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Long a favourite of baby's bums everywhere, the Irish-made Sudocrem is actually a pretty amazing skin-care treatment too. Indeed, both Cheryl Fernandez-Versini and TOWIE star Chloe Sims count themselves as fans, with both ladies swearing by the stuff for spot-busting. A quick dab of Sudocrem before bed for a couple of nights on the trot and you should notice that nasty red pimple fading into nothingness. If you've been struggling with redness and breakouts, a thin layer of Sudocrem applied before bed will work wonders.
Shaving pro or not, you probably still experience redness and irritation on your legs, underarms or bikini line from time to time. Burning-hot sunshine is most definitely not a problem we currently have in Ireland, but as well as soothing sunburn, Sudocrem is also good for minor burns. If you happened to see my post earlier this week about our Valentine’s Day Dinner you would have noticed there was a great deal of GLITTER involved in the event. This particular day I was grateful for our heavy reliance on this clothing care tool because it turned out to be the answer to my glitter dilemma.
After this miraculous revelation concerning the ubiquitous lint roller, I got to thinking about what ELSE these sheets of wonder could do!

As I mentioned above, glitter is one of the hardest things there IS to clean up in ANY room!
Like handbags and cars, drawers have dark, hard-to-clean crevices that can easily be neglected! When a glass or plate hits the floor and shatters, it’s almost impossible to thoroughly clean up all the tiny glass shards left behind.
Lint rollers are a great way for sufferers of dandruff or dry scalps to remove the unsightly white stuff from their clothing. Your dog or cat may not be eager to cooperate, but a good way to quickly get rid of small numbers of fleas and ticks on your pet is to roll a lint roller over their fur.
Too much dirt and debris on your pool table will slow the balls down, or even redirect their paths. When you don’t have time to vacuum, use your lint roller to pick up threads off your sewing table and the floor around where you sew. A quick solution for dusty drapes that will allow you to postpone taking them to the dry cleaner for a few more months.
If you have a textured ceiling, you know it can get a lot of dirt and grease buildup (little fuzzies all over the ceiling).

To reduce lint from your paint roller and to create the smoothest finish, go over your roller brushes with a lint roller before each use. Every time I retrieve something from the area between my drivers seat and the center console, it always comes up covered with dust and dirt. Use a paint roller with an extender, put a lint roller on each end (they fit perfectly) and the dirt and grime will roll right off!
At first I attempted cleaning it up with the vacuum but when that proved a woefully inadequate match for the stubborn shiny stuff, I started looking elsewhere for an answer.
And since they fit underneath your couch and chairs, you don’t need to move your heavy furniture around.
Too much suction from a vacuum and you will permanently damage the fibers on your pool table surface.

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