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These toenail fungus photos were sent in to us to add to our collection, for all to see and compare with what you have yourself. This is a good example of what is NOT toenail Fungus – I banged my finger in a door, and got a nasty bruise that lasted for months, (until it grew out).
Hi, My name is Zac and for the last 6 months at east, I have had the hard growth under my nail. Last night I just had enough and I cut my nail off as much as I could and tried to scrape this thing out with the end of the nail clippers. I had a bad fungus infection on all 10 of my toenails and tried all the home remedies, many of which did not work. I need help my nail fell off and now it grows back but its not stuck on the bed of it it grows back completely white and loose off the bed . EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately your picture was such poor quality and blurry, could you send it again, but with a better photograph? From Missy, another photo that we almost didn’t print because it is very poor quality. Would you know of a company who would like to purchase my videos of 5 months progress of taking Lamisil?
Sandals – how to hide toenail fungus when wearing sandals – put some nail polish on and liven things up!
Saw this statue in Italy, of some saint, and thought you might like to add it to your site.
I have hope of opening my own salon someday and wonder when does a salon turn someone away. My big toenail on my left foot was all most ready to come off when I started spraying it with Lysol Disinfectent.
I have lived with this ugly, ugly toe nail fungus since I was a young, young boy, it is very embarrassing at that time and even now. Anyone who’s ever experienced it before knows how hard it can be to get rid of this fungal infection. However, this simple foot soak, along with the lifestyle recommendations bellow, can help you get rid of that nasty infection once and for all.
According to the Mayo Clinic, nail fungus is a common condition that begins as a white or yellow spot under the tip of your fingernail or toenail.
As the fungal infection goes deeper, nail fungus may cause your nail to discolor, thicken and crumble at the edge. Vinegar has been a popular, non-invasive way to treat nail fungus for the last few centuries. First, add the apple cider vinegar and water to the basin in a ratio of 1 cup of vinegar for every 2 cups of water. Fill the basin again with warm water, making sure that the water covers your feet and nails. You should always keep your nails and cuticles trimmed, cleaning your nail clippers or scissors before and after each use. If you paint your toes, throw out your nail polish and refrain from pedicures until a few months after your nail has fully healed. Athletes foot is a bacteria or fungus that thrives in enclosed, warm and moist environments. Athletes foot can be very painful as your feet crack, blister and peel and become red and inflamed. READWeight Loss Drugs - Use CautionAs always it would be much better to never get athletes foot at all so in order to avoid this problem make sure you start with dry feet when putting on shoes and keep them dry as well. Gout diet gout treatment natural gout remedies, Urgent message from the gout remedy report.
How rid gout quickly naturally - hubpages, Here quick ways rid gout fast naturally: vitamin intake.
You harmful chemicals rid gout, acne, You harmful chemicals rid gout, acne toenail fungus. You can get credit for it, or we can leave your name off (the default is no name unless permission granted).

Hope you can see that my nail is really really bad, I’m afraid to go to the doctor about it. I have tried everything from vapo rub and vinegar to listerine and over the counter ointments. Here are some pics from 1 month to end my toe nails are great…I have a video for every month as well as pics. I recently started soaking my toes in warm vinegar for 20-30 minutes, after, I scrape off the white residue that surrounds the cuticle and under the nail. To determine if your condition is actually nail fungus, please visit your physician or doctor and get a sample to be analyzed. It’s quite acidic, which is how it kills fungus, but it will need to be diluted not to irritate the skin. It’s also a good idea to brush nails with tea tree oil every day to help fight fungus in between treatments. Clean all your shoes, sandals and boots: Dish soap and hot water works for most materials, but you can also use antibacterial shoe spray (equal parts water and vinegar works well) or shoe powder. Always wear clean socks: If your toe nail fungus was particularly bad, you might want to wash all your socks and pantyhose separately to make sure they aren’t contaminated. Wash your feet: If you are prone to toe nail fungus or athlete’s foot, take some extra time in the shower to wash your toes. If you find yourself unable to control your foot health on your own, book an appointment with a dermatologist or a podiatrist to get some extra help.
It is typically transmitted in moist areas where people walk barefoot, such as showers or bathhouses.
Tea Tree Oil – This seems to be probably the most popular natural athletes foot cure. Baking Soda – Most disease thrives in an acidic environment and athletes foot is no different. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I went to a local chemist and they would not give me anything to clear it up because its all open. I tried Lamisil (The Pill) but only 30 days worth through the VA and they went away but they came back. I’m 16 years old, and I cannot tell if the fungus is inside the actual toenail, or under it. After all the ugliness, comments and embarrassment, Comet Cleanser seems to be doing the job on my stubborn nail fungus!
Well I decided to 2months ago that I was sick of wearing acrylics and I only had it on my left big toe because I had bumped it on tha bed leg and it broke so here it is 2months ago from today. Of course it is not only athletes who can get athletes foot but anyone who allows a dark, moist environment to exist in their shoes. You need immediate relief when you discover that you have athlete’s foot so here are some remedies that you may or may not have in your home currently. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic and anti fungal properties and provides relief from the awful itching. The use of baking soda as a paste or by simply sprinkling some into your shoes combats the acidity in your shoes and acts as a preventative against athletes foot. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Now I have to wait at least a month for the nail to grow back and then I can start this treatment.
About a year later, my toe nails became very yellowish and extremely brittle, just crumbling like dust and I noticed they were beyond extra thick. Then remove as much of the nail as you can, clip them as short as possible with nail clippers and file and scrape away as much of the surface as you can. The big toe has had a difficult life lately – this is an example of filing the nail down too much? I have used clippers a lot, cut the nail pretty low, it doesn’t hurt, and at the low that it is, it probably SHOULD be hurting.

Because of the toenail fungus it has prevented me from me from doing so many things as a child and even now as I am 46.
I wish I took a before picture, because although my toe nails my still look bad, they were much worse than any picture I’ve seen so far. If you have a digital camera without a close-up lens, hold the camera about 3 feet away from your toe fungus and use the highest resolution setting on your digital camera. We want to spread information about this nasty, common ailment to help people understand it and get cured.
They should be made of something that lets air move through it, like canvas, mesh, or leather. So one month ago I noticed pain in the joints of that toe, it felt as if I needed to crack my bone but it did not work. It took one time of going to the beach with my mom when I was young an someone commented on them and said it look like I had pebbles glues to my to toenail, that was it. My left pinky toe has improved the most and in seeing that I am more dedicated in continuing my home treatment.
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Also, make sure to wear shower shoes in wet public places like locker rooms and swimming pools.
As I got older an had medical insurance I had them removed because they were hurting and my young son would always step or stand on them, but unfortunately the darn things grew back after the same as I left them.
This website and it's contents may be changed without notice, and has been prepared with utmost care. I went to my GP who said I needed a fungal cream and she gave me Ketoconazole 2 % and wants to see me in one month.. Then, holding your foot over the tub, (or go outside), pour on table salt from the box and let it stick to the Vicks. Is there something stronger I can take or is there something I need to know about my rash that me and my docter need to discuss? When I touch the vain that’s going through that toe it feels tingly like I have 1thousand needs in it.
Use the flash if you are not super close, or alternately get over next to a bright window, or outside in the daylight.
Shake off the excess, put your socks on carefully so as not to rub off the salt and Vicks, put on your shoes and go about your day. Anyway, I can’t really go out and buy things, so what household products, or what steps can I take to solve this? I won’t even let my grandson see them, make me depressed an sad because I want normal toenail to be proud of, to go to the beach, cruise ship, go barefooted etc.
It is not a substitute for professional medical care, and medical advice and services are not being offered. Do this EVERY morning, the clipping and sraping part can be done once a week as the infected nail begins to crumble. This website provides links to other organizations as a service to our readers; we are not responsible for information provided in other websites. The uninfected, healthy nail will begin to grow out as the Vicks and salt continues to kill the fungus. Some of the links on this site are for affiliate programs and the owner may receive money for them. My nails grow slowly and it takes a long time to begin to see it as it grows from underneath the cuticle, but eventually you can see the healthy nail. No drugs to harm the liver, no expensive doctor visits or expensive products, and takes only a minute a day.

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