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Advocate photo by ERIKA GOLDRING -- The Cure performs at UNO Lakefront Arena on Wednesday, May 11, 2016.
That multi-million-selling 1989 album, much to frontman Robert Smith’s dismay at the time, catapulted The Cure to a whole other level of commercial and critical success. During their two-night tour kick-off in New Orleans, Smith and company sifted through a lot of material, trying to figure out what to serve up on the long road ahead. When The Cure played a string of festival dates in 2013, including the Voodoo Experience in City Park, they trotted out a greatest-hits set designed to hold the attention of large, tired audiences in vast outdoor spaces. This time around, for their first proper American tour since 2008, they are out to challenge and reward fans with deep cuts from the vault — even if many would prefer a few more familiar sing-alongs, too. Smith’s distinctive voice, equal parts vulnerable, foreboding and lovesick, is undiminished. Discover the simple yet powerful steps to receiving emotional, physical, and spiritual healing by faith. A blueprint for vision health to improve eyesight and enhance vision health, with exercises based on Dr. Research psychologist from Queen's University, Belfast has endorsed The Linden Method, the solution to all phobias.

Discover the secrets of clinical magnetic therapy to relieve pain (NOT the magnetic bracelets).
A book of wisdom for all parents who want to bring up their children with wisdom in coping with all environments. A complete at-home addiction recovery program to cure permanently and naturally alcohol addiction or drug abuse. The world's most comprehensive nutritional transformation program with 10 bonus books on antioxidants, organics, low-glycemic eating, body's ecosystem etc. The content of this site cannot be copied or reproduced in any form without the author's permission. In 7 days detox toxins, accelerate weight loss, and create life energy for radiant health and wellness. Since 2012, his guitar foil onstage has been Reeves Gabrels, a daring, forward-thinking player perhaps best known for his collaborations with David Bowie.
Screens behind the band displayed mostly amorphous graphics and such unsettling images as frenzied insects. Get MIND SURGE and 22 POWERFUL TOOLS for FREE to pre-program your dreams to enhance your mind power.

Vision health is holistic health; take care of your vision to empower the self-healing process. It was also demonstrated to be false: The Cure sounded the same, as always, yet remarkably vibrant and alive. With his modest pompadour, bandanna, skinny jeans, combat boots and low-slung bass, Gallup looks more like a member of The Clash than The Cure. But other than Smith, he is The Cure’s longest-tenured member, dating back, with only a brief interruption, to the late 1970s.
All night, they broadcast only a static, unchanging long shot of the band from Gabrels’ side of the stage. However, you need to be a discerning reader -- that is, a reader with the experience to discern the truths from the myths. The more you empower yourself with knowledge, a more experienced and intelligent reader you become.

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