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Acne scars is an ordinary skin disease, which occurs on several areas in your body and it can arise at any age. The word acne arrives from a word “acme”, which means “the highest point” that arrives from Greek word akme meaning “spot” or “point”.
Whereas rolling, boxcar and ice-pick acne scars are caused from loss in collagen, hypertrophic are caused through the skin producing excessively collagen to cure an acne wound. It occurs as soon as the scar tissue shaped extensively, it can turn into large tubercle of dense, tough scar tissue which is commonly well-known as keloidal or Keloid scar. I did a post not too long ago about how to wear a bold lip but that was more about confidence and self esteem rather than any practical tips so I thought I'd do a post that actually contained some useable tips. I've been wearing a full face of makeup daily since I turned 18 because I got the chicken pox which left my face scarred. I love blogging but there is nothing worse than having an assessment due and realising that you have a blog that you can use to procrastinate.
With Halloween just a few days away I know that alot of you are deciding what costume to wear or are trying to figure out what makeup to pair with your costumes.
This is probably the last halloween type post I'm going to do unless I'm over come with some serious inspiration in the next few days!
For those of you who read my first post on this look, you'll remember that I wasn't very impressed with how my attempt came out and I really wanted to try it again using a more opaque base. Quite of few of my most recent posts have been more dramatic and what I classify as costume makeup and I still have a few more to post in the lead up to halloween.
Throughout your life, hormones will play a very important role in determining the ups and downs of your skin.
There is not enough evidence to suggest that acne and diet are related, but some people find that certain foods make their acne worse.
Stress triggers the adrenal glands to release the hormone Cortisol, which increases the secretion of sebum. Although more common in teenagers than any other age group, acne can occur at any time in life. A regular purifying and cleansing routine will help remove excess sebum on the skin’s surface, a breeding ground for bacteria. The importance of cleansing to create and maintain healthy, clear; youthful and smooth skin cannot be over-emphasized. Cleansing should be a gentle as well as a thorough process, otherwise dryness or damage to delicate areas of skin can result. The use of a cleansing cream is one of the most effective techniques for removing make-up and any dirt and grime that is trapped in the sebum on your skin.
To increase the efficiency of a cleanser, apply a face cloth soaked with warm water to the skin and allow it to sit there for a minute or so before cleansing.This will open the pores and soften the skin, thus enabling the cleanser to penetrate the skin and remove dirt more effectively. Once the make-up and grime are off your skin, you can take the opportunity to massage your face to increase the blood flow to the skin and soften it in preparation for other treatments. Exfoliating (removing dead skin cells) can also help get rid of spots and there are plenty of natural ways to do this, the simplest of which is gently rubbing the skin with a 100 per cent cotton face cloth. Heat rash -- also called prickly heat or miliaria -- is a common condition in which areas of the skin feel prickly or sting due to overheating. The acne scars is characterized by areas of whiteheads and blackheads (comedones), large papules (nodules), pinheads (papules), scaly red skin (seborrhea), possibly scarring and pimples. It occurs because of fibrous bands between skin and underlying (fundamental) subcutaneous tissue that tether as well as pull on an epidermis. I figured that there might be a bit of interest about this topic because I'd noticed that quite a few people had landed on my blog after searching for tips on bright lips.The colour I used for this post is MAC Rebel lipstick.
I was used to having clear skin before this so it was a shock to see my face all covered in marks and I did whatever I could to cover them. I've been in a very Halloween type mood lately and I just realised that all my October posts are Halloween related so I thought why not go all the way and do a special Halloween edition layout until October 31st.
Most people will probably just limit their accompanying makeup to a bold lip or eye but I know there will still be a fair few of you who decide to go the whole hog and paint your whole face. This is another inspired look and it is based on two looks which are Miss Chievous's Fallen Angel look and MakeupbyRisa's Feathered explosion look. I went out and purchased some black face paint, a cheap set of loose green shadows, gold leaf flakes, green glitter eyeliner and some fabulous lashes and I was ready to give it another go. Common culprits include chocolate, caffeine, nuts, high-fat and spicy foods, citrus fruits, refined foods, dairy products, and foods with a high iodide content, such as artichokes, seaweed, spinach and shellfish. It is prone to blackheads and acne, but it does have the advantage of not wrinkling as easily as dry skin because the oil and grease moisturize it.Thorough yet gentle cleansing is a must for oily skin in order to keep the pores clear and reduce sebum build-up. Try using a daily gentle antibacterial wash to help cleanse bacteria from the skin, combined with a beta hydroxy acid such as salicylic acid, which stimulates the skin’s natural exfoliation process.
If your skin is very oily, choose a lightweight lotion to replace moisture without adding oil.
Antibiotics can be taken orally (erythromycin and tetracycline are commonly used) or applied topically. This is, of course, especially true if you wear make-up which, if left on the skin, will clog the pores and prevent it from breathing.
Soap can be very drying and should not really be used on the face, The simplest method of cleansing is to splash tepid water repeatedly over the face and then gently pat dry with a clean towel. Cleansing creams are a combination of oil and water and help to loosen make-up and other dirt from the skin so that it can be wiped off with cotton wool. Then pour cleanser on to cotton wool and apply it to the face and neck, paying particular attention to the hairline, which is a common area for dirt and debris to build up.
As well as daily cleansing of make-up and dirt it is a real treat for your skin to have an occasional deep-cleansing treatment such as a facial steam or a face pack. Before I start to share some beneficial remedies for how to get rid of acne scars fast, I want to tell you some words of knowledge about acne scars. It reached a point where I stopped seeing anything good about my skin or my face when I didn't have makeup on and I hated people seeing me makeup free.All I could focus on were these spots so my everyday makeup routine consisted of a layer of MAC Studio Fix Fluid all over my face, MAC Studio finish concealer to spot conceal and MAC Studio Fix Powder foundation to set it all. Face painting sounds easy but I think that the basic rules of makeup application are often forgotten when doing it and so the result is quite flat and fake looking.
I was much happier with how this look came out and I only wish I had decided to go with the look for the halloween party I had on the weekend!
Men and women both produce male hormones (androgen and testosterone) and female hormones (oestrogen and progesterone) – only the ratio of these hormones differ between the sexes. All these factors trigger the adrenaline in your body to mobilize stored nutrients, which in turn slows down natural exfoliation processes.
Make sure the product you buy is oil-free or noncomedogenic, which means it won’t block pores. Benzoyl peroxide is a fast-zapping, nonprescription ingredient that is particularly effective at speeding up the drying up and peeling of spots.
If you have oily or problem skin this can be done every couple of days; once a week should be often enough for normal or dry skin. It usually occurs on clothed parts of the body, such as the back, abdomen, neck, upper chest, groin, or armpits and usually gets better once the skin is cooled. Active people, newborns in incubators, and bedridden patients with fever also are more likely to get heat rash. I cringe when I look back and think about how much I used to cake on my face but I didn't know then half of what I know now.As I get older, I'm learning to appreciate the skin I have and to look beyond whatever marks I have because good skin truly is about more than being scar free. I understand that face painting by its nature results in a fake look as your whole face is often covered in unnatural colours such as green or purple but that doesn't mean your face has to look devoid of any dimension.I decided to do this post because a few days ago I was trying to explain to my friend's sister how she could utilise different shades of the same colour to contour and highlight her face even though she wanted it to be green.

I love going OTT with everything and the more drama the better but my BFF is more of an understated gal so we decreased the drama a bit.
I read up quite a bit on the era and the types of makeup techinques that were used that varies from how makeup is worn today.
In the mean time I'm posting a quick look I did while deciding what makeup to use for a Cleopatra themed halloween costume.
Astringent herbs suitable for oily skin include elderflower; witch hazel, yarrow and lemon grass. It is available in varying strengths and should be introduced at low concentrations as it can be very drying and may cause allergies.
Retin-A is an imitation of retinoic acid, the naturally occurring form of vitamin A found in the skin.
Remember to choose a cleanser that is suitable for your skin type; if your skin feels taut after using a cleanser, it may be too drying for you. Inside this follicle, the dead skin cells are transmitted by oil to the outer surface of a skin. Exfoliate:You can get away with a lot when wearing a natural lip colour because it's not the first thing grabbing attention when people look at your face but this isn't true when you decide to wear a bold lip colour. This realisation was cementeed when I watched this video by Lisa Eldridge who is one of my all time favourite makeup artists because not only is she extremely talented but she also has an amazing makeup philosophy.
The colours she used were the same as the ones that I used for my second attempt at the lacy halloween mask look. The main defining features of the look are very distinctive thin, black, droopy eyebrows; very defined cupid bow lips and the more rounded bedroom eyes.
I took my inspiration from the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra look.In the movie she wears quite a few different variations of the same look.
Get enough sleep, follow a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and cut down on caffeine and high-fat foods.
Its main action is kera-tolytic, which means it acts as a peeling agent that loosens dead surface cells. These methods have been used by millions of teenagers and adults alike with varying degrees of success. That's why you really need to exfoliate and get rid of any dry, flaky skin that's on your lips or it'll just be accentuated when you put on your lip colour. Her philosophy is very geared towards looking at the big picture and using makeup to emphasise your best features rather than hiding what you dislike.If I had been able to see this video when I first started wearing makeup then I think I would have learned to appreciate my skin a lot earlier and to stop focusing so much on the bad. I told her she could use the gold colour as a highlight, the lightest green as blush, the darkest green as a contour shade and the mid tone green shade all over her face as her base colour.I was curious as to how and if I could actually do what I was asking her to do so I gave it a go.
I stuck with a mixture of lilac, pink and purple shadows on the lid as she didn't want anything too bright or out there. The youtube video I got my inspiration from didn't really emphasise the eye which was on the side with the mask but I really wanted that extra little bit of drama so I put down some lash adhesive and pressed on some gold leaf flakes and added some dramatic lashes. The basic elements are a bold eyebrow, shadow that goes from lid to brow bone and a very dark, long, thick dramatic eyeliner.
Retin-A is a very powerful drug that only needs to be applied to the acne areas in very small doses.
Even though, there are many effective remedies for acne scars, I have short listed some of the best proved remedies according to my knowledge. I've reached a stage now where I apply less product but use different techniques and brushes to get that product to go further than I could have in the past. The first thing to do when covering your whole face is applying a primer so that there is a barrier between your skin and the colour and I used the Korres Vitamin E face primer.
Please excuse the messy liner around the eyes but we were in a hurry!She didn't want both eyes to look the same so I went for a much more simplified look on her other eye that still tied in with the whole look.We finished the look off by putting some black lipstick on her but it was applied more sheerly so the end result was more of a dark red than anything else.
I also decided to outline the edges of the mask with the green glitter liner for some added drama!The eyeshadow I used on top of the black face paint was a pot with four colours that I got from Target for about $15AUD and it came in a few different colours. I've included two pictures in colour and the rest are in black and white as I want you to focus more on the shapes of the look and how I manipulate my features rather than the colours I used.The thin eyebrows seem to be a very important part of this look so I had to cover mine in order to reshape them.
If you manage to cut a lot of stress out of your life this will invariably get rid of spots induced by it. The problem is that retinoic acid can be irritating and drying, and causes increased sensitivity to the sun and any otho’ products applied to the skin. I think I'm finally learning to appreciate that old adage 'a little goes a long way'.There are some people I know who love to point out the fact that they think I wear too much makeup (which is always a rude thing to do when done without tact or genuine concern) but I know how far I've come in the journey to being ok with myself when I look in the mirror.
I was considering what the best way was to apply the eyeshadow as an all over base for my face as powdered products usually end up looking too sheer and offer minimal coverage. Opaque black lipstick would have been awesome too as would a dark purple.Even though the look was a little rough around the edges it still came out great and it looked fantastic on her. Using the four different tones of green really added extra depth to the look and is visually much more interesting than just using the one colour.While I didn't end up using this makeup for my halloween costume, I think it would have worked amazingly with my costume as I decided to go as Medusa. I've included pictures of the four different eyeliner flicks I could find.I decided to go for teal coloured eyeshadow with the flick that ended with an open triangle. Retinoid isotretinoin (Roaccutane) is a synthetic version of vitamin A that’s taken orally once or twice a day for four months.
Moisturise.Even if you're putting on a moisturising lip stick it's always a good idea to put on a slick of lip balm underneath. I hope that some day soon I can stop feeling like makeup is a necessity when I go out and face the world but for now it's like my armour that gives me just that little bit more confidence in my day to day life.I really hope you go check out the video because it has awesome tips on how to cover acne prone skin but it's just a great video to watch regardless. The solution I came up with was to mix some of my Diorskin Nude foundation with the mid tone green eyeshadow until it formed a thick paste. This is definitely one of those pretty halloween looks and is great for those that want to look like they've made an effort without being too over the top.
It’s extremely effective, but the side effects include dryness and increased skin sensitivity.
The sebaceous glands (oil glands) are tainted and surplus sebum secretion through these glands is said to be the most important cause of this problem. I try to use a balm that isn't too emollient and make sure that I use a thin layer so my lip colour doesn't go slipping and sliding all over the place. I then applied it all over my face and I was suprised at how opaque and even it came out.The next thing I did was to take the darkest green shadow with my MAC 130 brush and contoured under my cheekbone. I soaped them which made them lie flat but I had to conceal, powder then conceal and powder again and then use powder foundation and then set with a different coloured powder foundation to attempt to get the colour right! Very strict birth control needs to be practiced while taking Roaccutane as it can cause major birth defects. The problem with the colour was that it didn't end up being dark enough so I used my MAC contour powder in Definitive and that worked well. It's such a strange sensation to be wearing so much product on your eyebrows because you don't usually wear anything heavy up there but the effect it gives in changing your whole face is amazing. I wanted something quite out there and in your face so it was easy to tell that I was wearing a costume. The oil that is secreted from the oil gland serves to remove old skin cells and keep skin soft.Acne occurs when too much oil is secreted and clogs the pore.
I used the lightest green colour as a blush on the apples of my cheeks and then used the gold shadow as a highlight on my cheekbone. Also I should say that when concealing your brows, you really need a thicker consistency concealer and I found that my Bobbi Brown creamy concealer was perfect for this.
This blockage is called a comedone or plug.  If the top of the plug is white, it’s called a whitehead.

I tend to conceal my lips when using lighter shades as my lips are quite pigmented and the colour of my lips tend to affect what ever colour I put on top. If I decide to stick with the Cleopatra costume then I'm definitely going to be putting a lot more time and attention into making the look more even and not so rough. You can either use a thin layer of your foundation for this step or use a thin layer of concealer. Painting your face in this way is just in line with how you normally do your makeup except the colours are completely different.
I decided to go a bit more wearable with my look so while I did draw a thinner, longer, black eyebrow, I decided not to make it as droopy as was the style back then. I used mainly MAC A Bluer Blue eyeshadow which is a frosty teal green and I used MAC Soft Ochre paint pot as a base. Make sure you blend away the edges around your mouth so that the finished look is natural looking. If you think about it, the reason we add blush, contour and highlight when doing our daily makeup is because when our skin is covered in foundation we often loose the natural definition our skin already has.
The eyeshadow application is quite distinctive to the 20's as the contouring pattern is the opposite of what we use now.
Acne that occurs deep in the skin causes hard, painful cysts called cystic acne.Acne most commonly appears on the face. These principle still hold regardless of what colour you use as base.The same rules of daily makeup application still apply to the eye makeup as well so I used the lightest green shadow all over my lid, the gold shadow as an inner corner highlight and a mixture of the darkest green shadow and MAC Carbon eyeshadow in the outer v and in the crease. The effect is to close the eye off rather than open it up so the darker colours are concentrated toward the start of the eye near the tear duct and then brought down to the end of the eye in a triangular shape. However, those with more severe cases of acne can see outbreaks on their chest, back, arms, legs, and even on their buttocks.
Line your lips:I never really appreciated the need for a lipliner until I started wearing dark and bright lipsticks. I then lined my top lashline with MAC fluidline in blacktrack and applied my YSL Singulier mascara.
I brought the eyeshadow down underneath the lashline but then used white eyeliner on the waterline to give it more of that droopy, circular look.The lips have also been manipulated in a very different way and to get that 1920's look I had to extend my lips higher around my cupid's bow and shorten the length of my lips so that you're left with a more circular pout. I decided to bring my eyeliner down past my tear duct as it gives it a more dramatic and feline look which I love.I used Ardell Wispies false lashes but I don't think they were dramatic enough so I would definitely go for a more dramatic lash when I do the real thing. There's a lot of room for error when you wear nude lipsticks and lipglosses but bolder colours really require precision. I think this lip shape is alot easier to do if you don't have fuller lips like I do but hopefully it gives you an idea of what to do.
Strong brows are necessary for a Cleopatra look so I used my MAC Blacktrack fluidline gel liner and used it to fill in my brows and exaggerated the shape a bit to make them look fuller. It was commonly thought that things such as chocolate, nuts, and greasy foods caused acne, but those theories have been debunked. I usually start off by lining my natural lip line making sure to get the very edges of my lips.After I've drawn in my initial line, I like to use my finger or a lip brush to blend the colour over on to most of my lips usually just leaving the centre most parts of my lips free of colour.
Lining the lips is essential for this look as you really need to create that definition around the lips. I do this because it makes for a more seamless transition between the lipstick and the lipliner and because once the lipstick wears off, you still have colour underneath. I didn't have a dark enough lip liner so I tried doing it using a lip brush and a mixture of black and red lipstick but it didn't really work as well as I had hoped. Putting the lipliner over most of your lips also gives your lipstick something to stick to and prevents it from getting muddied with your concealer if you chose to conceal your lips.5.
I also used concealer to conceal around the edges of my lips to emphasise the shape.I think this is such a fun, dramatic look to try out and it really takes your costume to the next level but practice definitely makes perfect so just keep trying but remember it's all for fun so don't take it too seriously! Commercials inundate viewers with promises of clean and clear skin, whether from over the counter drugs, by-order only drugs, or prescription medications.
Apply your lipstickIt's really personal preference as to whether you apply your lipstick with a brush or straight from the bullet. Although no one has found a way to completely remove acne permanently, people have discovered several remedies for acne flare-ups. I usually use a brush to get the edges of my lips and use the lipstick straight from the bullet when covering the rest of my lips. Sometimes I'll apply the colour from the bullet and then use the brush to pull the colour outwards towards the edges of my lips. I've found that a brush is usually better when using very opaque colours as it gives you a more even application. Just make sure you're using a good brush or the result can be uneven and you can end up wasting product. When you touch your face, you transfer the natural oils from your fingers and hands onto your face. In addition, any grease, grime, dirt, and germs that your hands have picked up also end up on your face. Use a soft cloth and a gentle soap or cleanser to wash away the dirt, grime, cigarette smoke, and air pollution from your face. Make sure that you wear clothes that aren’t too tight, and if you wear gear, make sure that the straps aren’t too tight for too long.
Salicylic acid doesn’t treat acne, but it does help to remove the outermost layer of your skin, which is comprised of dead skin cells.
Check out your Cosmetics. If you notice that you have more breakouts when wearing a particular brand of cosmetics, you might want to switch to a brand that is “oil-free” or “noncomedogenic”. Not much is harder on your skin than a layer of makeup that remains on your face overnight.9. If the previous tips haven’t helped you to get rid of acne, ask your doctor if an antibiotic prescription could help. Also, antibiotics make your skin more sensitive to sunlight, so take care to put sunblock on if going outside.10.
If you’re a woman, you should talk with your doctor to see if taking a birth control pill could help your skin to clear up. Manage your stress. When you have stress, your body produces sebum, the oil that is secreted in your pores. When you don’t manage your stress well, your body produces extra sebum, which could cause an acne flare up.12. Lower-intensity lights, such as blue, red, green-yellow or a combination of those is applied through a “light stick” at a doctor’s office. These programs diverge from mainstream medical practices by introducing new ideas for getting rid of acne.
Read our review of Acne No More, or check out their official website.Try some of these strategies. The Simple and Easy Acne TreatmentRecent Articles Acne No More Review Nodular Acne Explained Comedones What are Whiteheads?

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