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For almost all the varieties that you will find for sale in Western New York, the answer is no. The second reason is that mums should be planted sooner in the season, by around August, if the plants are going to make it through the winter.
If you try to plant them now, they won’t have enough time to root well and the roots may heave up out the ground. Mark Yadon, vice president of Mischler’s, thinks the odds of getting fall mums through the winter are even lower than 50-50. The first method is to overwinter the plant in its pot in a sheltered area, then plant it in the spring.
The other method you can try is to plant the mum in the ground now– the earlier, the better, Buchanan said. If we have a lot of thawing and freezing, the roots can heave out of the ground, which is what kills them. This entry was posted on September 9, 2014 at 2:58 pm and is filed under Annuals, Perennials, Uncategorized. By Peter Davis It’s one of the biggest misconceptions in business that new customers should be the focus of the marketing efforts. These are the kind of people who enter a store in order to purchase an item on discount prices. In order to serve all these different people, your sales representatives need to have good people skills and a good sense of what type of customer they’re dealing with. Filed Under: Sales Strategy, Small business About Peter DavisPeter Davis works with first class local cleaners and enjoys dealing with young and vital people.
Fledgling Special Agent Jana Baker's struggle against evil and her own fears takes her to the edge of the abyss, and the clock is ticking. Sign up for our newsletter and receive exclusive stories, breaking news, sale alerts and much more straight to your Inbox! Besides, even if you do get the mum to overwinter, you will have a plant without flowers taking up space in your garden throughout the summer.
It will have all summer to root into the ground and you have a better chance of having the plant survive the next winter. Throughout spring and summer, you’ll have a plant that is just green and has no flowers.
If you plant them in your garden, he suggests pulling them out when they die and putting something else in their place in the spring.
This is a good idea to some extent, but ultimately you want to direct your attention towards the loyal customers who are the ones who represent a large portion of your sales, even though they are rarely more than 20% of your whole customer base. One way to convert those people to loyal customers is to give them discount cards but you need to make sure that people don’t begin to exploit this system or else you will start losing money.
They just enter your store because they saw something they liked, or because they’re bored, or whatever.

Thinking about these situations before they pop up can make it somewhat easier to set your personal guidelines. A person viewing it online may make one printout of the material and may use that printout only for his or her personal, non-commercial reference. Plus, I think many people are disappointed when their mums don’t come back and have no idea what went wrong. There are other groups of customers, as well, and even though you should do everything in your power to satisfy their needs, the only true way you can be sure that you’re doing a great job is to focus on the regular ones more so than other groups.
Your customer support must be stellar, as well, and you need to do everything in your power to keep as many people satisfied as possible. In order to convert them to loyal customers, you need to have excellent sales representatives – polite and helpful.
This material may not otherwise be downloaded, copied, printed, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any medium, whether now known or later invented, except as authorized in writing by the AAFP.
Since you can’t always be a jack of all trades, and nor should you, because this is rarely the right approach, you need to focus your efforts on the loyal customers. This way even if the client doesn’t purchase something right away, they will probably be back some other time because they will remember the nice service.
If you want to be in good terms with this type of person, you need to provide quick services and help them satisfy their needs. How likely are you to do that?Your 8-month-old infant has had three days of fussiness and fever up to 102 degrees. In these situations, every physician might interpret minor problems and emergencies differently.
Nick and all related titles, logos and charactersare trademarks of Viacom International Inc.×No results found, showing results for Sorry, no results found! Loyal customers constitute about 20% of your customer base but they also represent a huge portion of your overall sales. Our intent is to help you reflect on this issue by increasing your awareness of other physicians’ practices and by increasing your knowledge of ethical and legal guidelines for prescribing for yourself, relatives, friends and colleagues. In turn, the clarity and comfort of your personal guidelines can inspire students and colleagues as they form their own approach to these questions. How likely are you to look in her ears and treat her if needed?You are visiting a colleague who is two weeks postpartum at home. It states that a prescriber must have a bona fide patient-physician relationship, including a written record of it. She felt that she could not be objective when dealing with her own care, and she saw a colleague in the office setting.
How likely are you to treat her and her baby?A family member calls from out of state, where she is visiting family. The author felt that the tooth abscess was a minor problem and decided it was convenient to give her family member an antibiotic when away from home in a somewhat isolated setting.Your infant might have an ear infection.

How likely are you to call this in for her?Your neighbor does not have health insurance and thinks he has the flu.
Though some physicians might feel comfortable treating their child, the author did not treat her 8-month-old.
Stay away from prescribing controlled substances.Of course, this leaves a lot of area open for physician interpretation of each situation. She felt that the emotional closeness of the mother-child relationship might compromise her medical judgment.
How likely are you to give him intravenous fluids at home?You are at a dinner party, and an acquaintance corners you to ask your advice about some migraines she’s been having.
If this scenario occurred at night or on the weekend, then some physicians might be more willing to treat their children given the convenience issue, though it is important to consider setting boundaries.In addition, consider whether there are certain family members you would never treat, or others you would treat under particular circumstances. How likely are you to offer your medical opinion?Treatment of self and non-patients (defined as people treated outside a standard office relationship, usually without documentation) is common practice. If a physician sets up the expectation that family members will be treated, it may be more difficult to deny care.
The more you reward them for being your customers, the more they will make sure that they recommend you to their friends and will bring you lots of potential customers. This decision could vary depending on a physician’s gender and relationship with the colleague. The author did treat her colleague and the baby because she felt that it was a minor, easily treated problem. However, because treatment might involve examining the breasts, other physicians might have been uncomfortable and declined treatment.Your family member wants a narcotic cough syrup. However, another physician did treat this non-patient outside the office, and the non-patient improved and was appreciative.
The factors that prompted the second physician to do this were the financial situation of the patient and convenience for the patient not having to wait for hours in an emergency room.An acquaintance seeks medical advice in a social setting. It is a common and sometimes troublesome situation for a physician to be asked for medical advice by a non-patient (or even a patient, for that matter) in a social situation. Rarely does a physician have enough information about the situation to provide specific advice. One might choose to give general information about the medical condition then refer the patient to his or her own physician for more thorough advice.

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