginger as well. Lemon juice can be added to a cup of water and sweetened with honey or sugar and given to children several times a day for easing sore throats and cough associated with it. Take a hot tea, coffee or a juice like lemon juice mixed with hot water and salt to heal the soreness of the throat without other medications.However, care has to be taken when you give hot fluids to kids. Sugar is supposed to be a healing remedy for sore throats and hence good when your child has sore throat. The cool and sweet taste of the juice bar will ease the symptoms of sore throat to a great extent. Although it affects only one part of the body, it can become a really painful and annoying experience.
So, you can try natural home remedies which are readily available in the kitchen of any household and do not lead to any health risks.
It heals the throat by keeping it moisturized and by preventing it from turning excessively dry. This fabulous home remedy works by rendering the bacteria harmless and by eliminating excess accumulated water from the throat. Cold yogurt helps to sooth the inflammed throat by keeping the throat moisturized.Apart from that, yogurt is a probiotic food which means that it contains good bacteria.
If there is visible enlargement of throat, it may be a symptom of thyroid problem or other related condition.
To treat throat obstruction, you can mix a tea spoon of turmeric to hot milk and drink once in a day. Make sure that the turmeric that you use for this purpose is pure and does not have any other added ingredients. You may feel like coughing after you take a few spoons of honey, but that is good as it would relieve you from the blocking phlegm.
You can also avoid fruits and food items which caused more cooling effect when you are experiencing throat obstruction.
This vitamin can be obtained from animal products, but various plant based foods that contain beta-carotene are regenerated by the body into vitamin A. The tear glands that keep the eye moist and free from bacteria and other foreign particles become dry. Children between the ages of 1-5 years deficient in vitamin A are more susceptible to this condition, particularly when their diet is lacking vitamin A. In the same way, the alimentary tract too dries up and secretion of digestive juices gets restricted. It is an essential nutrient for growth and development of bones and muscles in children and during their growth years, they can grow up as undersized individuals if they are deficient in this vitamin. Vitamin A deficiency is most often seen in children belonging to underdeveloped countries due to poor nutrition.
Besides this, zinc deficiency, alcoholism and pancreatic diseases can also cause vitamin A deficiency in the body. Usually caused by bacterial or viral infections, tonsils can also cause other painful side effects like redness, appearance of white spots on the tonsils, recurrent headaches, sore throat, bad breath, ear pain, cough, nasal congestion, runny nose, throat abscess, rheumatic fever, bacterial pharyngitis and even loss of voice etc.
Apart from surgery and standard medications used to treat the condition, one can get relief from certain home remedies that would help to reduce the symptoms of the tonsils and deal with the infection causing the same effectively. The astringent properties of the saline water solution would also take care of the infection causing the condition.Mix a teaspoon of powdered salt in warm water and stir nicely until the salt dissolves completely.
Adding a pinch of turmeric and pepper powder to the hot milk can be considered more effective.And adding a few drops of ghee into the hot milk would only increase its effectiveness in treating tonsils even more.
Fresh, homemade vegetable juices contain plenty of essential nutrients that would boost the body’s immune system and urge it to fight off the pathogens behind the infection that caused the condition in the first place. This would in turn reduce the pain, irritation and itching experienced in the throat (caused by tonsils). Relying solely on fresh fruit and vegetable juices during this period (in addition to lots of water) can help the system fight off the infection faster without aggravating the condition and its symptoms in the process.

It also contains antiseptic properties that promote quick healing after an infection.Turmeric can be used in many ways to treat tonsillitis. Eating an ice cream or two every day can therefore, be considered very effective in treating tonsils at home. Most of us spend a fortune looking after our face and hands but spend very little time pampering our feet.
And liquids known for bleaching clothes are known to help eliminate the micro-organisms responsible for the fungus. However, bleaching liquids, powders and solvents contain very strong chemicals that may harm your skin if used undiluted. To treat the infection mix one part bleaching agent with three parts water and soak your infected foot in this liquid mixture for 20 minutes. The chemicals in vinegar help fight the foot fungus infections as well but one has to be very regular in the treatment while using vinegar. Dry your foot without washing it with water and repeat the treatment every four hours for 15 days at least.
However, as with other home remedies one has to be very regular with the treatment using baking soda. After 15 minutes wash your foot with warm water and dry it completely using a soft towel or a hair dryer. It is eucalyptus oil and camphor based rub that effectively gets rid of the virus responsible for causing common cold. Leave the rub on the skin for 30 minutes and wash off using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. The chemical properties of the acid work brilliantly on the agents responsible for the infection and eliminate them completely. Keep the infected foot in the solution for 20-30 minutes and then wash the foot using warm water and strong soap.
While the chemical bleaches well it doesn’t harm the skin at all and this is one reason it can be safely used for treating fungal foot infections. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with one part water and pour the resulting liquid in a basin. The treatment should be done once a day for 15-20 days to eliminate the infection causing fungus. Infections of the foot caused by fungus should be treated at the earliest to ensure the infection doesn’t spread or worsen. The ginger in the popsicles helps to soothe the throat while the enhanced saliva in the mouth keeps the throat moist. Keep doing steam inhalation as frequently as you can for relief from strep throat symptoms. Although the doctors recommend an antibiotic course, patients can also try some effective and affordable herbal remedies for relieving the symptoms quickly and speeding up the recovery. These medical ingredients are found in both the upper part as well as in the root of the plant.
In order to use this remedy, you need to pour around 30 drops of the tincture in your mouth and allow it to get mixed with the saliva.
Apart from combating the infection, the herb may also trigger a temporary numbing effect for relieving pain.
Honey helps in soothing and healing the throat and also reduces the soreness and itchiness of the throat.
Steam through the mouth by inhaling deeply so that the steam reaches the sore areas of the throat and heals it completely. Salt added to the water helps to absorb the excess water which has accumulated in the throat and thereby it relieves pain and inflammation.Apart from that, it also prevents bacterial growth by creating an unfavorable environment for the existance of the bacteria. Its anti-bacterial properties help deal with the symptoms of strep throat by banishing the bacteria.Ginger also has anti-inflammatory qualities which aid in reducing the pain and inflammation. Plant sources of this vitamin include fresh fruits like apricot, cantaloupe, grape fruits and vegetables like spinach, carrot and broccoli. Prolonged deficiency of vitamin A can result in reduced vision at night or in the dim light (Nictalopia) which means one is unable to see properly in dim light, particularly after exposure to bright light. Gargle with the resultant solution for at least 15 minutes until the throat pain dissipates. Let the solution cool and rinse your throat with it at least twice a day for quick and effective results. Follow this remedy every night for a week or so until the inflammation comes down completely.
Stay away from sodas, carbonated drinks, coffee and tea as they can dehydrate the body and aggravate the symptoms of the condition. Honey on the other hand, is loaded with potent antibacterial and antiviral properties that would aid in getting rid of the underlying infection.Squeeze a lemon and extract its juice. When the feet are not cared for properly it often results in foot infections of various kinds including bacterial and fungal. Vinegar does not contain strong chemicals as does bleaching liquid and therefore can be used undiluted.
Your infected skin may sting a bit when exposed to pure vinegar but this only proves that the vinegar is working on the infection causing fungi. In half a liter of water add half cup baking soda and immediately soak your infected foot in this solution. Perform the treatment two times a day for 10 days to eliminate the infection causing fungi. However, many people also use the rub for treating infections of the feet like athlete’s foot. Application of the rub may sting a bit but this is because of the strong nature of camphor. The acid is available in both liquid as well as powder form and should be used with water for treating fungal infections of the feet. Place the infected foot in the basin for 20 minutes while gently massaging the infected area. The acidic properties of the vinegar help to kill all the bacteria that may be present in the throat.
Since honey is a natural humectant, it helps to keep the throat moisture laden all day long.Apart from that, honey is also known to exhibit anti-bacterial properties that provide relief from this problem by banishing the bacteria responsible for strep throat.
Apart from that, it also helps to provide immediate relief from inflammation and irritation. Ginger can be used to treat strep throat by consuming it in the form of ginger tea or simply in the raw form. Add some warm water to the juice and drink a glass of it at least thrice a day for effective results.
Instead, opt for warm water and fresh fruit juices to reduce the symptoms of the condition.
Alternatively, a paste made of boiled and ground turmeric roots can be applied on the throat (the external area) to reduce the inflammation caused by the condition. Athlete’s foot and toenail fungus are the two most common foot infections caused by fungi.It is important to treat all infections as soon as possible and this holds true for foot fungus infections as well because of the pain and discomfort associated with them.
Repeat the treatment thrice a day for 10 days or until you are completely free from the infection.
Once you are infection free perform the treatment twice a week to ensure the infection doesn’t return.
The combination of oil and camphor works together to get rid of the fungus causing the infection. It also aids in reducing the inflammation occuring as a result of strep throat by soothing the inflammed throat lining.
Holy basil leaves help to cure strep throat by mobilizing the mucous, thereby preventing further growth of the bacteria.5-6 raw Holy basil leaves can be consumed with 1 teaspoon of honey, everyday before taking any meal to get relief from this problem. Professional swimmers and people who expose their naked feet to floors of common washrooms should apply VapoRub to their feet thrice a week to keep fungal infections of the feet at bay.
Two teaspoons of honey can be consumed twice a day to get relief from strep throat problems. However, before you rush to a doctor to get treatment for fungal infection of the feet there are many effective home remedies that you can try. In this section we will give you the best home remedies for treating fungal infections of the feet easily.

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