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We get panicked if we are not able to breathe properly and feel that something is stuck in our chest.
These medicines generally suppress the problem for the time being but do not cure it completely. You just need to prepare a regular tea and add 1 inch of crushed ginger root when it is boiling. Saute 1 teaspoon of fennel seeds in 1 tablespoon of clarified butter or olive oil and add a pinch of curry powder to it. You may not like the taste and your breath may smell awful but this technique will definitely give you a smooth breath the next morning.
See to it that your child has plenty of water during the day as the fight to destroy the germs in the body can leave the kid severely tired and hydrated. A few spoons of honey along with hot tea, hot chocolate or milk are the best ways to keep a cold and fever in check.
It is said that chicken soup to help treat a cold is an old wives tale but it is for certain that chicken soup is a natural relaxer. Along with water extra fluids such as juices can be also given to the child to further strengthen the immune system and in time the child will start feeling better.
Cold often leaves certain children nauseous therefore propping up the head is a good way of removing the nausea.
Mudras generate Powers to provide all round development of mind & body which brings peace and happiness.
Some Mudras can balance the elements of the body within 45 minutes while some are fast enough to act within a few seconds. Mudras have extra ordinary powers, practice of mudras brings about a quick and fundamental reversions of the destructive changes in the human body.
They also develop virtuousity, social amiability, non-violence, piety and courteous dispositions.
All Godly and superhuman persons like Lord Mahavir, Gautam Buddha, Lord Shankaracharya and others used to remain in these Mudras.
Mudra helps in Kundalini Yoga to awaken the Cosmic Energy and to unite consciousness of inner Supreme Soul.

Mudras are significant and simple yogic function by which one can develop internal and external dispositions. Detailed description of Mudras are found in Tantra Shastra, Upasana Shastra, Nritya Shastra, Art of Sculpture etc.
In the case of severe heart attack, this life giving divice Mudra provides instant relief within a few seconds. Peppermint and steam will drag out the mucus settled in the chest through you nasal path and mouth. You may drink 1 to 2 cups of black coffee in a day to get rid of the mucus which has captured your lungs and has made breathing tough for you. Cold and fever usually go hand in hand and normally cause the child to feel lethargic and ill at ease.
Inhaling moist steamy air is the best way of melting the mucus in the chest thus allowing your child to breathe freely.
The reason is that a cold causes cough and continuous coughing will most certainly cause a sore throat.
Doing this along with the above methods will help your child get rid of the cold in a matter of days.
Its practice ensures Mental Peace, Concentration of the mind and Sharp Memory, Spiritual enhansment develops creativity. Hot tea can be a good option to soothe your sore throat, but when ginger is added to the tea it becomes a great remedy for congested chest. You can have the cayenne pepper directly in the powder form by sprinkling it on your food or salads.
This will help you in recovering from the long term cough and cold due to which you had been suffering from congested chest.
One thing which you need to keep in mind is not to drink more than 2 cups of black coffee in a single day. Before going to bed, you have to gallop 1 teaspoon of raw onion juice followed by 1 teaspoon of raw garlic juice.
Without the immune system your body would be open to every and any disease that can cause complete and total havoc inside you.

Take a bowl and boil some water, then put a towel around your Childs head and allow them to breathe in and out deeply thus inhaling the steam from the water. Water is a general detoxifier that naturally cleanses the body and allows unwanted germs to be relieved via the urinary tract.
Honey is a well known means of natural medication and can be used to treat a variety of diseases. Therefore sprinkle a moderate amount of salt into a glass of Luke warm water and ask your child to gargle with it. It may be a legend but it true that chicken soup is the perfect food to help heal your child.
The medicinal property of ginger will release your chest from the mucus making it congestion free. Bend over the container with a towel covering you and the container so that the steam does not escape.
Therefore eat healthy and keep yourself fit as that will help keep your immune system functional. While the child rests the white blood cells spread throughout the body eradicating any form of disease causing germs.
It is normal for a kid to suffer with a cold or fever as it is a mild disease, easy to pick up and easy to get rid off.
Kids could develop a cold due to a sudden weather change or due to certain foods they have eaten. The common cold generally does not have a specific cure and slowly dissipates after sometime, but to help speed up the process certain household products can be used.

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