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However, while ultrasound technology is probably most often used for fetal imaging, it can serve several other valuable applications as well—including, believe it or not, scar therapy.
It is important to note that therapeutic ultrasound technology can have positive effects on many different kinds of injuries. In scar therapy, a therapeutic ultrasound might be used for the purpose of scar tissue breakdown. The effects of this type of therapy, then, are similar to the benefits of scar desensitization—which involves rubbing or tapping scars as they heal to eliminate sensory nerve fibers and ensure more evenly distributed and pliable scar tissue.
The information on this site is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Although scarring is a natural and necessary phase of healing, this process sometimes leaves indentations, puckering, or pockmarking where the tissue below the skin has been damaged or lost.
Scar tissue is built from the same collagen protein as normal skin, but the fibers are arranged differently. While the scar is forming, the layers of skin that come together may not align properly if the wound moves too much, or the skin becomes too dry or too damp. Using a properly formulated scar treatment, such as InviCible Scars, as directed during the healing process helps to maintain proper elasticity while also feeding the skin vitamins and nutrients that are essential for healing. InviCible Advanced Scar Therapy includes vitamin C, licorice, and aloe vera to completely heal the area, and restore elasticity and skin tone, as well as silicone and essential fatty acids to reduce skin pocking and indentation.
For years, vitamin E was used topically as well, but this has recently been discouraged by dermatology experts as it can cause skin irritation. Skin and scar tissue continually regenerates and replaces cell layers throughout our lives.
InviCible Advanced Scar Therapy comes highly recommended by doctors who treat skin disease, such as acne, or perform surgery.
Silicone cream, as its name suggests, is a spreadable topical formulation fortified with silicone. Each year an estimated 700,000 individuals in the United States have their gallbladders removed. Gallbladder surgery (known also as a cholecystectomy) is the removal of the gallbladder, a digestive organ located near the pancreas and liver.
Pregnancy transforms every body – increasing hormone production, causing tissue swelling, and creating sudden skin discoloration. During pregnancy skin (especially along the abdomen) will expand to accommodate the fetus and its needs.
Records of the first appendectomy date back to 1735, with French surgeon Claudius Amyand removing perforated tissue from an 11-year-old boy. Scarring occurs when the body creates excess collagen, which changes the texture and appearance of the tissue. Sign up to receive our free monthly newsletter with tips and advice on how to treat dark spots and scars. Scarring can lead to rough texture in the skin, an increase of collagen bundles, and a lack of hair follicles or sweat glands. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation directly targets scars, sending an excess of melanin to the damaged tissue. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation has no cure, but it does have several treatments – all of which can lessen its severity and restore most of the skin’s original texture. Topical scar creams prove ideal for treating most post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation cases. Those experiencing extreme post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation may find topical creams lacking. These methods have been proven as successful in the treatment post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. There are so many different types of over the counter scar treatments that it can be difficult to know whether or not they actually work.
Vitamin E is commonly found in skin care ingredients since it is a powerful antioxidant that promotes beautiful skin. Vitamin C is another powerful antioxidant, and it plays an important role in the body’s healthy immune response, which includes wound healing. Silicone is another ingredient that has been shown in studies to aid in the treatment of scars, while not promoting any danger.
Another beneficial, and effective, ingredient for over the counter scar treatment creams is aloe vera.
Many popular over the counter scar treatment creams contain hydroquinone, and it has a reputation for effectively lightening scars. Another seemingly effective scar treatment ingredient that is commonly found in over the counter creams is kojic acid. If you have a keloid, indented scar, or certain other scars, then over the counter treatments will not work.
When looking for an effective over the counter scar treatment, you should look for all natural ingredients that do not include preservatives or fragrances, as this could also aggravate the skin. After the skin becomes injured, scar tissue forms as a part of the natural healing process. As with any body function, your genetics, which include your ethnicity and gender, influence how your body heals from injury, which is why each person scars differently.
Lifestyle factors, including exercising, drinking plenty of water, and eating a healthy diet, influence your skin’s natural healing process as well.
Because scars are caused by injury to the skin, the element that has the greatest influence on its healing process is the treatment of the wound. There is no real way to predict how a scar will heal, as it is highly influenced by genetics, environment, lifestyle factors, and treatment. If you’ve had knee replacement surgery or knee surgery due to a fall or injury, you know the healing process will require patience and time. To reduce scarring and the visibility of scars on your knees, you must be active in your own recovery and in the healing of your visible scar. As soon as your skin closes, begin applying InviCible directly to the area, twice a day, every day.
Most importantly, continue to apply silky-soft InviCible to your scar area regularly, as your knee heels and you become more active.
When a mosquito bites, it injects an anticoagulant substance into the skin that makes the blood thinner and flow longer without clotting.
Ironically, it’s the itch of mosquito bites that can end up causing the most collateral damage.
Aloe vera has been used for centuries as a topical anti-inflammatory agent after skin injury like wounds or burns.
In terms of fading the scars once they form, use a hypoallergenic scar treatment and apply a skin-friendly sunblock on top. Using product that is hypoallergenic is important because allergic skin reactions increase inflammation. The sunblock is important because repeat sun exposure causes fresh scars to turn dark (hyperpigmentation), which will only make your scars more visible.
Use this multi-faceted approach and finally get rid of those mosquito bite scars once and for all. Hi Elizabeth, definitely use an anti-itch cream like Benadryl and it will help to minimize the itchiness and help to prevent making the bite into a wound that becomes a scar.
Hi Bryce, aloe will moisturize your scars, which is definitely important, however to fade them you need to use a product with hyperpigmentation fading ingredients like Licorice Root Extract and Vitamin C. Hi Ann, sometimes scarring turns white – and that is regardless of your skin coloring.
I have a lot of scars on my legs because of insect bites and they left dark spots everywhere thats why i dont wear shorts outside but its still getting darker.
Hi Davin, you can start by always wearing sunscreen SPF 30+ over your scars to further protect them from UV rays. Hi Cassandra, peeling off scabs only leads to scars, so definitely don’t peel them off and let them fall off on their own. Hi Manu, you can fade the discoloration with InviCible Scars and prevent further dark spots by applying sunscreen SPF 30+ to your legs every time they’ll be exposed to the sun.
Hi Nikhar, apply sunscreen SPF 30+ every time your skin is exposed to sunlight (UV rays darken spots) and apply InviCible Scars twice daily. Hi Sandhya, yes, it can – we have the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval for safety. I scratch and scratch the mosquito bites I was actually scratching it just two minutes ago and lots of people have said that now it will turn to a scar is that true and can I prevent this by home remedies? Hi Heba, have you tried ice or even deodorant (yes, it actually works for some!) to stop the itching?
There are few things in life that are worse than a sudden onset of an acne breakout or a horrible zit that seems to take over your entire face, especially on days when you want to look your best. On days like these, there is really nothing more that you can do for your skin other than perform a quick makeup fix and hope for the best.

However, for some unlucky people, the shadows and scars of bad acne problems can stick around long after the zit has faded.
Luckily, due to recent advancements in skin care and technology, there are many safe and effective treatment options that help to fade stubborn dark spots and rid the skin of acne scars once and for all.
When the pores or hair follicles on our skin become clogged with excess oil and dead skin cells, it can cause a lack of oxygen and proper hydration to our face and our skin. There are several practices and treatment options available that can help to facilitate the healing of acne scars and spots left by serious skin breakouts.
One of the most effective and beneficial ways of treating acne scarring is through a Photopeel. Another helpful procedure that can completely eliminate surface scars and hide deeper marks left by acne is microdermabrasion.  This treatments works by removing the very top layer of your skin with sterile micro particles, essentially buffing away the outside, damaged layer of skin and revealing a brighter, clearer complexion. If you are interested in finding out more about microdermabrasion or Photopeel treatments, be sure to sign up for your free consultation at Beverly Hills Aesthetics.
Indeed, one of the most common applications of ultrasound technology is allowing a pregnant woman to see her unborn child, know its gender ahead of time, or learn other things about a pregnancy.
When an ultrasound probe covered in a gel is touched to a wounded area, the probe transfers high-frequency vibration into the tissues at that site. Chronic back pain, muscle sprains or strains, pain in the tailbone, joint issues (including certain types of arthritis), and more. Previously injured tissue can lose its elasticity as scar tissue grows back in its place—a phenomenon that isn’t only limited to skin, but which also occurs in muscles, tendons, and other body tissues. The fast vibrations of the ultrasound probe can contribute to making scar tissue more elastic, which in turn can restore range of motion and reduce scar pain or irritation. The main difference in these two forms of scar therapy is that one (scar desensitization) is only efficient during the scar healing process while the other (therapeutic ultrasound) can be effective both during healing and after scar tissue has formed and hardened. Where natural skin is a somewhat randomly assorted matrix, which allows sweat glands and hair follicles to form, scar tissue fibers are arranged in strong, though less flexible, parallel layers that do not allow for sweat glands or hair follicles. Once the interference is removed or resolved, the skin immediately begins to generate new cells, adding fibers of collagen in roughly diagonal rows. Therefore, during the healing process, it is important to both immobilize the area to maintain proper alignment, and to ensure that the skin along the edges does not dry out or become too moist. Other ingredients to avoid include hydroquinone, Kojic acid, and anything with fragrance or preservatives.
Though this process is more gradual than the initial healing, it does mean that the appearance of scars can be altered even after they have fully formed.
Regular application of our nutrient-rich product helps to drive the healing process and reduces the appearance of scars and uneven skin tone. They’re stuffed into pharmacy aisles and online inventories alike, promising fast results and easy healing. It infuses the skin with key amines (organic nitrogen-based compounds) to maintain proper hydration and oxygenation levels. It’s a two-sided design similar to a bandage that combines a latex shell with silicone gel padding. Their lightweight formulas absorb directly into the skin, rather than requiring adhesives (which can roll, twist, or come undone.) Cream is easily used with other topical options such as sun block, make-up, moisturizers, or cleansers, and they’re undetectable. Some individuals, however, may require more extensive procedures to treat their scars – such as dermabrasion, micro-needling, chemical peels, facial revisions, and more.
The surgery ranks among the most common and the most effective, with leaps in laparoscopic techniques ensuring accelerated recovery times. This is achieved through a series of careful incisions, with doctors entering through the abdominal cavity and extracting the gallbladder’s fundus, body, and neck.
Gallbladder scars are often expanded to their limits, resulting in mild or intermediate skin tightness. Since then the procedure has become one of the most common in the world, with approximately 270,000 performed each year in the United States alone. The appendix is a vestigial organ which means that the body doesn’t really need it anymore. These are typically shallow marks along the stomach or across the hip, and they are usually no more than 2-inches to 3-inches long. It contains NO hydroquinone, preservatives, fragrances, petroleum, mineral oil, or alcohol. However, it may also create discoloration within the skin, with damaged tissue taking on a darker shade. Damaged tissue is detected and several chemical responses occur, with a sudden increase of collagen, protein, and melanin (the property that determines the color of a person’s skin, eyes, and hair). This causes instant discoloration, especially around the edges, and can create a variety of shades: brown, black, gray, or even red. They offer much-needed nutrients (such as Vitamin C) that penetrate the skin and restore balance to the melanin production cycle. This skin-bleaching agent is meant to counter discoloration and lighten skin’s overall appearance, but these results come with a cost. This means it can cause severe damage to the skin, including blistering, burn marks, new discoloration, and extreme tightness.
Furthermore, it is essential for proper formation of collagen and elastin in skin, which helps build healthy skin cells, rather than damaged scar tissue, after the skin is injured. It reduces any redness, pain and itching associated with the scarring, while also improving the elasticity of the skin.
This plant has long been used in cosmetics and first aid creams due to its moisturizing and healing effects. Like hydroquinone, it may work, but the negative effects are not worth its lightening abilities. These scars require more invasive treatments, such as laser therapy, collagen injections, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, dermabrasion, or microneedling.
This tissue looks and feels different than normal skin tissue because there is excess collagen produced. These genetic influences cannot be changed, but they can be mitigated through lifestyle changes and certain treatments.
When you experience a deep cut, including an incision from surgery, the skin needs to be aligned correctly when it is glued, stapled, or stitched back together, or else it will have a larger scar.
Regardless of the type of scar, you can help it heal by taking care of the wound, eating a healthy diet, and drinking plenty of water. The knees must be flexed regularly during the weeks of physical therapy that follow the surgery, where your therapist will encourage you to perform more and more exercises to stretch and strengthen underlying tissues. In a shorter time than you might think, the staples will come out or the stitches will dissolve, and your skin will be knitted together enough to begin applying InviCible Scars to your scar area. Your knee scar will start to improve within 2 or 3 weeks and continue improving for up to six months, perhaps longer.
If you live in an area where you may be wearing shorts or a bathing suit outside, be sure to apply sunsunscreen to the scar before going out. InviCible minimizes scars with a number of ingredients, including stable Vitamin C and ProBiosyn-4, a natural scar-minimizing complex that also helps address hyperpigmentation.
This way, the mosquito can suck the most amount of blood (sorry, I know that sounds disgusting!) Your skin releases histamine, and an inflammatory reaction begins. It’s soothing as well and can lessen the itch after any insect bite both immediately after the bite occurs and during the healing process. Of course, prevention is always easier than treatment so please use a mosquito repellant whenever you can!
Definitely look into InviCible Scars, which has the aloe you need, silicone, licorice root, Vitamin C and essential fatty acids.
I am really embarassed of it and summer is just around the corner and I want to be able to show off my skin without people looking at me and without feeling embarrassed of my skin because of all these bug bites scars.
The key is to also protect them from the sun, as UV rays will darken them again if you don’t wear sunscreen regularly when your legs are exposed. I’ve had this problem for 8 years now will the invicible help the dark spots to fade? Although you don’t wear shorts, UV rays can still penetrate the fabric (unless you are wearing UPF clothing) and darken your scars. Scars are permanent, and there is no way to remove them (as they are an injury to the skin), however, you can fade them and help to flatten them.
Whether it was the morning of your high school yearbook photo, the day of your first date with a new love interest, or the morning of a job interview, we’ve all had that moment in our lives where a pimple or a breakout has appeared on our skin on what seems like the worst day possible.
Luckily, most of these skin problems will fade away in a day or two and your face (and your confidence) will bounce back to normal. While this can seem like some form of cruel double punishment, acne scars are a common problem among millions of teenagers and adults alike. But first, it is important to understand just where these troubling skin conditions originate from in the first place before you choose a treatment option that works best for you.

Most of these procedures are performed right in a doctor’s office and involve minimal discomfort and down time. This advanced technology procedure clears the skin of uneven pigmentation, skin tone and texture that is caused by sun damage, acne or age-related skin changes.
While acne may be a common problem that surfaces from time to time, that does not mean that the shadows of this skin problem need to stick with you forever. These vibrations can relax the local tissues and direct extra blood flow into the area, which can in turn help to relieve pain and speed up healing.
With injured or arthritic joints, the increased blood flow provided by a therapeutic ultrasound can actually assist in collagen reformation. This more hardened tissue can be a significant problem depending on the location of the scar on the body.
Although some level of scarring may be permanent, there are safe topical treatments available to help restore this underlying tissue and smooth the surface of the skin to reduce the appearance of scars. Many factors affect the speed of this process, as well as what kind of scar eventually forms. They also both deliver concentrated polymers to the skin, improving its appearance, texture, and collagen responses.
It also interrupts the body’s excessive collagen composition, stabilizing levels to reduce the build-up of tissue. We’ll be happy to provide more information. Subscribe to Scars and Spots to get our posts delivered to your inbox.
However, despite advances in technology used in gallbladder surgery, scars are still left behind once the process is completed – and many women wonder how pregnancy will affect these scars. It’s usually done to alleviate pain associated with pancreatitis, bile duct blockage, or pigment stones.  This surgery is considered low-risk, and complications are rare.
Gallbladder scars are no exception, and will often begin to itch as the trimesters progress. However, some women have reported cases of symptoms lingering past childbirth including tightening sensations and irritation. This is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and it ranks among the most common effects of hypertrophic, keloid, and atrophic scarring.
These options remove layers of damaged skin, softening both the appearance of scars and the starkness of discoloration. The right ingredients, especially in the right combination, will facilitate the natural healing process, reducing the appearance of the scar, while other ingredients may not work, or even cause more damage. Instead, the benefits are most likely due to continued moistening of the area, rather than the infusion of the vitamin. It protects the wound while also promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and strengthening the collagen structure. Even in the smaller doses found in over the counter creams, it can lead to problems such as impaired wound healing, irritation, nail discoloration, and ochronosis (permanent skin darkening). If you are unsure about the best form of treatment for your scar, then you should discuss it with your dermatologist. Different scars also appear different and heal differently based upon the amount of collagen produced during the healing process. Your age will affect scarring as well, because your ability to regenerate cells and heal is reduced. Your skin also needs certain nutrients that it can get from food, especially vitamin C and E.
Keloid scars are the most difficult to heal, because they are raised scars due to excess collagen that extend beyond the original injury. Meanwhile, your wound and developing scar tissue will need to adjust to the flexing and become as supple and strong as the rest of the knee.
InviCible is safe, hypoallergenic and non-irritating for most people, and unlike other scar creams, is effective in fading scars. This can lead to “hyperpigmentation,” or dark pigmentation that makes marks and scars more obvious. Remember though, “hypoallergenic” means that the product is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction… it’s not a 100% guarantee that it won’t because people can be allergic to so many different ingredients.
Also, be sure to wear sunscreen daily if your scar is exposed to sunlight, as UV rays will darken your scar. We reocmmend always applying sunscreen to your scars to further protect them from darkening.
If your scars are raised, massage them daily – this helps to break up the fibrous tissue beneath the top layer of skin. I would like to get it for my friend who has scars from mosquito bites growing up in Louisiana. Wear sunscreen (SPF 30+) on your legs every time they’ll be exposed to sunlight and apply a scar treatment to fade the discoloration.
Superficial scratches won’t neccesarily scar, however if you break the skin and create a wound, then that will result in a scar.
However, when these pores are completely blocked, or clogged with dirt and harmful substances, it can lead to more severe forms of acne which leave behind permanent dark defects or scars on our skin.
It also helps to firm up the collagen in your skin over time, while also putting a natural glow back into your face. We here at Beverly Hills Aesthetics are committed to making sure that you have the skin and the confidence that you deserve.
The positive effects of therapeutic ultrasound, in other words, are versatile and far-reaching. Since scar tissue is less elastic than the intact skin, it can impair range of motion and overall function in parts of the body that tend to move or flex on a regular basis. These treatments include a blend of vitamins and nutrients that have demonstrated a significant clinical benefit to skin healing and scar reduction. Mustoe, a member of the Feinberg School of Medicine, promote accelerated healing within the body and reduce the effects of scarring. It’s an understandable concern, and understanding a few factors can better prepare women for what to expect.
Patients typically return home within one or two days, and normal activity can often resume within a week. Many people also develop contact dermatitis from vitamin E, so it is another ingredient to avoid.
It also is not effective at improving the appearance of scars, beyond lightening the skin color. Lifestyle, genetics, age, depth and size of the injury, the location, and the treatment of the wound all affect how the scar heals. You skin also needs plenty of moisture to heal correctly, which is why keeping your scar moisturized is vital.
If the injured skin is brought back together perfectly, then the chance of scarring is reduced, although you may still have a small, almost invisible line. Contracture scars typically occur after a burn, and they often tighten the skin and can make it difficult to move.
Scratching can also inject bacteria from underneath your fingernail right into the fresh bite and infect it. Even some “hypoallergenic” products ironically cause a reaction so it’s important to try the product on a small patch of skin first to make sure before applying to multiple areas. He will be able to provide insights into moisturizing creams, vitamin regimens, and other helpful techniques.
You should also keep active, as long as it does not disturb your wound and your doctor approves it, to promote healing. You also want to allow the area to heal completely, and not reopen the wound or get it infected, as this will increase the chance of a larger scar. Hypertrophoic scars are also raised, similar to keloids, but remain within the area of the wound. After a couple of months the scar will begin to thin out and flatten, though it will remain red for quite a long time. If you haven’t been exercising regularly, do so, as soon as your physical therapist allows it. Some of these different types of scars occur because of the type of wound, while others form due to genetics, the environment, or other factors.
Do your knee exercises religiously, start walking, and find opportunities to climb the stairs. Depending on your daily care for scar area and your health habits, the scar may become quite slender and almost invisible.

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