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A problem which effects approximately 3% of the UK population, fungal nail infections also account for around half of all nail health problems. At first the is no pain or discomfort but this can change if left untreated for a long time. Walking with and infected toenail or writing with an infected fingernail may become uncomfortable. Athletes food, a fungus infection the skin around toe nails can spread and lead to toenail infections. The infection can pass between nail – particularly between toe and fingernail though scratching for example.
Frequent washing of the nail increase the chance of them becoming infected by removing the protective layer at the base of the nail allowing the fungus to enter and spread. Fungi love warm, humid environments so if your shoes cause you feet to sweat this will increse the chances.
Those suffering from certain health conditions such as psoriasis and diabetes also increase the risk. If your infection is very mild, causes you no discomfort and is not noticeable (for example on a small toenail) you can chose to just leave it alone as treatments can take a long time (several months) to cure the nail. When you take these tablets any fungal infections (not just infections of the nail) are treated though your bloodstream. Side effects sometimes include: itching, headache, nausea, diarrhoea and a loss of your sense of taste. Whilst being as effective as anti-fungal tablets, nail lacquers such as Curanail will not produce any side effects. They occur far more in toenails (four times a likely compared to fingernails) due to the enclosed environment found around most toenails.

Your pharmasist or doctor can recommend the type which suits your fungal nail infection the most. Treatment is applied once a week only, for 6 or 9 months for fingernails and toenails respectively.
If left unattended, the may get caught on somethingor rip or tear causing a painful wound on the animal. If you decide to use anti-fungal tablets you doctor will recommend either Itraconazole or Terbinafine. If not provided with regular care, farm animals' hooves may also overgrow or crack causing pain or discomfort, and making it difficult for the animal to stand. Tablets have the advantage of treating other fungal infections (of the skin) as well as of the nail including athletes foot but many decide not yo use them due to a risk of side effects. You really need to see one, for they will also give you a script for an antibiotic to clear up the infection.
The medication has a numbing medication that not only numbs the area but softens the nail enough so that when you pull it out of your toe, no pain. I think the nail is growing underneath, but can't get the nail out, so that I can put a cotton under it.
This little bit of extra toenail on the ends of the nail keeps the nail from getting ingrown under the skin. Ever since I started cutting my toenails straight to keep the ends a bit longer I have never had another ingrown nail! When you get it so you can stand it, allow your toenail to grow out and away from your flesh. It's basically little latex (beware of any allergies) fingertips that you roll down over an injured finger.

The ones designed for the thumbs would work and on down to pinky size depending on what toe is infected.
By Martha from Cleburne, TXAnswers:Remedies for an Ingrown ToenailCut a small pie shaped section in the middle of the toenail. As painful as it may be, you want to have an edge of a matchbook (or similar cardboard) under the ingrown nail.
Put the foot in semi-hot water and after, use a nail file to raise the nail a little bit, enough to slide the edge of cardboard between the nail and the skin. Take away the nail file, leave the cardboard, pamper the foot and soak it with some Epsom salts in the water a couple times a day if you can.
I was married to one, and they are the only medical practitioner who seems to know how to take care of them.
Sometimes they will extract the entire edge, if the the ingrowing is chronic (which occurs if the nail has become deformed, or the flesh is chronically inflamed).
The toenail will look perfectly normal unless the proud flesh has created a permanent bump.
I myself have to occasionally treat a stubborn deformed nail, and I have found that an infection can be treated with a Domeboro soaks, and Vicks dressings.
Get both feet done at the same time if you even think there is a possibility it will happen to the toe on the other foot.
I had it done about 10 years ago and could kick myself for suffering off and on for all those years.

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