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If you pay your bounty, you will be immediately transported outside the nearest town jail, and all stolen items in your possession will be seized.
If your speech is 75 or higher, this option will always be present (given that the guard has not been persuaded already).
You are able to keep one lockpick in your jail cell, which can be used to try to escape from prison.
To serve your sentence, simply sleep in the bed in your cell, and you'll sleep through your entire sentence.
If the guards don't give you a chance to submit and go to jail or pay your bounty make sure that you sheath your weapon. Using a strong enough Calm spell will stop the guards from attacking, though speaking to them results in an arrest attempt. If you forget to drop your gear, Complete the Dragon event at West Tower and then go to the dungeon.
When you got bounty what you can do is either pay your bounty or, if you don't want to do that, let them take you to prison.
If they stop trying to kill you, you can opt to spend time in jail and then either break out, or serve your time. Alternately, if you're a member of the Thieves Guild, and they are established in a city, you can pay off the guards for half the bounty.
2) When the guards come running at you, get near them and keep hitting R to sheath and unsheath your magic. If playing on the PC, a fast way to get rid of your bounty is by opening the console and then targeting the pursuing guards (click on a guard).
That should put you just outside the nearest jail of the hold you're in, with no more bounty on you while still keeping your stolen items. 4 take some time off that city, since every city keep their criminal record of you differently.
Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged skyrim or ask your own question. If the gaurds don't give you a chance to submit and go to jail or pay your bounty make sure that you sheath your weapon. Would an encryption scheme that generates an extra key to be securely stored offsite be a safe backdoor?

Is the sequence of random numbers generated by rand, in C, guaranteed to always be the same, for the same seed?
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Thieves Guild members have an additional option to pay a much lower fine, if they so choose. The amount of gold required to bribe a guard is usually much larger than the bounty for small crimes, but less than one for murder and doing so will raise the Speech skill, immediately clear your bounty and avoid having items confiscated. You can attempt to persuade the guard that you are not worth the effort of dealing with, due to your low bounty, and should be allowed to go free.
If you wish to persuade the guard again, wait 2 days and the option will be available again.
Escaping from jail can be much easier than in Oblivion with an option to pick the door or a loose grate on the floor which is much easier.

Depending upon the length of your sentence, your progress towards one or more skill advancements will be reset to zero. Another method is to punch an innocent person, keep your fists raised and then try to yield again.
On PS3 v1.8 you can drop your stolen goods and all your gold in any outside container nearby.
Prison isn't such a terrible idea: you can escape all prisons (except Cidnah Prison Mine), and you don't have to pay the bounty. The action of sheathing while being attacked is what does it, so you have to spam it a bit so they realize.
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