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The Birth Control Pill, aside from being contraceptive, fundamentally changes how a woman’s body was made to function.
Another little known fact about the Birth Control Pill is that it can act as an abortifacient. If you read the fine print about the Birth Control Pill, they all say that they work these three basic ways. It causes a woman’s cervical mucus to thicken to try and prevent sperm from getting through. From what I understand it’s very difficult to verify how often #3 occurs (if anyone has any numbers please share!). I wrote a post over at the National Catholic Register about a new documentary on the Pill that talks precisely about this issue and how Pill providers try to hide these facts from women and doctors. Additionally, I would encourage every person, man and woman, to learn about Natural Family Planning (NFP).
So this raises the question: is the birth control pill (or contraception in general) an a priori good? So I guess I’m actually just interesting in discussing then if theoretically the birth control pill had caused an abortion as frequently as any other food or drink or whatever that is morally neutral, would we look at it as evil just based on that criteria alone? Actually, to try and make what I’m saying a little more clear, let me put it into a syllogism. This is logically valid but unsound since there are many counter examples to the major premise.
I have never once in any way shape or form justified use of the pill, and I think I have made this abundantly clear by stating numerous times that I think contraception is evil.
If by abortifacient, you mean a substance that inherently causes abortions, then yes I believe the pill as an abortifacient alone makes it wrong. In actuality, if by contraceptive we mean an unnatural device used to prevent pregnancy, wouldn’t all abortifacients be contraceptives? So again, I think the argument would be that the pill’s intent is to contracept (a good action in the minds of contraceptors) through either the prevention of the oocyte being released or through the slowing down of sperm. So it seems to me that this all goes back to the question of whether or not the intent to contracept is good, which of course it is not. On a side note, since this personal revelation, I have been wanting to find a Catholic doctor who lives and practices within the truths of the Catholic Church, but have been unable to find one even remotely close to wear I live. It is a serach for pro-life physicians, which of course does not necissarily mean Catholic, but it might be a good place to start.
As a doctor, and without judging the reason the pill is taken, I can only say risks overcome the benefits by far, read the literature.
I’m not Catholic, but I did stop taking the pill after hearing about the possibility of it being an abortifacient. Now when you look at the question of contraception from this point of view, one immediately sees that contraception actually thwarts teh proper function of one’s fertility.
Now let’s look a bit more at the difference between contraception and abstinence during certain times of the month. You have two people who wish to lose weight or get in shape, but one who does it through inducing vomiting and the other through dieting. While I do NOT agree with the previous argument regarding birth control being an abortificient. For me, a primary argument against contraception is that it encourages relationships which are not conducive to parenting. I think we can best come to an answer by considering the more general question that this problem falls into. Thus, applying this principle to your question, we see that although it would be a higher good to attempt preganncy, there would be nothing wrong with choosing a lower good or abstaning, assuming that there is a legitimate reason. I was very disturbed about this, mostly because I knew the only Christian church that stood up against birth control was the Roman Catholic Church (Some would mention that Mormons also have large families.
Please listen to the whole thing as she covers sexuality and marriage fully in its true context. Also – I just wanted to say thank you very much to all of you for the outstanding comments! The other point is people are eating up the lie that birth control can stop you from getting pregnant hence that is why it is only whatever percentage effective, what you must realize is that no life in created without God, pregnancy is not a side effect of sex, I have been married for almost 12 years and have not used anything and I have ZERO living children, I do have a son that at 20 weeks when I was pregnant passed away, and that was almost nine years ago, so anyway the point is any birth control is bad because, 1) you should only be having sex in a Sacramental Marriage and should be open to life, 2) it is not for you to be able to have pre-marital sex.
So here’s the next question: how do we judge the legitimacy of the reason a couple is choosing to delay pregnancy?
For example, right now my husband and I are in the middle of selling our house, and we’ve already bought the other piece of property. In short, there is no easy answer to your question about when it is legitimate to postpone or avoid pregnancy.
NFP is wonderful and everyone should know how it works because it shows the marvels of creation.
One issue no one seems to remember is that these children do not stay helpless and dependent; they grow up to love God and build a life and a home with you and your spouse. NFP should be used to delay pregnancy when children may come a little too close together- like women who ovulate despite breastfeeding. Wyeth, formerly known as American Home Products, is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, formerly Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, is the original company founded by the Wyeth brothers, originally known as John Wyeth and Brother. Ovral is an oral contraceptive that contains a combination of hormones that are used to prevent ovulation (the release of an egg from an ovary).
Birth control pills (oral contraceptives) use synthetic forms of the hormones to prevent pregnancy. The Birth control pill impedes pregnancy by preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs (ovulation).
No matter which type of Birth control pill you're on, during the first cycle of pill use you must use an additional form of birth control for seven days to prevent pregnancy. Ovral doses when taken correctly without missing any pills, the chance of becoming pregnant is approximately 1% per year.

Ovral are not recommended for use during pregnancy and should be discontinued if you become pregnant or think you are pregnant. Ovral passes into the breast milk and can change the content or lower the amount of breast milk. Ovral is frequently used for birth control in teenage females and has not been shown to cause different side effects or problems than it does in adults. Ovral should not be used if you have liver disease or a history of jaundice, asthma, migraines or seizures or epilepsy. Ovral tablets can also help regulate menstrual flow, treat acne, or may be used for other hormone related problems in females. Thromboembolic and thrombotic disorders and other vascular problems (including thrombophlebitis and venous thrombosis with or without pulmonary embolism, mesenteric thrombosis, arterial thromboembolism, myocardial infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis), carcinoma of the reproductive organs and breasts, hepatic neoplasia (including hepatic adenomas or benign liver tumors), ocular lesions (including retinal vascular thrombosis), gallbladder disease, carbohydrate and lipid effects, elevated blood pressure, and headache including migraine. Note:Information and the trade-mark names used in this website is for informational purpose only.
It would be helpful to see such a cartoon that illustrates what the BCP does to the immune and endocrine systems in it mission to shut down reproductive function. Readers should note that statements published in re: Cycling are those of individual authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Society as a whole.
I am a biology major and our professor went into depth about the birth control pill when we studied the reproductive and hormonal control in women. An argument is only as good as it’s sources, and unfortunately making claims that can or cannot be backed up by research, and in fact do not, must be taken with a grain of salt.
I am sorry for using the term zygote loosely (which is often the case unless you want something more technical) The zygote becomes a mass of 8 cells called a morula, which divides further into a hollow ball called a blastocyst, which in turn (as you have pointed out) implants in the uterus. I am unaware of something being called an abortifacient (pill, medicines, etc) that is not used to purposefully cause abortions. The pill seems to be very over-prescribed to simply handle symptoms and avoid solving the real root of the challenges a woman may be facing.
Many many women become pregnant without ever knowing because a womans own body self aborts. I have done tons of research and have come across a few studies that delved into the statistical probability of the pill causing abortions.
It appears it’s more of a marketing technique on the part of the pharmaceutical companies than it is scientific fact, if that makes sense.
After further analysis, it doesn’t seem they have any evidence at all to back up what they are claiming.
It is very well written, very easy to read, and DEFINITELY worth giving a chance for anyone who is looking into this issue.
Yes, they often do, but there are no rules in that church against using contraception or getting fixed). We now have a wonderful, happy and large family and love our faith- despite the sinners like us who abound in it.
I love knowing that I have a good chance of conceiving a new child with this particular act at at this particular time and my husband does as well.
They do not end up like the world’s children- depressed, dysfunctional and rebellious. The division had sales of $2.5 million in 2004 and is the fifth largest over-the-counter health products company in the world. The pills contain a form of estrogen (ethinyl estradiol) and a form of progesterone (norgestrel), which are both female hormones involved in conception. Since their introduction in the 1960s, Birth control pills have maintained a high level of popularity and for good reason. Depending on the type of pill prescribed, you take your first pill at either the onset of menstruation, or the Sunday after or on which your period begins. After that, if you take the pill at the same time each day, additional birth control methods aren't necessary.
Average failure rates are approximately 5% per year when women who miss Ovral doses are included. When oral contraceptives were accidentally taken early in pregnancy, problems in the fetus did not occur.
Also, they may shorten a woman's ability to breast-feed by about 1 month, especially when the mother is only partially breast-feeding. Some teenagers may need extra information on the importance of taking Ovral exactly as prescribed. Don't consider the information provided here as a substitute of consultation with physician. I had always thought (and I have to say after sharing with many friends, they always thought as well) that the pill kept you from ovulating. I would think that the answer to your question,”Is it a sufficient reason to reject the birth control pill based SOLELY on its abortifacient affect?,” is a resounding yes!
I think the fact that the pills deliberate (it’s designed to do it) act of causing an abortion is a reason enough to make it wrong.
I think the argument, it’s an unintentional side effect, would be an excuse to justify it. It would be very difficult to find numbers on #3, but I imagine that they would be very similar to the number of times it happens to women on the pill. Unfortunately, it seems like it may just be the pill-prescribing pro-life doctors trying to massage their conscience on the issue and prevent division within the community. As an avid reader of labels, I did not fancy any of the side effects of the pill, depo-provera or norplant (a real scary read). It is the one Christ Himself founded and He has not let it go astray, especially in the issues that mean the most- the basic family unit. If we really see children the way God sees them, we would not care so much about our busy schedule and financial concerns. There is nothing to describe it, especially in a world that is pleased for your loss and allows no grief to be expressed. They are known for manufacturing the over-the-counter drugs as well as the prescription drugs.

The pharmaceuticals division is further subdivided into five subdivisions: Wyeth Research, Prescription Products, Biopharmaceuticals, Vaccines, and Nutritionals. The pill also thickens your cervical mucus, making it difficult for sperm to enter the uterus and reach any eggs that may have been released. Women who are not breast-feeding may begin to take oral contraceptives two weeks after having a baby. Because the amount of hormones is so small in low-dose contraceptives, your doctor may allow you to begin using an oral contraceptive after you have been breast-feeding for a while. Women can and do ovulate when taking the pill, thus fertilization does occur given the chance the woman has intercourse. After my first child was born, social pressure increased from all directions to prevent another birth. While I spent some time in the Eastern Mennonite Church, my husband was looking in church history. They are always looking to create things and help each other (except when stubbornly acting like their parents). You are a witness to God’s plan for marriage, whether or not you are able to bear children. However, it may be necessary for you to use another method of birth control or to stop breast-feeding while taking oral contraceptives. And while there are some morally acceptable applications of The Pill to fix or help other issues a woman may be having, her fertility is not one of those things! I hear it’s sold-out, but I saw on the website they are offering live-streaming of the speakers. By not allowing the new zygote to implant in the uterus the woman has an abortion without even knowing it!
And given the wide variety of symptoms and reactions a woman may experience while on the pill, it is impossible to tell. The pill is an ARTIFICIAL product which is meant to eliminate the chance of pregnancy, which in case causes the zygote (it is not yet a fetus) to be ARTIFICIALLY aborted. Taking into account everything that can go wrong during gestation, the birth of a child praises God all the more. Pregnant women indeed do things that are incredibly dangerous for the unborn child, like driving.
He shared his historical findings (pointing towards the Catholic Church) and I shared my family life lessons learned from the Mennonites. The fact is, although we would love to believe otherwise, we simply do not know what the future holds.
Your experience shows those who would consider birth control how different they would feel should they not be able to have a child.
And often those problems, as I understand, can be fixed more effectively by alternative methods that are much healthier. I am happy to see that people are striving to educate the public, in what appears to be a lack of understanding in a highly controversial topic. It may have parasites, microbial agents, or a number of carcinogens that we are not aware about. A woman can only get pregnant a few days out of the month, and all a couple must do is abstain during the highly probable fertile time. And so, I went to the elder women in my church (non-denom) to seek their advice (after all the Bible tells young women to do this). Oddly, I thought then, the Catholic Church seemed to right on target about a lot of things.
I am pregnant with my 13th child (lost two to miscarriage and one was born alive long enough to receive Baptism).
Regardless of which type pill you take, the following week you begin the active pills again and continue for another three weeks until it's time for your next period. I know many happily married Christian women, (who are obviously against abortion) who don’t think twice about taking the pill, when in effect they have no idea that their actions may prove contrary to the beliefs they hold in their heart. And in an answer to your question, no I cannot justify using a device that is deliberately designed to prevent a pregnancy, or kill a zygote, over eating an apple or driving to the bookstore. If it is truly immoral to put the embryo at any risk, then a woman should simply sit in her house for 9 months. Contraception is our will only and does not give us an opportunity to work with God in the most intimate way. Wouldn’t it be arbitrary if we excused a person for not having a baby based on finances? Now, if we decide to be completely open to God’s will, which in marriage is the procreating and raising of children, will He not provide all that we need? My older children (a few are adults) are as excited as we are and do everything they can to prepare for the blessed event.
If we are going to be pro-life, and against abortion, we have to be either for it, or against it 100%, there is no middle ground.
God is good and faithful (I heard a quote from somewhere saying that with every child God sends a sandwich). The catholic church teaches that you cannot (and correct me if I’m wrong on this) make an evil right, by doing another evil. Because if that is the case, then is it also morally wrong to take Tylenol when you’ve got a headache? The women I spoke with seemed to have good marriages and yet they also seemed to hold their husbands in disregard when this subject was broached. I’d really like to hear the Catholic side of this, as most of my friends are Protestant, and therefore support artificial birth control.

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