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First up, let’s sort out what one can use natural oils for and why they are so useful for our skin.
Well, we’ve clarified that natural oils are no doubt useful, now let’s consider some certain natural oil kinds, in order to use them properly. Olive oil has been used for many centuries and kept its popularity among beauties all over the world.
Well, to conclude I’d like to say that of course it isn’t a full list of natural oils that can be used as wonderful homemade skin care remedies, enumeration can go on interminably… I’ve selected the most widespread, hope it will help to diversify your skin care routine with that will surely give you pleasure and make your skin fresh and healthy!
Before moisturizing, it is important to gently cleanse dry and wrinkled skin and to remove dead skin cells to maximize your skin's ability to receive moisture.
If you notice your skin appears dull or flaky, exfoliate with the following homemade remedy: 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp finely-ground almonds, 2 tbsp dry oatmeal, and some lemon juice (or yogurt). Use a moisture mask after cleansing and hydrating to add intense moisture back into the skin.
Peeling with fruit acids (deep cleansing of dead cells) and the use of scrubs - mechanical peeling (for cleaning the surface of skin from dead cells) is usually the first step in the process of a deep skin cleaning. In addition to regenerating and moisturizing effect of aloe, oil will nourish and enrich the skin with vitamin E and turmeric will reduce inflammation, kill all harmful bacteria and will help the skin to recover. Copying or any other use the materials of this source are allowed provided an inclusion active indexed links to a page of the original publication.
Natural oils are very nourishing and can be used as an independent skin care remedy as well as can be added into your favorite shampoo or cream. Olive oil contains vitamin E and retinol, due to which this natural oil prolongs skin elasticity (vitamin E) and moisturizes it (vitamin A).

Meanwhile wine-stone oil is almost only remedy among natural oils that perfectly suits oily and problem-prone skin – it doesn’t make oily sheen, but it narrows pores and matte skin. And not without reason as almond oil is a great source of vitamin E, due to which almond oil is a very powerful anti-wrinkle skin care remedy. It is one of the best homemade skin care remedy that enhances complexion as well as it can be perfect remedy for delicate skin of eyelids and lips. When the body does not produce enough oil to keep skin hydrated, the skin may appear dry, dull, or flaky.
Add moisture to your skin, even while cleansing, so you don't strip your skin of natural oils, causing even more dryness. I want to dedicate my post to the subject of a skin care, and to share with you a recipe a Moisturizing face mask - homemade remedy after face skin peeling. Wait until the mask dries - this means that all of the moisture from the aloe and oil soaked into the skin. But unfortunately nowadays almost all cosmetics giants feel it their duty to add more and more chemicals in the beauty aids. The substances contained in oils or more exactly their combination helps to nourish skin, stimulate skin cell renewal, moisturize and cleanse it; also some natural oils can serve as a sensitive natural makeup remover.
Besides olive oil is hypoallergic, that’s why it is a perfect option for sensitive skin, moreover it doesn’t bridge the pores. This natural oil is a perfect skin care remedy as it makes skin elastic, toned up and fresh. Besides it greatly moisturizes skin and regulates its oiliness and protects from harmful UV-rays.

For face skin it is better to use refined coconut oil, it protects, abirritates, softens, nourishes and moisturizes skin. Very often, many girls simply don't know what products and in what order it is better to use and what to use after peeling the skin.
After peeling, is normal to use cosmetic products with a deep moisturizing factor that can also regenerate the skin (a scrub can create microdamages) - masks for recovery and hydration, and then the cream - moisturizing or nourishing, depending on skin type. But you know there are lots of natural remedies that can help to keep youth and elasticity of your skin and another advantage is that most of them are very easy to DIY at home.
Also coconut oil can be used before sun-bathing in order to get perfect golden tan as well as after it to moisturize and abirritate your skin.
With some easy-to-create homemade remedies, you can control your dry skin and wrinkled skin. And today I’d like to share with you how one can use natural oils as one of the most essential and easy-to-do homemade skin care remedies. Also, exfoliate when needed; if you find it irritates your skin, cut back on the frequency of exfoliation.
The Mayo Clinic explains that oil is better than other moisturizers because it keeps water from evaporating from the surface of your skin. For a homemade remedy for a leave-on moisturizer, pick a natural oil such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil; begin with a dime-sized amount, rub into skin, and add more if necessary.

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