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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. But there are tons of life hacks out there, and weeding through them for the good ones can be really difficult. Get Rid Of Your Underwear At Nightsouverianwerewe: Sleep without your underwear, I wear my husband's boxers to bed. Source Make Your Face Less Greasy With Baby Powderrubiks: If you have a greasy face - baby powder! Source: ShutterStock Use Baby Powder To Make Lashes Longeram-i-rite-ladies: If you put mascara on, then rub a q-tip with some powder on your lashes, it actually spreads them out and makes them look fuller! When your lips are super chapped, slather on some petroleum jelly instead of buying a fancy lip balm. Use Coconut Oil For Everythingwineandcatlady: Coconut oil as my moisturizer and makeup remover.

We have found out that certain beauty products can be used for so many more things than you’d think, there are actually millions of ways to keep our hair looking awesome, and coconut oil is basically the best thing ever created.
If you feel uncomfortable going commando at night, wear loose boxers that will let more air come through.
These are so small and easy to carry around, so put a little of whatever you use the most in there so that you're always prepared. They work even better when your hair is still wet, so if you're in a hurry, you're in luck. They could not be easier to do, they look chic, they keep your hair out of your face, and they're fast. I live in Australia and need to wear sunscreen everyday, except every single sunscreen seems to make my face oily and gross.
I haven't bought any in years and I think it does a much better job at separating lashes once mascara is applied!

The disposable toliet seat covers in public bathrooms are made of the same kind of paper as oil blotting tissues. I love the last one - whenever I make a point to brush my hair before a shower, it is always less tangled afterwards.
So if you don’t reapply regularly, your lips will be more dried out than they started.
Brush or comb long hair thoroughly before a shower, so less hair ends up stopping up the drain. It's easy to dress up with clips or pins - I can use even the heaviest pins with my baby-fine hair done like this.

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