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Eye problems in children have to be dealt with seriously and quickly.Children with uncorrected vision conditions or eye health problems face many barriers in life .
Eye Problems In Children 1: Excessive TearingIn each of our eye, there is a a€?drain pipea€™ called nasolacrimal duct. Dacryostenosis is a condition affecting up to 30 percent of infants in which the drain pipe does not fully open.
Contrary to old wivesa€™ tale, strabismus isna€™t caused by deliberately crossing of the eyes (eye myth busted). Due to the lack of clear image stimulation, the neurological pathways between the weaker eye and brain stop developing before they reach their full potential.
The droop may cover the eye slightly or entirely, blocking the visual field.Due to its hereditary properties, a child may be born with ptosis. Acute bacterial conjunctivitis is an infection of the eye in which one or both eyes become red with associated discomfort. People with acute conjunctivitis are often given antibiotics, usually in the form of eye drops or ointment, to speed recovery. Castrol oil, honey and Colloidal silver are used as the natural eye drops to cure pink eyes.
Experts suggest that aroma oil is very effective in fighting the infection caused in the eye.Use aroma oil in the form of drops twice or thrice daily to cure conjunctivitis or pink eye.
In this condition the blood vessels of the sclera, or the white part, swell and turn red giving the pink coloration of the eye and hence the name ‘Pink eye’. Causes of Conjunctivitis Each of the different types of conjunctivitis has their own sets of causes but basically the cause is reaction to different types of irritants, allergens and germs. Bacteria There are several types of conjunctivitis that are caused by bacterial infections and there are several types of bacteria that can cause the condition. Deposits from Contact Lenses and Prosthetic This is the cause behind giant papillary conjunctivitis. Eye Drops Some people may be allergic to some types of eye drops and show the conditions of conjunctivitis. Sexually Transmitted diseases This is sometimes the cause behind some forms of neonatal conjunctivitis. Other Causes There are several other causes like irritants, allergies to contact lenses, etc.
Symptoms of Conjunctivitis Though there are some common symptoms of conjunctivitis, other symptoms may vary according to the type of conjunctivitis that a person has. Common Symptoms of Conjunctivitis Some symptoms may be noticed in all the forms of conjunctivitis irrespective of what has caused them. Red Eye This is the commonest of all symptoms and is caused by the swelling and reddening of the blood vessels in the white portion of the eye ball. Irritation and Itchiness This is the other symptom that is common to all forms of conjunctivitis.
Type Specific Symptoms The different types of conjunctivitis can show their own individual characteristic symptoms apart from the common ones.
2. Herpes Simplex conjunctivitis –burning sensation and pain of severe nature, development of blisters on the eyelid and conjunctiva.
3. Bacterial conjunctivitis – watery eyes, green and yellow discharge, swelling of the eye. 5. Vernal conjunctivitis – burning sensation in the eye, irritability to bright light (photo-phobia), bumps underneath the eyelid, swelling and roughness of the cornea. 7. Epidemic Keratoconjunctivitis – photo-phobia and swollen lymph nodes, blurring of vision.
Treatment of Conjunctivitis Treatment of conjunctivitis depends generally on the type of conjunctivitis a patient is suffering from. Treatment for Viral Conjunctivitis The treatment for this condition is generally aimed at soothing the irritation as no medication can actually act against the virus. Treatment for Bacterial Conjunctivitis This is a form of conjunctivitis where antibiotics work. Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis Apart from using soothing eye drops for getting relief from irritation and itchiness, the removal of allergens is also necessary for treatment of this condition. Other Treatments In the other types of conjunctivitis the treatments may rage from warm compress to remove the discharges and the residue of these discharges to application of mild steroids in severe cases of conjunctivitis. 1. Exposure to allergens, especially those which are air borne should be avoided by people who are generally allergic to various substances.
2.  Infected people suffering from bacterial or viral form of the condition should be extra careful not to spread the disease. Conjunctivitis  frequently troubles children, but adults can also be afflicted and it is very contagious. If viral in nature, no antibiotic will touch it and it will secrete clear and watery tears, while discharges that are thick, yellow or greenish are usually bacterial.  Even without treatment most of these infections resolve within 10 days or so. When choosing a homeopathic remedy for conjunctivitis, give a dose three to four times in a 12 hour day for as long as three days. The first homeopathic remedy to consider is Belladonna 30C.  The need for this remedy is determined by the intense redness of the conjunctiva (membrane of the front of the eye and the inner eye lids) including bloodshot appearance to the whites.
Conjunctivitis might also be accompanied by a fever or it may not.  Use Belladonna 30C, when the eye infection comes on quickly, is associated with a high fever (above 105),  and use it as soon as possible. But remember that the outstanding characteristic for the use of Belldonna is its intensity. That is, concentrated heat, intense pain or vibrant redness.  If the case is a mild version, don’t consider this remedy. The use of this remedy is most valuable when there is a large quantity of clear flowing watery tears that burn the eye and the surrounding skin. There are other remedies to consider but I love to make this blog easy for you to use and pass on to others, so I’ll cut straight to the quick. Should this subject be of interest to you, go to  Good Gut Bad Gut – A Homeopathic Strategy to Uproot Seemingly Unrelated Illnesses in Body and Mind and learn how to reverse gut related illness.
We've provided links for your convenience but we do not receive any remuneration nor affiliation in payment from your purchase. Joette is not a physician and the relationship between Joette and her clients is not of prescriber and patient, but as educator and client.
I am ready to join your community, I am not professional homoeopath, I am professionally a teacher working in department of education Jammu and Kashmir government (India). Thanks, I’m very excited to have something for my daughters reoccurring eye infections! If so, would it still need to be diluted even though it doesn’t have alcohol before putting it directly in the eyes?
I appreciate if you guide me further with your suggestion on Hepar Sulf 30 x and Euphrasia tincture.
I thank you beforehand for your help iis urgent and really dont want more antibiotics for my baby and i want her little eyes to cure.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you can provide me through this blog, i would certainly book an appointment if I could afford it, you are great and follow your advice for everything that has come my way the last couple of years and it has always worked, this is why i am never hesitant to read your information and follow close.
The most frequent cause of conjunctivitis is bacteria which spread easily from hand kerchief, towel, tissues, wet hands, etc.
Just like the childa€™s brain learns to use legs to walk,  it has to learn how to use eyes to see. This prevents proper drainage, resulting in the eyes overflowing with tears and collecting mucus. Treatment involves making the child use the weaker eye most of the time to make it stronger. This may obstruct the natural development of the childa€™s visual capability and result in lazy eye. Both the bacteria and viral conjunctivitis are very contagious and can spread very quickly.
At this certain head angle, their eye movement is slowed down thus stabilizing the image for better vision.In people with nystagmus, the areas of the brain that control eye movements do not function normally. However,the benefits of antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial conjunctivitis have been questioned. How Do You Get Pink Eye ?Conjunctivitis, which is also commonly referred as ‘pink eye’, is a viral or bacterial infection of the eye which makes the eye go extremely red and stays like that for several days. The castrol oil have a very good cooling property thus when applied as the eye drops is a very good remedy for pink eye. Place the tea bags in the eyes for 10 to 15 minutes.The Bioflavonoids present in the tea is good for pink eye treatment. This is a natural home remedy for pink eye problems.I request you try out these simple home remedies to relieve fro conjunctivitis or pink eye problems.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Medically speaking, conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the conjunctiva or the transparent membrane that covers the white part of our eyeball. There are several types of conjunctivitis where some of them are common while some of the types are not that common. Even viral diseases like common cold and respiratory infections can lead to conjunctivitis. This condition is painful than most of the other forms and is caused particularly by the herpes simplex type 1 and type 2 virus. There are several types of materials in the air and allergic reaction varies from person to person.
The deposits formed on the surface of the soft contact lenses may react with the conjunctiva to cause irritation and allergy.
Most of the times, the cause of such problems are the preservatives used in the eye drops and overuse of such drops.
Usually the mothers suffering from gonorrhea and Chlamydia are the ones who run the risk of infecting their new born with such forms of conjunctivitis. The person suffering from even the mildest and most harmless types of conjunctivitis will get this.
Allergic conjunctivitis – swelling of the eye, heavy watery discharge and itchiness in both eyes from the beginning.
Giant papillary conjunctivitis – very large amount of discharge, red bumps appear on the underside of eyelids, irritability in wearing contact lenses. Though  several over-the-counter medicines are available, it is better to consult the doctor for evaluation of the severity and prescription of appropriate drugs.
In some serious types anti-histamines may be prescribed and in most of the cases these are in the form of eye drops. Yet conjunctivitis is rarely serious.  If infections spreads beyond the conjunctiva there is concern for deeper pathology yet this is an uncommon occurrence. This mixture is then dropped by an eyedropper directly into the eye.  If this is not possible, a clean cloth dipped in the solution can be gently placed and squeezed into it. It will not only abort the present condition, but support the system so that the likelihood of it returning will be lessened.  If it in fact it does return, it will be of a lesser severity. As in most homeopathic settings, as soon as there is completion of the illness (it no longer exists) stop administering the remedy. External environments affect the comfort of the eye, such as too much light, and even loud noises.
It is made from the herb eyebright discussed above, but is potentized in the homeopathic method, hence it is more powerful (yet gentle) than the herb in its crude form. This may in time develop to a greenish or white discharge and be accompanied by the sensation of having a foreign object such as sand embedded in the eye. 30X,  every 3 hours until improvement, while also dropping Euphrasia tincture (diluted or course 1:25) directly into the eye. Weston A Price’s values and teachings, but  my message is slightly different.  It’s that diet is not enough.
Natasha Campbell McBride, founder of the GAPS diet, when I say that once a gut has been made chronically ill, diet needs to be adjusted, but then homeopathy ought to be employed to finish the job. It is fully the client's choice whether or not to take advantage of the information Joette presents. Love using homeopathy above all esle, have treated conjunctivitis (lots of yellow sticky stuff) with Merc Sol previously, which worked a treat too. I am professionally a teacher working in education department of Jammu and Kashmir government (India). I practice homoeopathy on charity giving free medicines to my friends collegues, and poor people as it is great social work to save the society from toxin effects of allopathic medicines.would you come Kashmir valley to practice homoeopathy here I shall provide you lodging facility.
But if you read each remedy picture thoroughly, you’ll likely come up with the answer. Humid cities which are near bay areas are more likely to be effected with conjunctivitis and infective period lasts longer, more which also accounts for the monsoon period. Some vision disorders when left untreated create complications which may affect the childa€™s vision permanently. The longer a vision problem goes undiagnosed and untreated, the more a child's brain learns to accommodate the vision problem. But if massage is unsuccessful, a tear-duct probe or more-involved surgery may be required.
Using of eye patch, eye drops or special glasses to block or blur the vision in the stronger eye are some of the common methods available.
Most individuals with nystagmus are often born with it, but it may be acquired in later life due to certain medications, brain tumors, multiple sclerosis and trauma.When children with nystagmus get older, their view of world usually dona€™t become shaky anymore. A review of randomised clinical trials comparing antibiotic eye drops to placebo concluded that antibiotics can speed up the resolution. Colloidal silver is available in the form of a spray and can be applied in the eyes for two times a day and you will get a good relief from pink eyes within six hours.Honey can also be used as eye drops to get rid of bacterial infections.

The tannic acid composed in green tea and black tea highly reduces the irritation caused by the pink eye infection. If the irritation persists for more than three days it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor. Forms of adenovirus can cause a form known as epidemic kerato conjunctivitis which is a highly contagious form of the condition and get easily transmitted from person to person. While type 1 affects the adults, the type 2 virus usually is a cause in herpes simplex conjunctivitis in infants. So they may react to pollens, dust, perfumes, airborne chemicals, aerosol or even detergent. Generally, such irritation is also accompanied by excess production of tears which is a natural reaction of the body against irritation. Whatever you call it, it means the same thing:  inflammation of the conjunctiva, due to either a bacterial or viral  infection, or due to allergens or irritants. This is the kind of health we’re looking for….robust, resilient, independent of the props of conventional drugs. Eruptions may appear around the eyes and on the lids such as pimples, whiteheads and scales.
Particularly when damage has been already done via antibiotics, steroids and other drugs, some are left with a frustrating, never ending cycle of trying to figure out what needs to be eaten (and not eaten).
Homeopathy doesn't "treat" an illness; it addresses the entire person as a matter of wholeness that is an educational process, not a medical one.
Fortunately when the weather dries up the virus also dies.  No vaccines are available at present as the virus tends to mutate thus making resistance to the organism difficult. However, the benefits are less clear when the results of trials conducted exclusively in community GP practices are considered, since these patients tend to have a less severe form of conjunctivitis than would be expected in hospital practice. This infection mainly affects the area between the outer membrane of the eyes and the inner layer of the eyelids.Sometimes there may be a swelling in the eyelids. You can also add boric acid to warm water and allow it to cool and apply it twice or thrice daily. Seasonal or vernal conjunctivitis is also caused by such allergens, however, in these cases the causes are generally related to allergens that can be found seasonally and in most cases it is the pollen of  flowers that bloom during the spring and summer months.
In order to be treated or diagnosed, Joette believes that the advice of a holistic physician is in order.
My last doctors visit a year ago the doc said it was due to dry eye and to go buy some OTC eye drops. The swelling gradually got worse over the past few days, and finally looks pink in the eye today). Antibiotics like Gatifloxicin and Mixifloxicin can be used effectively for bacterial conjunctivitis.
The conjunctiva also contains blood vessels which become inflamed due to the reaction of a virus or even because of an allergic reaction.
The eye turns red in color and hence the name pink eye.There will be a large amount of discharge of water from the eyes. Baking soda can also be added with water and used as a cleaning solution.Do not rub your eyes with the hands as hands are the good conductors of germs.
Peculiarly, these seasonal allergens have been found to affect the males more than the females. The second time was this summer, when my eye probably got irritated because I kept rubbing it and then slept in air conditioning. There are fewer treatments available for individuals born with nystagmus, but sometimes eyeglasses or contact lenses may help.
This inflammation of blood vessels makes the eye turn red and sore and causes the disease called conjunctivitis. If the discharge is thick then the eye infection is caused by bacteria on the other hand if the discharge is watery then the eye infection is caused by virus.There may be an unbearable irritation in the eye followed by the pain in the eye.
Its capable of easily transmittable from one person to another when the infected person comes in contact with you.There are many effective home remedies for Conjunctivitis.
People who are allergic to dust or pollen are at a especially high risk of contracting conjunctivitis since even slightest particle of dust entering the eye can cause an abnormal reaction with the conjunctiva.
The eyes may get bloodshot or red due to other factors too like lack of sleep and stress but the pink eye caused by conjunctivitis remains reddish pink for days on end.
If however, the conjunctivitis has started to affect the cornea of if it does not respond to treatment, then the doctor may order a laboratory test of the secretions of the eye.
However, to determine whether it is a viral, bacterial or allergic infection, some tests may have to be done.
If the eye is secreting a yellow-green fluid, it indicates that it might be a bacterial infection and a culture test of that secretion will have to be done to identify the bacteria. If the conjunctivitis is caused due to an allergy, a patch test will be done to determine the allergen which caused the conjunctivitis. It may take up to 7-10 days during which the eye can be very painful and itchy but it is not recurring in nature. Also, to prevent others from being infected from your virus, make sure you wash your hands as often as possible and avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers.
It is the quickest to heal too.Bacterial – The characteristics of a bacterial conjunctivitis is that there is a discharge of yellow or greenish-yellow fluid from the eye which can cause eyelashes to stick together. The eye also gets swollen in this type of infection.Allergic – Some people may get a pink eye due to allergy from dust, pollen, certain kinds of shampoos, perfumes etc. However, bacterial infection is usually more intense and things can get messy if it spreads to the cornea of the eye.
The above stated home remedies are enough to take care of the pink eye even without visiting the doctor. For severe cases some topical antibiotics may be prescribed if it is a bacterial infection. For viral and allergic reactions, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory medications may be given as the doctor sees fit to speed up the healing process. To prevent it, a few drops of erythromycin are immediately put in the baby’s eyes so that he or she does not contract the conjunctivitis virus immediately after birth. If infection does occur, it should be treated immediately through oral as well as intravenous antibiotics as if it spreads to the cornea of the baby’s eye, it may even cause blindness. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Accept Read MorePrivacy & Cookies Policy Share this Article Friend's Email Address Your Name Your Email Address Comments Send Email Email sent!

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