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If you’ve experienced the thrill of playing around in VR, you also know that it comes with a significant bit of nausea.
But researchers at the Mayo Clinic have been developing a way to stop you from getting sick in the first place.
It’s not as dangerous as it sounds, but it does involve well-placed electrodes in addition to the VR headset. The Mayo Clinic has licensed this technology to a Los Angeles company called vMocion, so it’s much closer to reality than fiction. It is important that you do not try a DIY solution for this problem because whilst the symptoms described above are caused by dog ear mites, they can also have other origins. The type of mite that affects both dogs and cats is called Otodectes cyanotis and under the microscope, they look like tiny eight legged spiders or crabs. Once the presence of mites has been confirmed, the first stage of dog ear mites treatment is to clean the ears to remove the build up of the waxy discharge. It is quite important to check your dog’s ears regularly for signs of mites – even if he is showing no signs of discomfort or itching.
Occasionally the inflammation inside of a dog’s ear becomes so severe as a result of dog ear mites that the ear drum itself perforates and an ear infection in the middle ear becomes established which is extremely distressing and unpleasant for the dog and will probably cause balance problems and head tilting.
Dog ear mites do not burrow in the skin as some mites do and are a relatively easy problem to resolve.

However, dog ear mites treatment should be carried out under veterinary supervision and it is very important to carry on the treatment for the time your vet advises even when you think your pet is completely clear of the adult dog ear mites to prevent him becoming re-infected with the next generation that will be still developing. As the sights around you mimic motion and speed, your inner ear gets tricked into thinking you’re moving when you’re actually not. Essentially, a steady stream of electricity in the direction of the motion onscreen stimulate the inner ear to help the brain match pictures with action.
It is important that you allow your vet to test for ear mites to verify that this is, in fact, the cause. They feed on the debris of dead skin cells and fluids in the ear wax found in the ear canal. After this, your vet will supply a topical preparation which will need to be carried on even after you think you have eliminated the problem as there may still be eggs and larvae developing. This will get rid of any dog ear mites that have migrated onto other parts of your dog’s body (most usually, the neck, the hind quarters and the tail).
This is because if an infestation with ear mites becomes severe, other problems such as yeast or bacterial infections can set in which will also need treatment. You try to push past it, but before long you’ve bought yourself a one-way ticket to puke city.
Some animals seem to be remarkably unbothered by having these parasites whilst others will demonstrate head shaking and scratching of the ears because they are so itchy.

Testing is a very simple procedure and only involves using a small tool similar to a cotton bud to remove a little of the waxy discharge and then examine this under a microscope.
It is important that if you have more than one pet that when one is found to have ear mites, all your animals are treated to prevent re-infestation because adult ear mites are quite mobile and can survive outside of the ear for some time and travel to a new host.
Revolution for dogs is a treatment which also controls ear mites and can be used for this purpose. Otitis, an inflammation of the inside of the ear can result and the ear flaps can get very inflamed.
Even if you only have one dog, it is very important that you restrict its contact with other animals to avoid spreading the infection. Inside the ear canal of an infected dog, you can often see a rather unpleasant waxy sort of discharge resembling the coffee grounds you tip out of the coffee maker! Your vet might only need to shine a light into your dog’s ear with an otoscope in order to see the mites moving about and detect the presence of eggs. This can also have a nasty smell because of infection which results from the inflammation and your dog’s efforts to rid himself of the irritation by scratching.

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