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Uneven skin tone occurs because of a myriad of reasons including hyper-pigmentation, scarring, UV rays, hormones, illness, hereditary conditions and age. A number of products can be found in the world of cosmetics that offer a way of balancing out the appearance of the skin and also eliminates the problem of uneven skin tone.
Damage to the skin is neutralized with antioxidants found in natural ingredients such as olive oil and the healing properties of Vitamin C can be found in lemon juice, which erase scarring, lighten the skin and reduce its pores. This is an easy and quick solution that can be found at your nearest grocery store or the kitchen.
Black spots can be faded out and uneven skin tone can be eradicated with the enzymes in papaya. An excellent and natural dark spot corrector, various healing properties can be found in aloe Vera.
Skin pigmentation can be reduced with the lactic acid found in milk and overall complexion and skin tone can be improved in this way. One teaspoon of fresh lemon juice, two tablespoon of ground oatmeal and one tablespoon of plain yogurt can be combined for making a pack at home. Age spots and brown spots can be eliminated with this oil because it possesses strong healing properties. The skin tone can be evened and brown spots will fade if this remedy is followed without fail.

Taking two tablespoons of honey and mixing it with one tablespoon of onion juice is another option. I think Tea Tree Oil is one of the only essential oils that can be applied direct without dilution. The coloring of the hair and skin comes from melanin and uneven skin tone occurs when there is overproduction of melanin or there is an interruption in the production of melanin. The darkened spots on the face can be lightened with the Vitamin C in lemon and application is easy. In order to get the desired results, use this dark spot removal remedy for about two weeks.
Until the black spots have vanished completely, this remedy should be used once every day and it gives your skin a natural glow. For instance, the skin is exfoliated with an enzyme in papaya called papain that boosts the production of fresher-looking and newer skin.
Skin discolorations will fade if this remedy is repeated twice on a daily basis for a few weeks. Honey and milk can be mixed together for preparing a solution and then applying it onto the affected area. Apply some plain yogurt onto the dark spots directly and use cold water to rinse it off after twenty minutes.
The age spots should be applied with this pack and rinsed off with cold water after 30 minutes. It can be applied onto the affected areas with a cotton ball once in the morning and at then at night.

Brown spots on the skin can also be cured with coconut oil, almond oil, Vitamin E and olive oil along with castor oil.
Some onions should be sliced and these slices should be rubbed onto the affected area twice or thrice daily. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
The lemon juice can be diluted with plain water, honey or rosewater if people have sensitive or delicate skin.
For getting quicker results, yogurt can be applied onto the affected area before sleeping and left overnight. The brown spots will be able to fade with the bleaching property and the acidic nature that can be found in onions.
The strong smell emanated by this mixture can be eradicated when people wash their face thoroughly. Garlic juice can also be used by people along with onion juice for getting the desired results. Black spots can also be reduced with lime juice and it has to be applied in the same manner.
The affected area can be used for application of the paste, which should be left for a few minutes.

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