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Testimonials I would like to say a great big Thank-You to Yvonne Meikle, and your assistant technician Natasha,for the friendly and professional sevice you provided.
My son had it done for acne scaring what a difference thank you, TracyTRACY THOMSON, Livingston Had my first treatment of IPL for hair removal done by Yvonne at Laserbrite and can notice a difference alteady.
I will certainly return.Jan Burgoyne, Lancashire Please tell us about your experience at Laserbrite, we would love to hear from you! There are acne scar treatments however, that can heal acne scars and give you beautiful skin once again. As part of a healing skin care program, you can also add in other acne scar solutions such as acne healing creams.
Finally, choosing the best acne scar treatment depends on how long you want to wait for results, how much you are willing to spend, and whether you want to pursue a surgical or non surgical path. Since there are so many products that work to fade acne scars, looking at all of the available information may be helpful in picking a certain product or procedure. 2- When you wash, use soaps that have ingredients that will help dry your skin, but also nurture it—using something acidic for long periods will make your skin start to peel.
4- It can be a huge help if you try using mud or charcoal scrubs or masks one to two times per week in order to help your skin remain healthy and free of clogged pores that might appear, no matter how well you clean throughout the rest of the week. 1- Beware of products with salicylic acid; while it can be a huge help when you are trying to initially dry out your skin, it can be damaging over time.
Took about 10 days afterwards to notice but patches of hair have not grown back :-) can't believe the difference after just 1 session, already booked to come back next month.

Before you start looking for solutions to your acne scar problem, you really should take the time to learn more about this condition. They are the results of the body’s reaction to bacteria, dirt, and dead cells clogging the follicles or pores of the face.
However, there are a few factors that could cause scars that have already formed to become worse overtime if treatment is not sought. These creams are specially designed to repair the skin that has been scarred by acne, and can bring back the smooth skin surface that you once had.
As the acne appears and grows worse, it will often leave deep pocket like scars when it fades. For instance, if you continue to have acne breakouts during the time that your current scars are healing, they can infect the scars that are still healing, or form new ones on top of those.
See u again soon xKaren , Livingston Ive had my first session of IPL with Yvonne and can notice a massive difference already! These scars do not generally fade over time like other types of scars, and they can be hard to get rid of. Macules are the red or white spots left behind after a blemish, which can remain for up to 6 months, but will then fade. Since scars that are damaged a second time can be almost impossible to get rid of, it is important to seek out treatment as soon as you can.

Unlike these macules, a true acne scar will not fade without the aid of acne scar treatment. You should also avoid letting your skin get dirty, using excessive makeup, and popping any existing acne, as this can increase your risk of infection.
Go for it!Sharon McGuckin, Linlithgow Had my 2nd IPL session and most of the hair is barely visible now!!
Also, in order to promote healing of old scars and to help prevent the likelihood of new ones, it is best to develop a regular acne skin care treatment program. This pigmentation change can occur after acne has healed; it leaves the skin lighter or darker than it originally was before the breakout.
This can consist of keeping your skin clean twice per day with a medicated or natural cleanser. Pigmentation can last up to 18 months, but is not a scar and scar treatments will often not have any effect on it. Either option can work well; the important thing is that you minimize the risk of infection while your current scars have time to heal.

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