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Some of the home remedies for dealing with razor burns can be used before you shave so that you can prevent the razor burns and others are used post razor burn.
This cream often takes away the redness and sting, and enhances the flow of blood to the affected area.
It can reduce the irritation, burning sensation, inflammation and can even stop the bleeding caused by razor cuts. You can make aspirin paste by mixing about one teaspoon warm water with two uncoated aspirins.
Turmeric is also considered to be a very effective home remedy when it comes to reducing the discomforts related to razor burns.
Applying strawberry and sour cream paste on the affected area can bring a lot of relief to you.
Shaving is a simple, fast and affordable way of getting rid of any excess hair on the body. A razor burn can be described as a pink or red rash or a skin irritation that results after shaving with a razor. If you want to get rid of razor burn quickly, then apply cold compress on the area that’s affected. Witch hazel contains anti-septic and soothing properties and it can be used in treating various skin problems.
Aspirin contains some anti-inflammatory properties that assist in decreasing redness and puffiness. If you do not see any change in getting rid of razor burns even after trying all the above methods, then it’s important to consult a physician.
Use Actual Shaving Cream And A Sharp RazorObviously, the girl in this stock photo is about to get hella razor burn.
Eliminate the burns and bumps with Today's Super Deal where $18 gets you a bottle of RAZOR BURN FREEDOM® For Women With Patented HR? Technology (a $37 Value - Shipping Included). Limit 2 per customer, may buy 3 more as giftsRedeem onlineFree Shipping included (applies to Ground Delivery only. Feature your business with TheSuperDeal to acquire quality and eager new customers via risk-free and highly-targeted marketing. TheSuperDeal Birmingham offers amazing offers 50 to 90% off the best things to eat, see and do. Razor burns are difficult to deal with as it leads to bleeding, pimples, pain, pus and itching. You can apply this cream over the shaved area to get some relief from irritation and redness caused by using razor inappropriately.
However, this remedy is only meant for a temporary relief and should not be used for more than a couple of days. You need to make this paste fine enough to apply it on the razor burns and then apply it on the skin.

After washing turmeric paste, you can also apply some cucumber juice using a cotton swab on the razor burn to get some instant relief.
Then apply it on the razor burn area and leave it for about ten minutes before washing it away with warm water. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If your skin starts getting irritated after using a razor blade, then you have razor burns. This will give you immediate relief from the burning sensation that may result due to razor burns.
Blend a half cup of cucumber and combine with a half cup of milk so that it forms a thick, smooth paste.
It has a natural cooling property which is great in dealing with problems that result when shaving the hair.
Since it contains soothing capabilities, it offers instant relief from the swelling and burning sensation.
These properties make it an exceptional product for eliminating razor burns, sores and bumps that you may experience after you have shaved your armpits, legs or bikini area. If you can, do not wear any clothes or wear loose fitting clothes on the areas that have razor burn so that the pores can breathe more. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that all work together to reduce swelling and irritation. If you are successful in eliminating razor burns, be sure to be more careful when shaving so that you don’t have to deal with razor burns again. If you have, you may or may not have noticed a crop of zit-looking things there and thought, Oh god, I have definitely been afflicted with a very rare armpit-specific disease. Some of the useful home remedies for razor burns include aloe vera gel, strawberry paste, turmeric paste, astringent and Hydrocortisone Cream. You must keep the paste for about 15-20 minutes or allow it to dry before washing it away using lukewarm water. Razor bumps are ingrown hairs that cause inflammation of the skin that encompasses the area where you have shaved.
To protect yourself from razor burns, spread some drops of witch hazel on the area you have shaved. The best thing about it is that it contains acetic acid that helps in preventing any further infections. If you have razor burn on the bikini area, it’s recommended that you put on cotton underwear.
If you shave your armpits, you probably just have armpit razor burn, which is basically a sort-of-itchy, sort-of-painful rash that can flare up under your armpits after shaving. Take a slightly rough washcloth or a soft loofah and use it to gently exfoliate your ingrown hairs.

Instantly relieves irritation and discomfort after shaving, waxing, electrolysis and laser hair removal. Many times, when shaving with razor is done in a rush, it often leads to cuts and scratches that lead to razor burns. However, this form of hair removal does come with its own share of shortcomings; razor burns.
Your hair then curls back into the skin and the immune system recognizes it as a foreign item and thus an immune response is triggered leading to swelling and redness. Apply it on the area affected and let it sit for 10 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. If you have razor burns already, spread witch hazel on the affected area and then a moisturizer so that you can soothe the razor burns. The oil nourishes the skin with enough moisture and makes the burning sensation and puffiness vanish. They’re usually caused by ingrown hairs, which creates the irritated bump that you see. This is probably the easiest way to prevent razor burn--if you use shaving cream (not just some random bar of soap, which I usually do because I'm lazy) and a sharp razor (you're supposed to switch every two weeks, btw) much of your ingrown hair issues will be prevented, since those are usually caused by ineffective razors. This is the FIRST treatment of its kind formulated exclusively for women and their post-hair removal skin needs.Dr. There are several ways that you can use to manage the problems at home through effective home remedies. Alternately, you can mix some few drops of tea tree oil with one tablespoon of olive oil and then apply the mixture on the skin area that’s been irritated. Make Razor Burn Freedom® a part of your hair removal routine and you'll see symptoms simply disappear over time. Still, you can just use the tea tree oil on its own by applying it on the skin after you are done with hair shaving. So, if you shave in the morning and apply deodorant right after, the antiperspirants in the deodorant get into the tiny cuts created by shaving and create further irritation.
This is great if you want to stop sweat, but not so great if you don't want razor burn, since the clogged pores stops the flow of your sweat and causes inflammation. Buy it at Kiss My Face for $3.99Stop ShavingFinally, you can just take the plunge and stop shaving altogether.

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