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BRITAIN’S winter vomiting bug crisis has now hit more than a million people – and experts predict the situation could get worse.
Philadelphia wedding photographer Michael Ash of Ash Imagery begins his bio with one word: Passion.
Readers, you can see more gorgeous work from Michael at Ash Imagery’s blog and website. Sufferers are advised to stay at home, drink fluids and not visit their GP to avoid spreading it. Spend just a few moments reading his Spotlight Interview and you will realize how absolutely fitting this word is in describing Michael. I get to witness and take part in one of the (if not THE) happiest day in a person’s life.
I’m attempting to photograph a wedding in a way that is unique and meaningful to both the couple, and myself. I  jam packed my schedule and I’m ready to have some down time with friends and family. This means there could be at least 1.01 million cases, up from just under 880,000 last week.

A true artist, wedding photos are Michael’s medium and he excels at creating work that is dreamy and beautiful while also completely authentic and real.
I firmly believe, that besides conflict photographers, weddings are the toughest to document well.
At a wedding, there are no problems in the world, no personal family drama, no sickness or diseases, etc.
I have a lot of personal projects I want to explore – some photography related, some not. In the two weeks to December 23 there were 70 hospital outbreaks, compared to 61 the previous fortnight, bringing the total for the season to 538.
I’ll be photographing a wedding in Lake Placid in 2014 and I’m extremely excited for it! Yeah, those candles look awesome on the table but its not going to matter much when I have to light it up. Personally, I prefer a wedding that goes easy on the details and focuses more on stepping back and focusing on the core purpose of the wedding – to be married. I wish more couples thought about how well the room is lit they are getting ready in, how well their ceremony is lit, and finally the reception.

It’s a day where people drop what they are doing and forget their personal issues and just have a blast. When I first started, I would see an image from a photographer I like – and almost all of the time it was a film photograph.
Can I go into this wedding and create something absolutely amazing and breathtaking for my clients?
And instant film gives me the ability to experiment and create a unique image straight from the camera. Wedding photography isn’t simple and I think it gets a bad rap outside of the wedding world bubble. People come up to me all the time at weddings and say, “Wow, this must be a good gig for you.
I have no desire to go back to my office, download images from memory cards into the computer, bring the images into a software editing program, and then spend a significant amount of time editing.

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