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Well there are things you can do to get rid of your stomach pouch, but this is going to be a different article because you probably have a warped sense of perception. Observation 1 – For the most part, your diet is pretty good if you have only a little stomach pouch to get rid of.
This is not necessarily bad, but it makes it really hard to get that toned, firmer look this most women are going after. So to fix this, you will want to start making resistance training the focus of your workouts. The key here is building your lean muscle mass which will help those feminine muscle lines come out more. If you want to find really good resistance training routines to do on a weekly basis then you need to go join Fit Women’s Weekly. Step 1 – Just take a quick look at your diet to see if there is anything there you can clean up. Bloating, belching intestinal gas: avoid , Bloating, belching gas build stomach intestines lead bloating.
In any well run business, entrepreneurs often look for the obstacles that are holding them back. Insulin and leptin are vitally important hormones for losing belly fat which we will cover in another post.
In many cases with my fat loss coaching customers, the root of adrenal burnout or fatigue is often stress, which tends to reduce our sleep quality.
One typical sign of adrenal burnout is feeling chronically fatigued even after sleeping 7 to 8 hours without an alarm.
In many cases, well meaning overworked doctors will just prescribe a pill that fits the symptoms. Bruce Rind, MD, is a holistic endocrinologist who knows a lot about reversing thyroid and adrenal problems. Because thyroid problems often end are linked with insulin resistance problems.  Development of insulin resistance is a HUGE problem as this has a direct effect on how long you live + your quality of life.
Most people tend to see an endocrinologist first,  who would evaluate your adrenal glands, or perhaps a doctor of internal medicine. Those are problems that are not going to send people to the hospital, but are more of disrupting your day-to-day life. According to Dr Kalish The adrenal protocol calls for carefully replacing just a small portion of the exact level of the missing adrenal hormones including DHEA and the precursor to cortisol called pregnenolone, which instigates your body to begin producing it more naturally.
But back to the topic of helping you stay motivated to lose body fat, we are going to focus on the getting your mental game. Rid of Stomach Fat motivational coaching offers men & women motivation to lose weight with a science based coaching programs to lose fat, gain healthly vitality and enjoy life more.
But you have to know what to do, when to do it, some accountability, some social support, some variety, some rewards,  the right attitude and expectations. Our rid of stomach fat motivation program includes e-books, motivational coaching by skype, weight loss coaches, fitness coaching and even intense private fat loss fitness lifestyle coaching vacations in sunny Spain. Meanwhile our weight loss industry, diet food companies and Big Pharma have seen their profits hit all time records.

The show includes an estimated 75 million American dieters who continue hoping for the elusive diet secret. Sadly It reminds me of victims who pay the weight loss diet bills and only to see their dreams crushed on the creaky weight loss diet roller coaster.
This leads to sad situations, that we all have seen in America, of overfed friends, nieghbors or family who are suffering with chronic health problems and on multiple medications  ( high blood pressure, erectile disfunction, diabetes, ADD, or depression) yet still eat junk food daily while avoiding physical activity.
Worst than that is among our American kids are getting fatter faster and younger than ever before with 3 times more childhood obesity than in 1980.  This is linked to the rise in diabetes, and the loss of mojo for many including fertility problems, depression and more.
This might mean to finally starting to down a new lifestyle path as get rid of stomach fat that is hanging around the waste line, gain more energy and more confidence and enjoy a better life. Sure there are some things you can still get cleaned up, but unless you know there is a glaring issue, I think you’re doing good. That will shape your stomach and give you a much great chance of getting rid of that stomach pouch. Also make sure you subscribe to my blog and I’ll give you my quick start guide as well. This is actually quite a complex process because did you know that if you lose weight too fast, you will increase the risk of this happening? You have to fully understand your body and what is going on and what you can realistically do to shape it up.
The stomach is fragile and easily upset and cramps are just one way your body has of telling you that something has gone wrong in your digestive tract.
Hormonal health is a key obstacle of successful fat loss, overall health and feeling great. Today lets talk more about the growing problem with adrenal fatigue and what you can do to overcome or prevent it. With coffee shops like Starbucks so common and that the average American now  takes in a whopping 180 lbs per year of refined sugars is surely evidence enough. This is a big name for a group of risk factors which can lead to Type 2 diabetes, strokes and heart disease.
Daniel Kalish, approximately 95 percent of his patients report a major emotional stress around the time their health began to falter. It’s a clinically validated method that’s been used for a long time, yet most old school physicians are still not aware of it as the big money AMA seems to favor the folks at big money Big Pharma.
Unfortunately, many of the MDs tend to primarily test for specific very rare diseases like Addison’s disease or Cushing’s disease.
It means that we’re not worried about the disease processes as an endocrinologist would be, but we’re really looking at functional problems.
For starters, the rid of stomach fat motivation coaching style is different as we are not here to sell you a bunch of supplements, or a gym membership or even a magic bullet exercise gadget like those on the late night infomercials.
Then your nutrition and your exercise program in a new, simpler and surprising fat loss lifestyle. Because the truth is it is all about your personal daily choices which become your lifestyle. The human result are far from glorious: the American weight loss industry has a 90% failure rate according to the few studies that looked at result 1 year after the programs.

From the outside, for some people it can seem that dieting has become almost a hobby or a way of life.  In fact most dieters in America start 4 weight loss diets per year, according to Marketdata Inc. This leads to despair and finally many just throw in the towel and accept a mediocre unhealthy life as if it is the normal natural thing to do. You or your loved one probably feels frustrated and fed up with the status quo of our American obesity epidemic but more so with how it affects you personally. If you’re like most women you probably stand sideways looking into the mirror holding your stomach in trying to make it perfectly flat, only to let it go and see that little bulge.
Add to this reason 1 and you might just be stuck with some pouch unless you do a tummy tuck. Sometimes they can be caused by a slowing of the digestion process, but other times stomach cramps can be caused by eating too much or having gas, or even from the menstrual cycle. This is why it is vital to learn to manage our hormones with the right foods at the right time and the right amount of the right exercise. A far better approach requires time  to understand the unique situation each person is facing.
Yes you know those with the genetically gifted sexy models who actually have never used the gadget before the commercial.
But the industry players can laugh all the way to the bank as their profits and their markets continue to ramp up with each pound of weight that is lost as it will likely soon be regained. We are creating a health care nightmare near  2 out of 3  American adults now over-fat or even obese? This is why we think you deserve a better way to lose fat, gain vitality, get sexy & enjoy the life you were meant to live. If you suffer from infrequent, temporary stomach cramps then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about, just wait for them to pass. But lets make no mistake about it, we are talking a new healthy active lifestyle to help you lose fat, gain healthy vitality and a rewarding funner lifestyle. Then Yo Yo diets get recycled and re-branded with new celebrities and new flavors and the show goes on. We will be using health science and anti-aging wellness strategies, expert interviews, videos, books and coaching to try an help 1000 motivated people lose at least 10% of their body fat while gaining more vitality and happiness to live life more fully.
If you find yourself suffering frequently from stomach pain that last for long periods of time you may want to consider a consultation with a doctor just to rule out serious problems like appendicitis. So please read on to learn more about this vitalty-sapping problem or contact us for personalized adrenal fatigue fat loss coaching. This means better choices including managing stress, exercise and sleep plus personalized nutrition plan. The idea that you need fancy gear is sadly a marketing ploy, I promise you can get results and drop the weight to achieve your goals!

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