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Colds viruses can also cause the throat tissue to become inflamed near the area where your nasal passages meet your throat.
This coating helps protect the sensitive throat tissue and gives you an instant sense of relief.
Chamomile does not directly affect your sore throat, but it has many calming properties to it and can really just make you feel better when you’re down. You should keep in mind that if a sore throat persists it could be a symptom of a serious condition such as strep throat and you should consult your doctor. Just stir a spoonful into a glass of water in the morning and experience the best health ever! 10 Amazing Benefits of Onions You Didn’t KnowOnion is one of the most used vegetables in the kitchen.

These are pretty mild conditions that, although annoying, will correct themselves over time.
The added bonus is that most natural home remedies can be whipped up right in your kitchen. In ancient China hot honey was often used to soothe throat pain and in many cultures, for many centuries this has been a standard home remedy. Not only can this ingredient make dishes more delicious, but it can actually boost the nutritional value of recipes. Allergies to things outside and inside can cause nasal drainage down the back of your throat.
If you have a small child that is suffering from a sore throat, you have to consider if these over the counter medications are safe for the child.

A trip to a local drug store will produce shelves of products that promise to fix your sore throat. Also, the acidic nature of lemons can actually change the environment of the throat helping to rid it of viruses and bacteria that could be causing the irritation. However, for a long time now, honey is being kept in many household for more than such purpose.

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