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Respo-K is a safe, non-addictive 100% natural homeopathic remedy registered with the FDA and formulated especially for pets to improve respiratory health and strengthen immunity to help prevent the recurrence of secondary infections of the sinuses or lungs. Presented in convenient tablet form, Respo-K can be crushed, sprinkled on the tongue, or taken whole, and is easy to administer without fussing or fighting. All Native Remedies homeopathic products and biochemic tissue salts are manufactured in an FDA and GMP registered pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists.
Natural remedies can help to strengthen the respiratory system, including the nose, throat and lungs and promote a healthy immune system.
Many holistic vets will agree that the more raw food (as opposed to cooked meals or dried commercial pet food) the animal eats, the fewer general health problems there will be. For cats, who are largely carnivorous, this should consist of mainly raw meat (minced beef and chicken, chicken livers) mixed with a little bone meal and a small amount of some grated carrot or finely chopped greens like spinach. Remember that you should not try to change your pet's diet overnight, especially if the animal is elderly. Respo-K tablets may be given whole or crushed and mixed with food or a treat, depending on your pet's size and preferences.
While conventional medicine works by often treating just the symptoms, natural medicine strives to create holistic balance in the body to support systemic health, relieve ailments, and help prevent future disease. Pets respond to natural medicine in different ways, some of our satisfied customers have reported observing immediate results in their pets while many others have reported observing optimal benefits taking effect within 3-6 weeks.
Because Respo-K is 100% homeopathic, it supports the animal body on a cellular level — getting to work upon the first dose. One bottle of Respo-K contains 125 tablets will last between 12 days and 6 weeks, depending on the size and dosage needs of your pet. Calc sulph (6C) is a biochemic tissue salt that is useful in supporting the natural healing process of the body.

Ferrum phos (6C) is another biochemic tissue salt known to promote the body's ability to regulate oxygen rich blood flow throughout the body. Hepar sulph calc (12C) is a natural remedy particularly supportive of the throat and larynx, bronchioles and tonsil.
Sambucus nig (3X) is a homeopathic remedy that is useful for supporting the temperature regulatory mechanisms in the body. Verbascum (3X) is a homeopathic remedy highly regarded for its ability to address blocked noses and chests and help facilitate easy natural breathing. Individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). A pet should be given a healthy, balanced diet all year round, and unhealthy treats should be avoided. However, pets of advanced age should be allowed to rest and be given ample opportunity for quality sleep. Natural remedies have also been used for generations to encourage respiratory health and support the lungs and sinuses. Ideally, the best diet for a cat or dog is one which most closely resembles that which he would find in the wild. We also recommend raw meat and raw bones for dogs, mixed with grated raw vegetables and chopped salads.
Slowly introduce new foods and allow the digestive system to become accustomed to the new diet. May be used in conjunction with KC-Defense when dogs are to be placed in kennels for prolonged periods of time to support the immune system and encourage respiratory health.
Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, the natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning (rather than just suppressing symptoms).

To ensure your pet receives optimum results, it is important to administer natural remedies as directed and remain consistent.
Calc sulph can be used to encourage respiratory health and promote the health of the throat and nasal passages. Ferrum phos also supports wall strength of blood vessels and the absorption of iron and oxygen to all cells. It has also been studied for its ability to support healthy mucus levels in the nasal passages (Ueno K, Wang ZH, Hanamure Y, et al. A teaspoon or two of olive oil added to the meal every day (depending on size) will also be beneficial. No adverse interactions have been noted between the ingredients in Respo-K and prescription medications. You may also find that giving your pet a smaller maintenance dose is beneficial for ongoing support, many customers report using a regular maintenance dose as part of a preventative program for the continued health and well-being of their beloved animals.
While some animals need only a single dose, others may require additional doses, depending on factors such as the age and size of the animal. Response times vary from animal to animal, based on physiological composition and other circumstances. While some animals begin to show an almost immediate improvement that increases over time, others will see results after 3-5 days. For long-term support of the immune system, PetAlive Immunity and Liver Support is recommended.

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