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To get rid of this virus from your phone you need to delete it from your contacts and also clear your Whatsapp database. I wonder how long shall it take for the attacker to name it from Priyanka to Aishwarya, Deepika or even Nicole. Forum Android OS Discussion & Help Android 5.0 Lollipop How can I get rid of Google services pop up ads!? CaiteH91 Posts 1 Posts How can I get rid of Google services pop up ads!?
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Reply Forum Android OS Discussion & Help Android 5.0 Lollipop How can I get rid of Google services pop up ads!? Last Post: 02-21-2015, 07:18 PM After updating my S4 to Lollipop it erased all my internal data storage, how can I recover it? Two uninstalls later and some judicious hacking of Samsung’s settings, the Galaxy device was running far more sweetly. Apple, it seems, knew (badly behaved) multitasking would be a problem when it gave its initially rather functionally-limited iPhone the availability of third party applications in 2008.
Microsoft, then, had to decide which way to go when designing Windows Phone (7) in 2009, a year later (eventually launching with the first devices and big reveal in 2010). The latter seemed the way to go and, in light of the examples above, I think Microsoft was right.

Meanwhile, the average Windows Phone owner, at least, just gets on with enjoying a fast interface and applications that are incapable of bringing the whole OS down with them or taking over the hardware.
Add in, as on iOS, the quite deliberate non-existence of resource heavy runtimes like Flash, Java and Adobe Air, and the possibilities for non-tech-savvy users (the aforementioned normobs, possibly 99% of people these days) to get themselves into trouble are drastically reduced. All About Windows Phone provides an independent source of news, reviews, apps and more to the Windows Phone ecosystem.
It was sent to me without his notice so we could presume that once it gets on your phone it automatically forwards itself to all your Whatsapp contacts without your permission. But anyway, after installing the update I tried to save the Priyanka contact file again and it failed to make any mess.
If yes, that app by default uses the full screen ad, you do have a choice to switch to banner ad instead though. I used to bring along a Symbian or Android-powered smartphone when I visited, loaded with games and sketching apps, all stuff sub-seven year boys and girls would enjoy. Should it go after the traditional professional, tech-savvy Windows Mobile market with another fully multitasking OS and side-loaded applications as easy as tapping on a web page download, or should it chase the mass market that Apple was starting to do so well in, where applications were strictly controlled, both in terms of discovery and execution on devices?
Yes, Android is now even more dominant than Symbian was in its day, but that's mainly about availability, pricing and marketing. An intelligent mobile operating system manages multitasking for these people so that you (as their tech support) don't have to. Windows Mobile had itself a niche, and Blackberry was still growing into an accepted smartphone platform.

Press the home button on an iPhone and the application effectively stops dead - not necessarily such a disaster as you might think because well written applications save their exact state when terminated (the OS gives them a short time window in which to do this). No doubt every Android user reading this (and I include myself in that number, since I have an Android device on the go all the time) will protest that their device is fast and efficient.
And all three allowed third party applications to multitask, to do what they liked in the background. Add in a few less than perfectly-behaved games into these full multitasking environments and you can see how things would deteriorate quickly. Clogged with always-running utilities that seemed like a good idea at the time, poorly written games that weren’t closed properly, home screens so clogged with widgets that they pan at the speed of treacle, devices that devour data and battery life far faster than they ought to.
But now go check Auntie Alice's six month old Galaxy S4 or mum Margaret's two year old HTC Sensation or your work friend Bob's Huawei G300 - and ask them how fast it's running and if they've had any problems.
Yet today, iOS and Windows Phone present a different and - much as it pains me to admit it - a better model for the 99% of humanity that has no interest in learning about RAM, GHz and background task management. If you do so, resign yourself to a coffee break's tech support with them, getting things updated and optimised again.

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