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Over the counter eye drops can be incredibly helpful for allergy sufferers, as normal over the counter allergy medicines such as Claritin won’t do much in terms of preventing severe spring eye allergies. Similasan Irritated Eye Relief is an all natural, over the counter way to soothe eye symptoms related to conjunctivitis. Opcon-A Eye Allergy Relief Drops by Bausch and Lomb are former prescription strength eye drops made exclusively for treating allergy-related pink eye. Allergan Refresh Redness Relief is a popular remedy for standard red eye symptoms resulting from dry eye, contact lens wear, or environmental irritants.
As with all medical conditions, be sure to review your treatment options with your physician before making any important decisions.
Ordering eye drops is as easy as navigating to our eye drop page, where we have a broad selection of all the major name brand eye relief drops at discounted prices.
Most people assume that pink eye is just the bacterial or viral eye infection that is common among children.
Pink eye relief drops that can be bought over the counter can relieve irritation, moisturize the eyes, and cool redness not only for allergy-related pink eye, but also for viral, bacterial, and other environmental causes.
Opcon-A drops not only relieve redness and irritation, but also have a built-in antihistamine that blocks allergens from causing further irritation.

Refresh redness relief also is effective at relieving symptoms of conjunctivitis, and alleviating overall irritation. Red eye relief drops aren’t intended to cure Pink Eye, but rather to relieve the irritating symptoms associated with it. The reality however, is that Pink Eye (better known as Conjunctivitis) is simply a term that describes irritated eye symptoms caused by the inflammation of the outer eye, and not necessarily the underlying cause of said irritation.
While some severe cases of bacterial conjunctivitis require antibiotics, most forms of Pink Eye will naturally go away, and eye drops have even been shown to help speed up the recovery process.
All our customers who have reviewed this product gave it an instant 5 star rating, making us big time believers in it.
Since allergy related pink eye can often last for weeks at a time, Opcon-A is a great choice since it treats the symptoms as well as the cause of allergy related pink eye.
The best benefit of Refresh Redness Relief is that it’s versatile enough to treat almost any form of eye irritation.
I feel more and mor individuals are starting to wake up and understand that the medical establishment does not have our best interests at heart, and they must take responsibility for their own overall health, since no one else is going to. While Pink Eye has many causes, pink eye relief eye drops can relieve itchiness and irritation regardless of what the underlying symptoms are.

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