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Inexpensive and non-toxic, vinegar is found in almost every kitchen, and among other uses, can be used to gently clean your pet's ears, get rid of cat litter odor and give your pet's coat a gleaming shine – naturally! Rather than reaching for a plastic bag to clean up after Rover while out on a walk, choose biodegradable waste bags instead. Don't throw out old tennis balls, ropes, and stuffed animals no longer loved by your child – they can be your pet's new favorite toy! You may have started to go green at home, choosing to reuse items, recycle more, buy locally grown and organic produce -- but where does your four-legged companion fit into this equation? Instead, give your furry friend a comfortable place to relax and sleep using old comforters, pillows, and even the special pregnancy pillow stuffed in the back of the closet! Earth Friendly Products has created biodegradable pet wipes that help to clean dirty paws or freshen up your pet's coat while traveling.

Yes, it's convenient to buy the oversized bag of dry food on the cheap, but your best pal deserves a sound meal with no added hormones, artificial ingredients and animal by-products.
If you have a large yard, you may even choose to compost your dog's poop – responsibly, of course!
Rover will love the new nest you've created by reusing items that might have ended up in the trash or taken to a local charity center.
The eco-friendly pet wipes also help to naturally control dander that contributes to allergies. Take care not to combine the poop with the composting pile for your vegetable garden – you will want to use a separate, designated compost system for this purpose to reduce the risk of infection such as E. With these six tips, you can introduce a more eco-friendly lifestyle to your favorite furball in no time!

Remember, before processed foods for Fifi or Fido, there were table scraps and other home-cooked culinary delights for your pet's enjoyment.
A pet waste disposal system that makes it easy for anyone to create this safely in their yard is the Doggie Dooley – it's compact and affordable, and can be found online.

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